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Wow, This Is Different
by Neon Green Snake
Citation:   Neon Green Snake. "Wow, This Is Different: An Experience with DPT (exp30333)". Aug 14, 2006.

62.5 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


Let me start with this. I've tried all the legal shit like Hawaiian baby woodrose and Salvia divinorum and Ayahuasca and others, and I have never thought, 'I'm surprised this shit isn't illegal.'

I will not say where or how I got it, but I got 250mg of DPT, cost me $20. the first time I tried it, I took about 62.5mg from my 1/4 gram. I snorted it with a rolled dollar bill at a friends house, my friend who had just as much as I did was there with me, also trying it for the first time. We were waiting for our friends to get back from the bar. We do our 62.5mg in 2 lines and snorted a couple drops of water to knock it back. Before I get to the psychoactive effects, I'll let you know what the annoyances are.

First, it really didn't sting that much at all at first. Then it started tickling up in our sinuses, very much a different sensation than with any other powders. It tickled and kind stung at the same time and when the drips kicked in, it put a tolerable but unpleasant chemical taste in the back of our throats like dirty aspirin or something. then after a few minutes of drippage, our throats felt like they had been scratched raw on the inside, like we were getting a sore throat from a cold or something, but it definitely felt chemical related as opposed to the natural sore throat feeling. Then our nasal passages and throat slowly became numb and the annoyances subsided. The setting was good lighting throughout the place, background music, and a relatively clean place.

We felt stimulating effects within 5 minutes, colors and textures took on a sharp and almost static look at 10 minutes. Tracers, peripheral hallucinations/movement, empathogenic body high/almost weightlessness and patterns emerge from the carpets and walls at 15 minutes. By the time 25 minutes had gone by, we were tripping. It reminded us of acid with how we kept smiling and giggling, but the visuals weren't quite as intense, and the mind expansion wasn't quite the same at all. It was there but very different/unique.

We put on SOAD's first album, one of my favorite tripping albums. As we lay upon the floor staring at the ceiling fan pointing different aspects of the trip out, the light bulb in the fan was very iridescent/colorful, and the colors were moving around in a random order. It reminded me of a crystal ball or something. The music was awesome. I had this trip where I was listening to the music and watching my friend move around in his psychedelic ways and dance, and it was like I could see the minds of the band members in the music.

I felt like I knew the origin in their souls of the music they oscillated. I felt I knew that Serj Tankian and his buddies most likely just took a lot of acid or whatever else they do and express their insanity in the music. It was depressing in a way, it was like their music was the language of the insanity they feed of off, like when he sang those weird ass lyrics, he was trying to get across some hidden meaning of life that he just couldn't verbalize, but he was trying and when I was watching my friend do his weird dances around the living room, going with the music, I felt that he felt the same thing I did about the hidden meaning in the music and I felt he was trying to tell me that he felt that way by doing his trippy physical expressions. It was just one big mind fuck. Colors were waving through surfaces as I turned my head or when I moved my eyes.

I also had this internal fluttering that I couldn't quite explain, like if I took too much more for my first time it would have looked like I was convulsing. It wasn't annoying though, it was just peculiar. the rest of the trip was pretty much mellow, intense conversations about past drug habits and experiences, conversations about trip music and whatnot, and then people started showing up right as we were starting to come down. The comedown was nice and gentle, we tapered off over the next 4 hours and even considering I had to get up for classes in the morning with only 4 1/2 hours of sleep, I had no unpleasant hangover or anything. I was actually in a nice mood all day. I can't stress enough, this chemical was surprisingly powerful.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30333
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 14, 2006Views: 7,559
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DPT (21) : Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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