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Awe-Inspiring, Intellectually-Stimulating
by Treefingers
Citation:   Treefingers. "Awe-Inspiring, Intellectually-Stimulating: An Experience with 2C-I (exp30391)". Feb 5, 2004.

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17.5 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)


My day began with an odd dream in which I visited The Farm. I remember driving up itís extremely windy road, and I was pleased to be able to see the place where so much that is important to me has been created. Getting back on the main road was kind of a pain though.

My night began with me drinking 17.5mg of 2C-I mixed with soda at about 10:45. The powder itself tasted awful, although mixed with soda it wasnít noticeable. Of course, I was drinking Sprite Remix, which I think tastes god-awful to begin with. I was very excited about trying this compound, as Iíve heard absolutely wonderful things about it. Its effects being very similar to 2C-B were also promising, considering that Iíve wanted to try that chemical for years now, and doubt that I will ever get my hands on the substance.

Within 25 minutes I was getting my first alerts. It was very similar to my last 2C-T-21 alerts. A cold feeling accompanied by a body energy that was slightly annoying. Thankfully it lacked the nausea that I experienced (although to no great degree) on 2C-T-21. About ten minutes after the first alerts I was on my way up. And I went way up.

Muse and I sat and watched SNL when it came on at 11:30. By this time I was definitely tripping and it was getting a little hard to pay attention to the show. The visual effects were beginning to take over my vision. I was amazed by how much I was feeling already as the 2C-T-21 didnít fully take a hold until a good couple hours after I took it. By 12 I was tripping hard, a very strong +++. The visual aspect of the trip was incredible. Probably comparable to about five hits of acid, and acid in my experience, is by far the most visual trip. Unlike acid, however, the visuals had a very real swimmy quality to them. LSD tends to give me neon designs overlaying everything, whereas 2C-I caused everything in my field of vision to morph and swim into each other. They were truly incredible.

At one point I was in the bathroom staring at the wallpaper, when suddenly I found myself residing within a matrix. I sat in that bathroom for a while thinking about math. I am taking a vigorous and intense honors calculus class in school and I reflected on what I had learned this past year and what I hoped to learn in the class. I also had the pleasure of seeing some of these concepts come to life in front of me. It was very cool being able to visualize different functions in front of me.

When I returned, Muse continued to watch SNL. I found it futile to attempt to follow the sketches and instead found amusement in watching my mind. At one point I stared up at the ceiling and watched the incredible visuals flow around me. I entered a trance-like state reminiscent of Mushrooms, but nowhere near the same intensity. I think at higher dosages out of body experiences could occur, although I am sure that is not what the chemical is good for. I was brought out of it when Muse noticed me staring and called out my name. She asked what I was doing and I could merely respond with, ďI have not tripped this hard in yearsĒ.

It was true. I could not remember a trip of this intensity (barring my insane mushroom trips) since my earlier experimentation with LSD. I was amazed at how strong this drug was affecting me. Initially during the come-up I was a little frightened as I was expecting a mild psychedelic effect, but these were full-scale powerful effects I was experiencing. And the more I got used to it the more I liked it.

Muse went home at around 2:30, and at this time I was still firmly into the plateau. This was when I found the best benefits from 2C-I. The compound allowed me to analyze many aspects of my psyche, our culture and the world surrounding me. It provided me with incredible insights that I truly was not expecting.

I came to the conclusion that our culture suffers from a disease in which each individual chooses to forget uncomfortable things in exchange for watching movies, and reality tv shows. Our media is like a drug to keep us satiated from the problems that are on the verge of erupting in gigantic catastrophes all around the world. We are like children, just assuming that our parents will take care of everything.

Our parents in this scenario is the government. We the civilians assume that our government has everything under control. Their purpose is to allow everyone else to live in peace without unnecessary burdens to have to deal with. But, our true problem resides in who controls the government. Our country is run by a man who too just leaves problems for someone else to fix. Bush has backed out of the Clean air agreement that was made years ago and has done nothing to ensure us prosperity in the future. His close ties with oil are also extremely disconcerting. Oil has become a drug to our country, a horrible addiction. Itís disgusting.

Even while pondering these rather depressing thoughts, I came to another conclusion that I believe stemmed straight from the drug. I KNEW that everything would be ok. It is an innate fact within our universe that everything is and will always remain ok. And that applies to humans as well. We may (and will) all die out someday, and that is ok. It will be beautiful in its own way. I felt very comforted by this.

I was narrating all of these things to Muse by way of phone and the whole time felt that I spoke very well. The words seemed to just spring into my head without much effort. I felt that I could write an entire thesis while under the effects of 2C-I.

Eventually around 5 things began winding down after a solid 3-4 hour plateau. At 6 I was still tripping at probably a ++ but managed to fall asleep.

2C-I is definitely one of my favorite entheogens. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about it. The visuals were spectacular, and rivaled all but my heroic doses of mushrooms and LSD. The ability to think clearly and the insights achieved were incredible. It was easy on the body. The length was long, but not too long like acid can be. In the future I think I will find my sweet spot is around 15 or 16mg. At this dose it was a bit pushy for me, although I believe that I will try 20mg one of these days. Just to see.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30391
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 5, 2004Views: 14,206
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