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With Fire, Without the Snail Shells
Anadenanthera colubrina
by ChristianConservativ
Citation:   ChristianConservativ. "With Fire, Without the Snail Shells: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp30399)". Oct 3, 2005.

2 hits smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (seeds)
  1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)


My first experience with these seeds was just yesterday, I never considered them to be a great source of tryptamine alkaloids (p. viridis was my previous choice) but recently I was ordering some things from an online ethnobotanical store and I thought I'd get a pack. So I broke up the four largest (~the size of a penny) seeds in the baggie, and removed the brown coats. The amount of material surprised me due to the seed coats being beyond paper thin and ridiculously easy to remove. I considered crushing them into a malleable claylike state and letting them dry for a day or two but thought it would be no problem to see just how it worked, and experimenting once I had a bit of experiential knowledge, if experimenting was needed.

They were loaded in a bowl in large chunks, the largest being akin to a 5mm/side isosceles triangle, and none quite 2mm in thickness, but a few chunks pushing it. A quarter of the total amount fit into the bowl of a small water pipe. I settled down on the floor leaning against a wall (I have an aversion to furniture, and to the inside in general when on tryptamines but it was very cold and slightly snowy out). My first hit was taken carefully, allowing only enough air to come in as was needed to help combustion, it took a couple seconds but everything started going smoothly, and as I cleared the chamber the seeds looked well charred, and tasted like peanuts and popcorn (the first bit that hit my lungs irritated them immensely, but after a few coughs there was NO irritation during subsequent times). I held the hit in trying to relax and let things work.

No effects were observed so a second hit was taken, this time the material abruptly lit on fire and held the flame as I inhaled. The smoke was thick in the chamber, but the material was still not close to being finished. I sat there holding in the smoke for ~20-30 seconds, than something hit me, stronger physically than salvia or any tryptamine I have done. There was fire on my face, soon every gland on my face and back was aflame. I was also loosing sensory orientation and wanting to drift off. Then something similar to my m. hostilis nausea was felt; where my stomach just felt bad, but I did not feel queasy, kinda like there was something churning my gut. I blew the smoke out. I had not lost physical or sensory prowess, in fact I felt a little speedy (but a bit shaky as well). I walked from the smoking area to lay down in the area in front of the fireplace, trying without intent to let the nausea pass, but with minimal success. I got up after a minute or two and messed with the fire for a second, than went to the computer to type this. A gulp of green tea, cooled by time, momentarily banished the nausea entirely, soon the cup was finished and a faint shadow of the nausea returned, but is now passed.

I generally have great control of how much a psychedelic is going to affect me, I released myself to the effects, and they proved their strength to me. In my opinion these seeds offer one of the best additions to any tryptamine experience. I did not mention after my second hit I emptied the bowl into a small piece of foil with the rest of the fragments for storage, and 2 hits of brick ‘weed’ helped little with the nausea, but it never does for me. I got a nice taste of what these things can do, after I germ a couple for some plants I plan on experimenting much further as well as offering some to various associates (with their wellbeing in mind of course). There is definitely potential for these to potentiate and enhance just about any psychedelic experience.

I assume the bufotine contributed a great degree to the physical effects, and I was not really a fan of them, although I'm damn near sure I would have been tripping slightly had I finished that bowl. I never expected these to work so well.

Since that experience I decided I'd give them another try, hoping the pain and discomfort would pass. The sun was out, a light coat of snow blanketed the ground and I dressed warm and filled the pipe with water. I also brought along my small foil packet, containing the prepared seeds. I sat down inside the porch looking out into the forest and proceeded to load the smoking material onto a conical screen. Beginning vaporization was slightly easier as the pieces from yesterday's experiment, once again I felt the sharp pang as the first bit of smoke hit my lungs, I exhaled and coughed, no further irritation was observed. I began to get hot after my first large inhalation, so I took my hat off, and unzipped my coat. I was feeling the stomach nausea again as well (the nausea seemed to radiate upward from a few inches below my navel and increase in power until about 5 inches below my solar plexus, deep relaxed breathing in-between inhalations helped, and warm tea was on hand as well). I took a brief interlude before my second inhalation so the initial nausea could subside, this contributed to my second inhalation not bringing me to quite where I was before. The fire oozing from the sweat glands on my face and back was consistent however, but the nausea was not as bad.

After a short drink and a few seconds of relaxation a third inhalation was taken, this took me slightly beyond the state I experienced before, the fire had not spread much further and the nausea was well regulated by use of tea. A fourth hit was taken, at this point I was lightly tripping, it was much more speedy than any DMT I have ever used, I would want to do something, like light the lighter and my body would jump, and stutter trying to do it, even as I type this report my fingers seem anxious to get it done. I took a second here to observe the effects, disorientation was slight, I was definitely wanting to lay there and do nothing like an opium eater. But for the sake of science I decided to blow off the top layer of ash and prepare another screen full while I still had some degree of motor skills. This was of minimal difficulty, and was done fairly quickly. The sensory effects were beginning to fade as I touched the lighter to the partially charred material, after a bit of coaxing it flamed up (the material actually had/has a tendency to hold a flame). Two inhalations were taken in rapid succession, with only 15-20 seconds of time between due to my holding the smoke in my lungs. WOW, I was pretty far out now, and the nausea was HORRIBLE, I took a drink, but I did not seem to help much.

It was time to stop for now. I don’t know if I the nausea and the burning (the nausea lingered for ~30 minutes, the burning for ~5) are worth the experience when there are several grams of salvia extract waiting nearby (which I rarely touch, due to a profound respect). All in all these seeds hold obvious potential, and further experimentation is needed, and to some degree encouraged due to how horribly easy it was with a standard lighter and water pipe.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30399
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 3, 2005Views: 16,976
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Anadenanthera colubrina (139) : General (1), Alone (16)

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