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The Shower is Music
by Professor GRAV
Citation:   Professor GRAV. "The Shower is Music: An Experience with Cannabis (exp31291)". Mar 2, 2007.

2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I was at a pledge meeting for my fraternity on a Wednesday night. I had an exam the next morning at 9:30am. It was about 10pm and when the meeting had ended one of the brothers took out his grav bong. I had been sick the past week so his shit definetely hit me hard. He had always had GREAT weed whenever I was with him but this time was absolutely crazy. He packed hits for everyone and I was last every time so he made my hits extra powerful.

The last hit of the grav looked like milk it was so full. I took it all and even some of the bong water. THE SECOND I GOT IT ALL IN MY LUNGS I knew I was in for a really really rough time. I looked up and him and started to step over him and make it outside he said 'yeah!' and laughed because he knew what was up. It was the best shit I've ever smoked becuase after the session was over I was outside coughing while on my knees gripping the stair rail.

I felt like I would never stop coughing but I finally did after about 10 minutes. I sat on the porch steps and tried to keep it together. I knew if I did too much I would have started coughing again uncontrollably so I just sat there. I saw my friend M riding his bike back from cleaning one of the brothers houses. I could barely talk I just yelled out 'EY!' and he came over. He knew we were stoned but he had no idea the condition I was in.

I remember the crickets were so loud in my ears I thought there were two inside my ears. I was feeling so fucked but he still made me get up and grab my bike to come home. When I got inside everyone was looking at me laughing like 'OH SHIT! HE LOOKS LIKE POWDER! YOU OK MAN?!' I could barely answer them so I just nodded and smiled. I felt still that I could break out into a coughing fit if I had talked. I told them all I was going to head out and thanked the brother for smoking me up. He couldn't stop smiling and told me to bend down. When I did he told me 'Dude, I knew you were last so I packed your hits more than I've ever packed hits before.'

I made it outside and grabbed the bike. The ride back on campus is probably about a mile but it is slightly uphill. That bike ride home was the most interesting I've ever had. Half way through I stopped M and kept telling him 'dude, this is so weird right now dude. It's so fucking weird.' He kept looking at me (not stoned) and saying 'nah man, it's fine, shut up.' But as we neared our dorms I kept repeating the words 'near' and 'neat' in my head. I found that they were cool words and I was excited to be near my dorm. I kept repeating these words over and over again but that was nothing for what was about to happen.

When I got home M had to study and so did I so we split. I had the hardest time locking up the bike on the bike rack. I was shaking and scared because I was in front of like 5 Resident Advisors (RA's/Hall authorities). I somehow managed to lock it up in about 5 minutes and walked inside. I imagine my eyes were red as fuck. When I got upstairs my roomy wasn't there so I sat down on my computer and changed my away message to 'studying' but as I did that I started slow-motion laughing where there was like a 2 second pause between each 'ha'.

I was convinced that I was a cartoon dog and that my face was all droopy while I laughed. I could not stop laughing until I noticed how hungry I was. I seriously ate about 2 full packs of Chips Ahoy cookies. I noticed then that I had no idea what was happening, I had no idea what time it was and if I saw I clock I wouldn't have understood. I was so confused by everything. I was having fun but then I became nervious and felt really paranoid. My face was twitching so I decided that if I took a shower I might start to feel ok since I felt as if I was on fire.

BIG MISTAKE. When I turned on the shower the most complex musical score you could ever imagine accompanied the falling water. My life was a fucking sound-track. Everything I did blended into the music of the shower. When I dropped the soap it's thud on the tiled floor became a dramatic crash in the classical overture that only I could hear. I began feeling as if I would never be ok and I wanted the music to stop so that I could 'attempt' to study. I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes. I just kept thinking of how fucked up I was. The music wouldn't stop. I knew that I was tripping because I never had a high like this before, this was more extreme than any high ever. I always hear sounds when I'm high and sometimes they sound like music, but not like this. This music was so complex and sounded as if it could rival Beethoven's Fifth.

I have no idea how long I spent in the shower but when I got out and looked into the mirror a hallmate of mine looked into my eyes and smiled. 'Oh yeah' he said and I started laughing again. 'Yeah man, you know what's up.' I told him smiling. The funniest thing when you're high is when you aren't sure if someone else knows if you are or aren't so you look at them and start laughing.

I made it back to my room and tried to sleep. My bed was like a magic carpet because it felt as if I was flying. I had to put my feet on the floor to make sure I wasn't going anywhere. The lights were off and I closed my eyes again. I really felt like the bed was flying. I could feel it push up on me as if the air underneath was raising it like in an airplane. At one point it felt as if the bed was turning sideways but I didn't fall off. It was in this state that I fell asleep and it was probably only around midnight so I got a solid 9 hours of sleep only to get up and get a 64% on my Communications exam the next morning.

Gravity bongs are definetely the best for getting fucked up hit for hit because they waste less weed than a bowl but hit you so much harder. That was only about the 5th time I'd ever smoked out of a grav but since then I've built my own and my tolerance has increased so much. I remember the good ol' days when 2 gravs would get me stoned for hours, now it takes about 5 to get the same result.

I wouldn't say that it was a bad experience but at the time it was a little more than I wanted. I've never been as high since. Well maybe new years 2004 when I took 8 gravs and smoked 3 bowls and had to call my uptight sister to come pick me up at 2:30am when I didn't know were I was, just in the middle of some street with a pine tree near it in a different county.

Smoke weed,
Professor GRAV

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 31291
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 2, 2007Views: 5,480
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