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Citation:   Flotsam. "Carnival!: An Experience with DOET (exp3096)". Oct 9, 2000.

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6.0 mg oral DOET (powder / crystals)
biostats: male, 36, 150#, hyper metabolism.

set: great headspace; highly active day(s); flurry of activity getting packed and ready for a large gathering.

setting: On road to and at a 3 day musical gathering in the mountains. Weather was warm and rainy.

summary: Unknown white powder makes for one helluva long, mysterious, and fun ride before it becomes known as DOET.

Jetsam and I had been looking forward to this festival for weeks. At 2pm on Friday, about an hour before we were to leave, I pulled out my scales to measure out what little material we had for the weekend. To my pleasant surprise, there was 5-6mg of chunky, pure white crystals on the platter spilled by the last person to use the scales. I thought back to that time and decided that it must be one of 3 substances. If it were one of the first 2 I considered (which I won't name), 5-6mg would hardly be felt. If it was the third one I was thinking of (DOM), I might be in for a long journey. I stared at it for several minutes.

I didn't like the idea of just throwing it away, so I dipped my finger in it and smeared it on my gums. Taste was not good, but it wasn't horrid either. I meditated momentarily as my own private opening circle. This was going to be a good weekend. Local weather was good; forecast of scattered showers at the site.

We hopped in the car around 3:30 with me behind the wheel (remember, odds
were that I wasn't going to feel anything), ran some last minute errands, and were on the highway by 5. Around 4:30 I felt some twinges; by 5 I could tell something was happening. About then is when I had a failure in thinking/judgement. I should have deduced that the material was *not* either of my first two guesses and that I was just ramping up to what might top out at nearly +++ (thinking it was DOM with a pihkal dosage of 2-10mg, 6 would be a moderate experience). I should have had Jetsam drive right then and there. But I didn't. I headed on into the mountains where there wasn't a convenient place to pull over for nearly an hour. We made it without trauma, but lemme tell ya... I've driven those mountains hundreds of times in all sorts of horrible [weather] conditions and yet that was the most on edge I'd ever been.

We finally got to a good place to switch and I was greatly relieved to move to the passenger seat. It was another hour and a half to the festival site. The last 45 minutes or so it was raining and we were on particularly curvy, narrow mountain roads. It was making me pretty tense and I'd occasionally get muscle spasms, especially in my thighs.

Once we got to the festival and changed into more appropriate garb and found the stage, I was super copescetic. Dancing felt wonderful. Music was delicious. I was completely caught up in the festive vibe. There were little, if any, significant visual effects (but, those of you following along at home will remember, I don't get visuals from much of anything). I had a lot of good thoughts rolling around in my head; pleasant, with just enough depth to make them interesting without being so deep I was anti-social. However, I didn't seem very capable of communicating much more than the simplest of pleasantries. The amplified music had to shift to accoustic at 11pm due to local noise ordinances. Jetsam and I hung around a little bit and then headed back to the car to rest and snack a bit.

Sex was great -- not blown-away great, but decidely enhanced (and sweaty!).
We were about to go back and wander about when the clouds opened up. We decided to sit it out awhile to see if it cleared any. Sitting in the car with the rain hitting the roof and people occasionally scurrying along thru the mud was quite entertaining. After waiting for nearly an hour and getting kind of tired, Jetsam decided to sleep. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to be able to sleep yet (just after midnight at this point) so I wrapped myself up in fleece and goretex and headed out into a drizzly rain to see what was up.

Downtown was still hopping when I got there about 1am, although nearly everyone was huddled under shelter out of the rain. I meandered a bit, got a drink at the bar, and ended up sitting in a cozy, crowded circle on stage with people still jamming. The accoustic music melted in my ears; singers voices had almost tangible wavelengths, reverberating within the tissues of my body. I felt a little bit of an outsider, not quite comfortable just plopping down thigh-to-thigh with people I hardly knew or didn't know at all but who were all semi-cuddling with each other, many in MDMA sprawls. I kinda drew myself up with my arms around my knees and just let the music carry me. And it did. Though still somewhat 'on guard' of myself and others, I was quite satisfied riding the waves of the tunes.

At some point after 2, things on stage started breaking up a bit. I drifted over to the kitchen to see about some eats. While I was gobbling down some delicious spicey african concoction, a good friend and an aquaintance came by headed for their campsite for a nightcap and invited me along. While my body was undoubtedly *very* tired, I was still very mentally awake and thought the stroll would be good. It turned out to be a real treat, walking through foggy, narrow rhododendron paths with candlelit campsites along the way was eery and magical. Thoughts of willowisps and elven camps and pioneer days and lots of fun things came bubbling over me during the walk. Upon reaching the group site, my friend poured me a copious quantity of vodka, which I was counting on to put my brain to sleep, at least for a rem or two.

We mosied back downtown, sipping our drinks and getting turned around semi-lost in the dark fog and tangled trails a couple of times. Things
were very quiet when we got back and after sloshing around in the mud and smoking some people up here and there and getting a bit annoyed at my decreased communicative abilities, I decided that by the time I got
back to the car I'd have consumed enough of the vodka (about 8 oz total) to put me out. Jetsam was sacked out as I snuggled in next to her at almost 4am to fend of the damp chill.

I immediately drifted off to sleep, but awoke a mere 30 minutes later with a pounding headache. I thought it might be from shortage of fluids so I drank quite a bit of water and laid back down. Within minutes I got very nauseous (I think mostly from sinus drainage) and evacuated the vehicle to puke mightily. The next 2 hours, until dawn, I spent trying to keep my stomach calm and my head from splitting. Over that time, I began to realize I felt OK as long as I was upright and moving. Laying down caused my sinuses to fill, which contributed to both the headache and nausea, but my body simply couldn't hold out much longer without sleep.

At dawn I made some coffee and Jetsam and I took a brief walk downtown. I felt much better after that and was able to get a couple hours of sleep. I woke up at 9:30am still very altered. We thru our packs on our backs and headed off to the group site to set up our tent and stuff.

By noon, much of more intense effects had worn off. I spent the rest of the afternoon with a very nice afterglow. I didn't feel like I was wholly baseline until sometime between 3 and 4pm, a full 25+ hours after consumption! Yeeefuckinhaaaw!

Of course, with next to no sleep and a rockin' night ahead, I had no choice be to eat a small handful of other substances that evening to stay in the groove, but that's a whole 'nother story.


Keep in mind that throughout the experience, I was convinced that what I'd taken was DOM. Everything seemed to fit the descriptions of DOM that I'd read, except for the extremely slow onset. Upon returning home and contacting the person who'd used my scale, it was made known that it was actually DOET and not DOM. Finding that out sent a zing through me, knowing what a rare opportunity I'd smeared on my gums and how wonderfully it had turned out. I'm soo glad I didn't just wipe it off and throw it out.

Upon reflection, that was one of the grooviest substances I've ever done. I absolutely love something that lasts more than the few hours that I get out of the most commonly available materials and this one seemed a very good fit for the occasion. My only regret is that I wasn't more prepared for that long a duration such that my body would have been satisfied with just sitting rest rather than crying out for horizontally splayed sleep.

My overall impression was what a terrific surprise it turned out to be!! :)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3096
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 9, 2000Views: 15,918
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DOET (135) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2)

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