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Deep in Thought
Amphetamines - Adderall
by Aaron (Al)
Citation:   Aaron (Al). "Deep in Thought: An Experience with Amphetamines - Adderall (exp30542)". Jun 12, 2007.

2 capsls oral Amphetamines
  1 capsl oral Amphetamines


To begin, I have decided to use some terms created by the author Beanz. I feel that they totally hit the mark on this drug. For instance 'Learning' will be used instead of tripping or rolling, and for here on in, I will refer to Adderall as A+.

It is the day of Super Bowl XXXVIII, and I am at my friends house to watch the game (Panthers vs. Patriots). My friend has ADHD by the way. We decided not to watch the game when another friend came over with the movie Road Trip. It was then when his sister, mom and her boyfriend left for another party. I noticed a pill bottle sitting on top of his speaker. Out of natural curiosity I looked at the bottle, 'Adderall XR'. My friend says, 'Hey, you want some? It's a good buzz.' I had heard about it from a few other friends so I agreed. He told me to take two 10mg caplets first and see how it goes. I knew that the capsule itself is one thing that slows the release of the drug so I decided to break them open.

It is now 6:30pm, and I open up two caplets into a spoon. Instead of being a powder like I expexcted, it was about a hundred little yellow pellets. Realizing that this would be hard to eat right from a spoon, I poured a tiny bit of water into the spoon and drank it down. I waited about twenty minutes watching the movie, until I became a little restless. I began spinning in my chair, it was one of those cool office chairs that changes hight too. My friend said to me, 'Having fun Al?' I then told him that the stuff I just took wasn't doing anything. He asked me if I wanted more, and when I stood up to get it; I felt awesome. I lost my balance a little bit but nothing too extreme. He said, 'Feels good huh?'

Oh yea I felt good, but it wasn't as great as some other people have said. I decided to take another pill. This time I just swallowed the pill cause the stuff inside tastes really nasty. It was then when I noticed my mouth was really dry. I decided to have a can of Jolt Cola, which was a huge mistake. Almost insantanaeously (spelling?) I felt dizzy. It wasn't like one of those, 'Oooh, the whole room is spinning. I'm gonna throw up,' kind of dizzies. No, it was more like a, 'Woah, the whole room is spinning, and am I floating?' type of dizzies. O.K., maybe I lied it was worth it to drink that much caffeine; it really kicked up the A+ (see I told you I would use it somewhere). Without realizing it I missed almost half of the movie just sitting and thinking, learning.

After the movie was over, and my one friend left, I was asked if I wanted to take another. I knew I could trust this friend, he is verry 'on the ball,' about almost everything, so I decided to take one last A+. We decided to have a game of 'Magic the Gathering.' Yes I play Magic, so sue me. Anyway, he usually creams me when it comes to this particular game, but this time I seemed to be much more intuned with what to do. I almost lost, but I pulled out in the end thanks to the card 'Commander Grevin Il Vec.' I asked him if I could turn on some music and put on some Deep Purple. The music felt good to listen to, and I could understand the lyrics much better than usual.

I noticed that my memory was much better than normal. I tend to have a verry bad memory; forgetting things almost one minute after I say them (too much cannibis maybe?) After being at his house for seven and a half hours, it was time for me to go home. I called my house and asked my dad to come pick me up. Normally I could only stay till eight o'clock, but he thought we were watching the super bowl. My friend asked me if I wanted to have some more pills, and at first I thought it couldn't hurt; he is verry trustable. So I said sure so I picked up the bottle and was about to take another when he quickly yelped, 'Wait, Stop!' Startled, I dropped the pill and abruptly capped the bottle. Was he joking about taking more pills? No, what he meant was, do I want some to take home with me. I agreed and bagged about sixteen pills for free. I offered to pay full price for them, but he incisted, his mom pays for them anyway.

Time passed like none had. At one moment it was eleven o'clock, and the other it's a quarter of twelve. My dad showed up and I left the apartment. I started to become a little nervous thinking, 'Is he going to notice? Am I Safe?' As it turns out, A+ is very hard to detect, and he noticed nothing (thank god. If I got caught doing more drugs, I would surely not get my Learner's Permit, again. Get it, LEARNER'S Permit?) Any way, I arrived at my house around midnight and my dad's girlfriend asked me how the game was. I had caught the very end of the game (Damn! Patriots won), so I gave her my feelings about how much the Patriots sucked. She asked me why I was talking so loud. Shit! Does she know I'm on something? The car was dark, maybe he just couldn't see me too well. I told her that I was just had a little too much Jolt Cola, and I was still a little excited from the game. It got me off this time, next time I'll just have to remember to be quieter.

At this time it was about twelve fifteen. I went upstairs into my room, stashed the pills in my 3D puzzle of the Titanic (same place I keep my weed). I disrobed and took a shower. After my shower, I noticed that I could see my chest throbbing to the beat of my heart, does it allways do that? I decided to check my pulse. Holy Shit! 105 beats per minute!? Oh well, it can't be that bad, my friend wouldn't bull shit me. I went to bed, and realized how horny I was. Yes I said I was horny. I began to masturbate with no need of porno, I felt completely content just by myself. This lasted alot longer than I thought it would, it was hard to get a reaction even though my muscles had not the ability to fatigue. I finally finnished, cleaned myself up and went back to bed.

After about a half hour passed, I gave up trying to go to sleep. It just wouldn't happen. I decided to watch Dilbert the Cartoon on Comedy Central. Although I'm excellent with computers, not bragging, I seemed to understand what Dilbert was talking about much better than I normally would. After Dilbert ended, I decided to lookup info about A+. Does it always cause insomnia? Apparently so as I found out on some medical websites. It was at this point I decided to wright this Learning report, so I logged on and began this. It is now four fourty-one am, and I'm extremely tired, but too restless to go to sleep.

Oh shit. I have my honors biology final exam in three hours. I'd better take some more A+ before school. At least all I have is just the bio final and no other classes or anything. My biology teacher is the alltime best teacher I have ever had. He's not cool as in, 'Best friend for life' cool. He's more like, 'Super witty, talk to him for hours and never get bored' cool. Right now I'm watching a Girls Gone Wild infomercial and getting pretty horny again. I'm gonna start typing faster as to get another chance to masturbate before I leave for school.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30542
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 12, 2007Views: 18,231
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