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Reign of Apocalypse
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Fatal Eclipse
Citation:   Fatal Eclipse. "Reign of Apocalypse: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp30517)". Erowid.org. Nov 12, 2007. erowid.org/exp/30517

500 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Most people would consider me close to an expert on psychoactives or would think me to be a crackhead or bad influence on their children. True I've read a lot about different substances but this was all knowledge. Experience is what I lacked so I begin picking up and trying mild (not too intense & easy to get a hold of. ex. Cannabis Opposed to LSD) psychoactives like DXM, Nitrous Oxide, Vicoden, and shrooms but I didn't have enough to get more than threshhold effects. Well, being on an island in the state of Alaska there isn't much to do, especially in the winter. So I searched ebay for a large amount of morning glory seeds. I found someone selling 500 seeds for five bucks. I ordered 1,000 and had them shipped to my parents P.O. Box. Waited impatiently until they finally arrived on the day of my friend Chris's birthday. I was going to trip on them at his party around 7:00 pm.

2:00pm- My parents had left and I was way too excited to ingest the seeds as I have a fascination for psychidelics. I proceded to grind up one bag of 500 seeds in the coffee grinder. I am a very spontanious person and have sudden outbursts of odd behavior. Earlier in the morning I had consumed about 50.7floz of water for no particular reason. I hadn't planned on getting the seeds that day anyways. The seeds were grinded up very well, almost into a flour or dust. I had read somewhere that water can cause nasea if taken with morning glory seeds. But I filled a cup full of water and mixed up the grinded mgs and downed the water getting some of the seeds but I refilled with water and attempted to eat with a spoon kinda like oat meal in a glass. I had just consumed 500 seeds and had another 500 in my dresser. I don't know why I consumed the seeds then, I didn't think through that I'd have to act sober around my parents and have them drive me 10 miles into town to get to Chris's house.

I began to feel different in only 5-10 minutes after consuming them. I got major muscle cramps in both my legs, my back, shoulders, and the back of my head where the spinal cord enters the skull. About 20 minutes after consuming the seeds I was talking to some friends on the phone and complained that it was really hard to move around, it fealt like I had mild paralysis, I fealt sick to my stomach and I ached like hell all over. About an hour after consuming the seeds I got minor visuals of the walls having rippling water like effects. I was also very ephoric and realized my parents were home. I was kind of scared to walk out into the living room as my coordination was severely hampered, but I did anyways after a while. I didn't notice much of the nasea anymore, nor the cramps. I walked out into the living room and sat on the couch and said hi to one of my mom's friends. I tried to act normal but I was in a state of such joy that I couldn't help but smile ear to ear.

4:00 pm- I'm so ephoric that I can't understand a word my parents were saying. It came out not all as gibberish but I'd hear things that didn't sound in place. Like I'd hear my mom say, yeah he's acting really weird and the other day he said his lungs had been removed. I couldn't tell if they were really saying this, if they were talking about me, or if I imagined them talking. My stepdad looked at my blankly looking kind of distorted and mumbled 'The lottery is open if you (???) It's there.' I realized he was telling me to clean my room and had told me the laundry was open. I grabbed a bag of clothes that were supposed to go to goodwill and threw them in the dumpster outside. I couldn't keep my mind straight, it was racing with thoughts. Not even for a second could I remember what I was doing or think of something to do. Most of the trip I just layed around staring at my ceiling.

5:30 pm- Visuals are everywhere, I can see letters of the alphabet engraved in my ceiling, musical notes and scores of music swimming through my walls as they seemed to breathe with life. The feeling was ecstacy as I layed motionless taking in everything I was seeing. I was on the phone at the time and explaining what I was experiencing to some girl I didn't know. I told them I had dropped acid so it would seem reasonable. I saw books sliding across the floor then piling up into geometrical structures. Light seemed to bounce off of everything (colors actually floating around in my room) very slowly. I would see a sphere of energy float by as I watched it in wonder.

I realized Slayer had been playing and I could not recognise any of the music I know by heart. Normally music I would have relished became a bunch of noise that pulsed through my mind. Occasionally I'd hear the words 'Death, Suffer, Murder' which didn't even sound like lyrics. It was almost like the singer was trying to hypnotize me with negativity. I tried desperately to change the music but I couldn't focus as everything was melted into near objects and I fealt as though I was paralysed. I remembered a cd that had some good techno, I found it but my simple cd player seemed way to complex to do anything with.

It is now 6:40pm and everything is going downhill. I was starting to feel really disconnected from my body and forgot I had even ingested seeds. I didn't know what was wrong, maybe I had gone crazy. Maybe I was dying. I rolled over on my side/stomach as I had been on my back for nearly 3 hours. I started getting really scared and had thoughts that evil was flowing from my cd player as Slayer is Satanic. I looked out the window, everything seemed normal, no visuals outside. Then suddenly I noticed the sky was blood red with sunset. I thought the world was ending. The time had come to be judged and the wicked would suffer dearly for their sins.

I looked at my alarm clock and the letter were all backwards and rearranged. Sometimes I saw things on my alarm clock that weren't even numbers, they were symbols. I tried harder to concentrate and the alarm clock said 6:66pm. I knew this wasn't possible and I had forgotten all about the seeds. I started panicking and tried to find the cord to the clock but it was sliding around melting into objects. I tried to eat my alarm clock in an attempt to destroy the evil that saturated from it. I threw the alarm clock down. Took off my shirt and slid to the back of my room. My alarm clock now looked something like this F_UC::K and I could see the word fuck in it.

I got to my feet and looked into the mirror. I was sweating horribly and looked insane. My hair was messy everywhere from laying down and my pupils seemed to pulsate in sponstanious rythems to the outward Iris. They were dialated to hell and my skin was blending into everything. I assumed I was a chamealon and began stumbling around trying to find the bathroom, my parents still noticed nothing. I was sitting on the floor with my back against the outside of the bathroom door. My step-dad asked me if I wanted to go to my get together which was at 7:00. It came out all distorted, his eyes were very wide and he was smiling like a lunatic. He looked just as crazy as I did! I didn't know what he was talking about and I thought it had to do with my LSA trip.

6:55pm- I found my self in the bathroom seeing a mutated melting version of my self staring back through the mirror. My skin was crawling and I saw very odd visuals that I can not explain as they didn't seem to be 3 dimentional. Yet they rotated really fast moving with a liquid rythem that was too fast for me to register all of it. I found the other bag of mgs in my pocket, and realized what I had done. My organs all fealt like they were exploding/coming together/meling/evaperating/then forming back in a repeated order, especially my bladder from all the water. I tried to make myself puke but scared myself because in the mirror I was swallowing my whole arm and convulsing/moving into unnatural positions.

I couldn't think anymore. I just thought death and I turned off the light and lay on the cool lanoleum of the bathroom. I saw many geometrical patterns and more scores of music being generated from underneath my eyelids. My mom knocked on the door to tell me they were going out. I said okay, and told her I didn't feel well. I handed her the other bag of seeds and said I was hallucinating. I was looking all around me seeing things that could only relate to an evil dr. suess wonderland. I said 'help' and continued mumbling a bunch of stuff as I wandered back into my room for something to wear. My step-dad came in and the only things I could comprehend him saying were Hospital, Drug Counsiling, and Stomach Pumped. They told me to put a shirt on. I wrapped my sheets around my head and shoulders, they gave me a sweatshirt.

Minutes seemed like eternity, and I held them as my #1 priority because I knew time hadn't stopped like this. I remember being in the car seeing the green alarm clock glowing with such intensity. I was in a trance. My mom told me later that my step-dad waved his hand in front of the clock and I mimicked his movements with my hand. I had two things on my mind. That I had gone insane and my life had ended me up in a padded room, and that the world was ending as the Christian Revelation foretold. My hands were in the air, I thought I was a prophet, Jesus returning to spare the Rightious. I told my mom to calm down child, it will all be over soon.

I sat in a hospital chair as my mom explained the situation, I saw a girl and a woman across the room. My vision faded, I fealt if in a different place. I had no body and I could tell there was things around me but I couldn't see them. Kinda' like when you astral project and you can't open your eyes, you feel the energy of objects around you. Next thing I knew I was on my feet shaking horribly, I think I jumped to my feet after appearing to pass out because people around me were startled. I moved on impulse and ran to my mom and started chugging her water bottle. I fealt if they weren't my own actions and something had taken over. There was a couple times I thought I had died.

They gave me shots of something but I was too distracted by the clock. The minute hand spun backwards, stopped, pretty much just moved randomly really fast. The numbers were all mixed up and kept sliding out of the clock. I remember yelling German thinking it would do something. A lady handed me activated charcoal, it looked like paint and I thought her to be a chemist. I drank down two cups, tasted very sweet. They were taking me somewhere. Everything was bright, I thought them to be Angels. I kept hearing the lady telling me to come with them to God. I ended up in a room. I glanced at the clock.

9:00pm- All visuals have stopped, probably because of the charcoal. I fell asleep and woke up to being in lockdown for 3 days, talking to a pychiatrist. I'm now grounded for a bunch of shit that's been happening in that week.

That all happened a week or so ago. The doctors told me that if I didn't get medical attention I would've had a 50/50 chance of dying. I overdosed my first time. Peace.

[Erowid Note: This is a report of a heavy but not extreme dose (see morning glory dosage chart). The active ingredient in morning glory seeds can exacerbate already present health problems, especially liver and cardiovascular issues. However, there are no cases of death from morning glory overdose in a healthy individual as far as Erowid is aware.]

P.S.-I'm now going to experiment with HBW seeds and Psilocyben Mushrooms.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30517
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 12, 2007Views: 23,336
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Morning Glory (38) : Various (28), Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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