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Absent Reality
by ^^aDc0vv
Citation:   ^^aDc0vv. "Absent Reality: An Experience with LSD (exp3045)". Dec 6, 2001.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit oral LSD (liquid)


My first LSD trip was actually kind of an accident. The guy I usually buy shit from had been talking about some shit he had, hash and opium, but by the time I got around to hooking up with him he was out of hash and the opium was 'bottom of the barrel,' if you will. I ended up buying four hits of acid, each dropped on some sort of gummy candy.

The night I got them I popped one in my mouth, around 9:00 PM. I have tried morning glory seeds before, to no great hallucinogenic effect (in LARGE quantities), so when I wasn't feeling much more than slight dizziness after about a half hour, I dropped another.

I was lying on my bed, blacklight on accompanying numerous blacklight-sensitive gadgets. Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock '69 recording was playing, a sound-sensitive light toy on top. I first noticed a significant increase in energy. Soon I found myself smiling broadly, immersed in the music. I began to notice the walls rippling slightly. This proceeded for an indefinite amount of time (LSD was not good for my time perception). Eventually, I left to go get an issue of HighTimes from the other room. I took it to the bathroom, where the lighting was better (my room has no normal white lights). For the next hour or two I scanned the magazine, not moving forward or backward in the pages, just around. I didn't really read (I remember trying and not being capable of mustering the concentration to comprehend each individual word). I smiled broadly and laughed. I was in a state of complete bliss, every color swirling and melting, every word evading my gaze. I would try to scan every picture and segment of text on a page without being evaded by any, and felt quite proud of myself when (I believed that) I did.

I eventually got up and left. Everything was shifting and melting. The patterns on the carpet, the blankets on the bed and the patterns on the pillow, even the dog's bed in the corner. I peeked out the window over the water and was surprised to notice that it looked oddly normal. I left the room and went to the computer. The background at the time was a landscape with mountains in the distance and a sun in the sky that had been re-textured in a sort of tie-dye. The colors bled and swirled. I switched, with some effort, to a chat window I had left open and attempted briefly to decode what was being said. I soon left out of boredom.

This is when my trip took a bad turn, around 12:30. My dad was still awake, watching the olympics (in Sydney, where it was just morning). I realized that I wouldn't be able to talk to him or explain why I was awake in my state, so I turned off the blacklight (the only light) and the stereo. I became very tense and remained so until around 4:00 when I fell asleep. I couldn't keep from clenching my fists and grinding my teeth, often biting my cheeks as hard as I could to prevent the feeling of teeth scraping against teeth. I wandered the hallway after my Dad went to bed. Everything was still melting, only now the colors weren't emphasized as they had been; hard lines solidified and the colors around them turned dull. I attempted to listen to music to mellow me out, but everything I tried to listen to sounded harsh and grating, from reggae to Jimi Hendrix's blues to hardcore to comedy. By 2:00 or so I just wanted it to be over. I kept checking the time, as if searching for some anchor to reality. I found myself become more and more paranoid that I had somehow permanently damaged myself, and often repeated my name, birth date, etc., to myself to prove to myself that my mind hadn't been destroyed. Finally, I fell asleep around 4:00.

I woke up around 7:30, when I needed to leave for school, to my parents shouting at me for being so reluctant to get out of bed. I quickly put on deodorant, brushed my teeth, and dressed, leaving with an english muffin in hand that I didn't feel like eating. For the first half of the day I remained paranoid, my senses and mind somewhat dulled. I felt like I had a fever, experiencing slight delirium and cold/hot sweats. School was hell, but I was afraid to tell anyone because I thought they would find out that I had taken LSD.

By the afternoon most of the symptoms had passed. Although the latter portion of the trip wasn't extremely pleasant, and it fucked up the next day, I would still try acid again simply for the bliss I felt during the beginning (although next time I may only drop one hit). I have gotten some advice on ways to lessen the comedown, most of which involve knocking yourself out so you can sleep through it all. Overall, I would grade this an expanding experience, if not thoroughly positive.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3045
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 6, 2001Views: 33,474
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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