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School Trip Lesson
Citation:   Dave Wright. "School Trip Lesson: An Experience with Datura (exp30676)". Nov 13, 2007.

50 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
  125 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
It was my first time using Jimson Weed seeds, and I was 17, aproximately 150 pounds at the time. I had previously been taking on a walk in our science class and our teacher told us that the seeds make you hallucinate, so I went back with friends and picked about 3000 seeds total over a month's time, but going into it not knowing anything about the drug, like how much to take. I started taking seeds at school the next day. I took about 50 at school, and wasn't feeling anything but a very dry throat, eyes, and nose. I was in english class and felt different, it might have been a nausea feeling, so I just got up and walked out when the teacher wasn't looking. Now that I think about it, I might have been a little out of it to do this. I just left school and was waiting for something to happen, but alas nothing so I went and got food from mcdonalds, but no matter how much soda I drank, I couldn't swallow anything, even soda tasted like sandpaper because I had the worst cotton mouth ever.

I took 125 seeds more after getting home and it hit me about an hour later. I started seeing dots and moving objects in my peripheral vision. I just turned off all music and everything distracting and just sat in my bed. I then stared at my mirror and all of a sudden I really started hallucinating when in an environment totally peaceful from noise and distractions. I started seeing insects like butterflies under the glass, like the glass turned into liquid and things started flapping their wings under it. I could also see 'lightning' flying in the mirror, or the glass was 'shattering' without, in reality, cracking. I couldn't tell for it kept happening and it did look more like the glass kept shattering even though it was coming back.

Then I started staring at my wall and it would change colors, usually I would just stare at it concentrating and then all the objects and lines where the ceiling meets the side wall would disappear and it would look like a straight wall, then it would change colors. For some reason the most common color I could get was a dark green that would fade to a light green after a few seconds and it would just stay like that. Every time I would look even a centimeter off of my blank stare, or if I blinked I would lose the visual. I then just stared at my side wall and all of a sudden it bent back about 10 feet and flung at me full speed, this time 10 feet towards me, and then it bounced backwards so it was 8 feet back from where it was supposed to, then 8 feet towards me, until it came to a rest. I then found a small snake and tried to pull it out of my bed, but when I took my sight off of it it disappeared.

Next I tried to sleep, for I had school the next day, but it ended up being a disaster. I am a sound sleeper, but my dreams were awkward, I kept having dreams of being in school at my locker, and I would be having a conversation with people, but then I would ask them a question and they wouldn't be able to answer, or they would respond with something off the subject, so I would wake up realizing it wasn't real-actually I don't know why I woke up, I didn't realize it was fake until I was sitting up in bed like I had woken up from a nightmare. I heard a phone ring when asleep, and ironically, when I heard it I put my hand up to my mouth and ear like it was a telephone and tried to talk, but I quickly realized how crazy I was.

I literally thought I had OD'd and had totally gone crazy forever. This was because of how dry my body was, and I couldn't swallow any water for it made me gag when my mouth treated it like sandpaper. I was also naked by this time, with the covers thrown off and I was laying on the floor with the fan on high and the windows open during the winter, I was extremely hot, my body temperature had to have risen over 100 degrees for I was sweating perfusely, but it never occured to me to get help, so I just kept trying to go to sleep, but I never could all night, it was like I was daydreaming and not ever actually asleep even though I would be totally unconscious during the dreams, and pass out right after I woke up from them.

I have researched alot on Jimson Weed since this experience, and I keep hearing stories of kids eating less than 50 and OD'ing. I had been selling Jimson Weed for a few months, and I always was selling 200 seeds at a time and no one ever had to go to the hospital. I'm posting my original trip so people understand what this drug is like. I found that drinking 3-4 full glasses of water while or before taking the seeds keeps me from getting sick, for I also puked my first time, a brown ugly mess which was from the seeds for sure because I couldn't eat or drink all day. Jimson Weed dries the piss out of me, I literally will lose about a pound of water just taking the stuff for it is a poison and your body is taking a heavy toll.

I was arrested January 15th, 2003, 4 days before my 18 birthday for passing out while under the influence of alcohol, and the cops came and searched me and took the Jimson Weed I had been selling. I had about 500 seeds in different bags and I stupidly admitted that I had been selling them before, but couldn't sell any of the stuff I had on me. The cops had never heard of the stuff before, but they had seized it from me because they knew it was something. They didn't charge me for being drunk(luckily I was in my own house by the time they came to 'help' me), or for intent to sell the Jimson Weed.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30676
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 13, 2007Views: 11,042
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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