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Snort, Eat, and Smoked
Citation:   Weebl. "Snort, Eat, and Smoked: An Experience with Caffeine (exp30916)". Feb 16, 2004.

    Caffeine (powder / crystals)
I resently purchased 100 grams of anyhadrous caffeine powder extracted from coffee beans for the following tests.

When snorted a normal dose is about 25-100mg depending on how strong I desire the effects to be. The onset is about 2 minutes then I plateau for about 10 minutes and have a very quick come down. Very good for energy for walking/running to a friend's place or a nearby store.

I have eaten between 100mg and 1 gram. One gram was a very bad experience and i would not do it again. 200mg is good for getting red of fatige and a quick boost of energy. A good dose for a LOT of energy when dancing or playing sports is 500mg.

12.5mg was the only amount I've smoked and was deffinatly not fun. It reminded me of the time I took 1 gram except it only lasted 5 minutes. I placed 12.5 mg in the pipe and melted the powder with a butane torch. The smoke tasted a chemical/sweet taste. I exhaled and waited 15 seconds before I got extremely hyper for 45 seconds and came down. If I wish to smoke caffeine again I would have to say 500mcg or 1mg would be a better dose.

Out of smoking, snorting, and eating it I personally like eating best because it lasts longest but thats only in some cases like if i want to stay up all night. Now if i wanted to stay up for a bit of the night i would snort it.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30916
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 16, 2004Views: 78,173
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