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Magic Doesn't Return?
Citation:   MthylnMan. "Magic Doesn't Return?: An Experience with Methylone (exp31127)". Feb 22, 2004.

220 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
I have previously written a summary of approximately 15 Methylone experiences at various doses (including some shared with my wife), and came to the conclusion that Methylone may have addictive properties, and tolerance developed to its 'opening/empathic' qualities, even when spacing doses by 2 weeks.

This is a follow-up. I have not done Methylone since I last wrote that report in early October, 2003. It is now late February, 2004 - almost 5 months have passed. Side note: My mescaline use has held steady for almost 2 years now (once a month, approx 400-550mg HCl salt), so I consider this 'background noise' and not so much an experimental confound.

I took 220mg Methylone, orally, yesterday, and the experience was highly typical for me, and highly enjoyable. I experienced strong euphoria and stimulation from t+30 minutes until t+2:30, and then a strong 'empty-minded relaxation'. I experienced extreme contentment to just do nothing and think nothing, until at about t+4:30 I got intensely bored, falling asleep at t+7.

Anyway, during the strong stimulation (which occurs with 220mg, or 1.22mg/kg!), I listened to music (enjoying every minute of it), stretched in incredible yoga positions that I usually can only dream about doing, and then walked around my neighborhood (at night) for about 45 minutes, enjoying the clear sky and the constant body movement. There were times when I felt lost, like I wasn't sure where my house was from where I had walked, but standing still and concentrating for a few moments allowed me to get my bearings and head in the right direction. (ie: short-term memory was affected, as was my sense of pain). I was sweating, but the smell of sweat was wonderful, as I have found with most 'bodily scents and tastes' while on this substance.

However, the real 'magic' -- of feeling like all baggage has been dropped and truth revealed, along with no need of self-consciousness and a huge push to 'come clean' with everybody and everything (including myself) -- was missing. Because it has been 5 months since my last experience, the evidence points towards the 'magic' being lost, for good. This is much like what happened with myself and MDMA; after 5-6 experiences, the 'magic' feeling was replaced by a familiar 'good feeling'. My conclusion is: Methylone, for me, is instensely fun, but looses its magic with repeated use, and that magic cannot be recaptured simply by waiting 5 months between doses.

For me, along with the loss of magic comes a loss of insight. Methylone has lost its intensely therapeutic value for me, and now is just a 'recreational drug'. This seems different from mescaline, where taking 3-4 weeks in between doses still allows me to receive new 'teaching' and to challenge myself emotionally and intellectually.

Another comparison between 2-week spacing and 5-month spacing is that I experienced almost no negative side-effects this time (after a 5-month break). When I was taking it every other week (or for a while, every week), I experienced intense cravings to remain in some 'altered state', along with adverse body effects (deep sighing, racing heart, and mood swings lasting for a day or more).

Also, something I have noticed with both Methylone and mescaline is - the better shape I am in, the more fun they both are. As I have started to work out every other day these last few months, my 'trips' are a lot easier on the body, and my body recovers much faster, afterwards.

Conclusions (for me):
1. Methylone lost its magic, and I was unable to regain the 'magic' after a 5-month wait.
2. Methylone is still intensely fun for me when I spaced dosings by 5 months (but still, minus the insight and 'magic baggage dropping'). Two-week spacing was not enough, resulting in higher side effects and psychological cravings for a continued altered state.
3. Being in shape (even though my weight has remained the same) has reduced my mescaline (and likely Methylone too) side effects immensely.

It will be interesting to explore how much being in shape vs. dosage spacing contributes to negative side effects. I plan on taking Methylone again in 4 weeks (hopefully with my wife), and I will report on her experience of the 'magic baggage dropping effect', as well as mine. I will also continue to work out so that my fitness level is held constant. The question: Will 4 weeks be enough to eliminate tolerance and keep away negative side effects and cravings?

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31127
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 22, 2004Views: 38,699
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