Neighborhood Hell
Citation:   TB_303. "Neighborhood Hell: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp30584)". Jul 31, 2006.

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  0.5 g insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
Fri 5:00 p.m. Got off work met my 'drug buddy'. We are going on 17+ years strong. Smoke lots of Ganja and stay outta the sun. So I pick 'dude' up we will call him. Gonna go hook up with this chick I work with who's boyfriend has all the great chemical connects. Best MDA I ever got was from this person so I trusted him with my life, best high makes best friend sometimes.

6:00 p.m Crap ! no MDA tonight he only had some new stuff to Seattle and the west coast only at the time called ICE. Ok whatever lets get high I've had two beers where we met him at a bar and it's Friday how much? 100 a gram. Ok 50 from 'dude' and 50 from me and voila a gram of some stuff that looked liked blocks of actual glass but a cloudy color kinda cream/white. So we all exit in our respective direction and I love the burn from meth so I'm actually ready for this.

6:30 p.m We find a big parking lot and line up a couple rails my friend has always been a tweaker and I an opiate freak so he obviously has to show me up by doing about 1/8 of his 1/2 in one line I take about half of that...remember here I only end up doing a total of 1/4 total for this entire fiasco.

8:00 p.m. We are sitting in the same parking lot same exact spot and just staring at everything around us like a couple tweaker goldfish in a rather large Buick. Ok this is weird Kinda like cocaine and being partly blacked out from drinking too much. Reminder I had only two beers at the bar and 'dude' had 2 also. We were gonna go pick up some more once we got jacked up and well that just never happened. Back to our pathetic story.

10:00 p.m I am just in awe how fast time is going by and we are just staring like a couple tweakers at nothing and haven't even done another line yet. Oh but the devil inside says I need more that’s the problem maybe we are both just tired from working a long day or just received a frontal lobotomy...'dude' does his basic 1/8 gram line I don't car so I do the same size just to show him up. I mean what the heck I'm not high really just very paranoid and having weird amnesia type moments where we don't say anything but stuff like 'whoa', 'ok', 'yep'. What a pathetic conversation I think back now to two people on 'speed'. This is still at this point a cocaine, mild blackout high with no visuals, no racing pulse really, no nothing but duh Fred can I pet the pretty bunny goofy ass looks on our faces. We are too paranoid to even look each other in the eye.

1:00 a.m Long ass drive to 'dudes' house. We both thought we needed a little more so damn 'dude' hammers another 1/8 gram down and I stop with one last tiny one. Don't remember a damn thing really other than goodnight and good luck. After the drive there. Drive home same thing.

2:00 a.m Home. That was odd I started waking up after that last little line or this crap is seriously time delayed. I am home my lights are off and I decide to do the tweaker thing again and look at the window....ok folks this is where all hell breaks loose...I feel pretty coherent like I said I'm used to LSD-25, MDA, MDMA, Indica, Speed, heroin, cocaine, free base and I'm only 22 yrs old here in '1989' so in other words I'm no light weight. I know what being whacked out my mind fearing the return of sanity to return felt like but this was a strange cocaine like clarity so none of this crap should have been seen in my state of mind but it happened.

2:15am-10:00 a.m. Like I was saying tweakville but clear mind this to me was reality...I look outside and see a neighbors lights on in there window with the drapes closed and I see shadows doing something so I get my binoculars to see what the hells that. I pick them up and look to see what looks like some sick orgy with people being hit and raped so I being a good catholic manrape hater get very disturbed here. This cannot be happening but I'm really focused now so I feel 80%-90% sober now.

I move the binoculars to the rest of the house in the yard area and there is a guy with sunglasses on at night smoking a doobie and staring right at me smiling. I panic, I live in a decent part of town nothing like this would happen here. I move the binoculars back to the window and they are still doing some sick things I can see it pretty well like shadows on the drapes. I zoom back to doobie boy and...oh crap where did he go...I put down the binoculars and the guy is standing right freaking there with a big ass smile on his face and a gun pointed at me.

I hit the ground hard and roll to the door asap. I tear off to the phone and call the cops. I don't say much but I tell them to send out a squad car saying that some strange things are going on about three houses away from me down the block and they need to get here quickly. I wait by the front door to wait for the cop to drive by, damn two minutes or less yea baby bust those freaks terrorizing our neighborhood. Uh where you going cop he drove right by the house and no brake lights so whatever I guess the coasts clear. I still have not eaten yet or drank even water when I look back. I was just fine but freaked out. I don't wanna wake up my mom and aunt who's staying with us so I must go back to my room, creeps me out.

I hide in the corner of my closet for about an hour and around 5am I come out and decide they must be gone by now. It's still a couple hours from being light out so I sneak up to the window and have to take a peek. I look at the house...good lights out. All of a sudden like a viper from outta nowhere doobie boy comes running outta my next door neighbors hedges right at me...yep...back on the floor and back to the phone this time waking my aunt and she overhears my call again to the cops. This time they want to talk to someone in the house I tell my aunt, who is well experienced with drugs...former gogo dancer at the whisky go go in the late 60's, she hears me out before the cops get to my house and says let me talk to them I will tell them I saw someone also so they really do a thorough search of this area. She deals with the cops and I hide in my room. My mom wakes up and catches the very end of my aunt talking to cops.

What the hell's going on? This is my mom who has never smoked or drank in her life, I come back out and it's starting to get light out now. I tell my mom the story as my aunt stands behind her as if to say 'keep it short you are high I can tell'...damnit I'm not high I'm thinking inside as I tell my shortened version about some kids running around outside, not the real story by any means in my mind but one that won't freak here out. Everyone settles down and goes back to bed. Except me.

I should be hungry thirsty or something...nope I'm very focused and obviously hallucinating in a very realistic world. I still need to look out the window I mean it's morning and people will be awake soon. This really rocked me what I next saw...swinging in the breeze to the early morning light were three women from the big tree in the neighbors’ front yard three houses down. This cannot be possible I say what in gods name is going on. I think I am completely sober and this is too much.

Seeing these half naked dressed young women hanging is like the straw that must've snapped my brain. I break down and literally black out for the next 12 hours coming around about 10pm Sat night. I cannot remember much more but that I never took that drug again and the person I bought it from reported so many complaints from other people that went through similar experiences that ICE never made it in Seattle it died that very year from the circuit.

I now stick to opiates only with ganja occasionally. I am sober about 40% of the time and go on binges occasionally to clear out the cobwebs.

Exp Year: 1989ExpID: 30584
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 31, 2006Views: 73,533
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Methamphetamine (37) : Entities / Beings (37), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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