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Odd Black Outs - Explanation?
Mushrooms & Chocolate
by PJ
Citation:   PJ. "Odd Black Outs - Explanation?: An Experience with Mushrooms & Chocolate (exp30771)". Nov 12, 2007.

2.0 g oral Mushrooms (tea)
We recently came across an amount of mushrooms with 14 grams of shake leftover in the bottom of the bag. We put it in some boiling water for a while, strained it, and mixed in swiss miss cocoa powder for taste. We (7 of us) each served ourselves from the pot and I had about half of a 12 or 16 ounce party cup of the tea.

The onset of the trip came quickly, with the usual heavy body feeling and some good visuals. Eventually we went downstairs to play foosball. Rather than the usual exhilarating and 'in to it' feeling I usually get when playing while tripping, I was having trouble playing and concentrating. Extreme color changes followed (everything turned dark yellow) and blackness began to overwhelm my field of vision from the outside in.

What I later found out was that about 20 seconds later, I woke up. I was in a seizure-like state and was extremely disoriented with no idea who was trying to help me, where I was, or who I was. A few seconds later I realized my friends were there and was able to calm down and take a seat. I walked, with the need of lots of help and the onset of almost another blackout, to the couch and laid down with sweat pouring out of me faster than I thought was humanly possible. In an instant my clothes were totally soaked through and my face was drenched. There was no lasting displeasure afterwards, though, and after about 10 minutes of recuperating I began enjoying my trip again, although making sure to stay relaxed.

I've tripped many times on mushrooms and LSD, and the last two times I've had mushrooms I've blacked out. The second time was just mentioned, and the first time I passed out in the bathroom after taking a piss. My friends didn't know I was gone and I eventually came to, sprawled out on the floor with odd white-ish foam coming from my mouth. My clothes were soaked even worse than the second time and it took me a while to stand up and go back outside.

The only thing that connects the two instances is that my mushrooms were consumed in chocolate. The first time they were cooked into big chocolate blobs (approx 4 grams were in it). I've tripped one other time on mushrooms chocolates, with no negative effects, although the trip consisted almost entirely of lying in the grass, much less exerting than foosball or being in an over-heated, trippy bathroom.

I'm still using mushrooms, as I want to explore what is causing my problem.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30771
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 12, 2007Views: 24,123
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Mushrooms (39), Chocolate (182) : Combinations (3), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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