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Rainbow Joy
Citation:   Jungleboogie. "Rainbow Joy: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp3023)". Oct 3, 2000.

  oral 2C-T-7
I took it once at the Rainbow Gathering in Montana earlier this year. My left leg was really in pain from something, and after it started to take hold, the pain went away totally. I also gave some to some old friends who I met at the gathering, they ware travelling around the country. Anyways, as it started to kick in less then an hour after I took it (with some food), one of them was petting my head, it was a joy. Under the influence of this substance I was able to control my throat in ways that I wouldn't normally try (and have a very hard time doing now, without 2ct7.) I was able to caw like a bird, I can make the noise now, but there was a certain reflex that I can't do now to make the sound complete. It would require practice. Caw-ing was enormously satisfying. I cawed for an hour. One of the people I was taking it with felt bored, and she didn't like my cawing, but I just had to do it!

The Rainbow Gathering was nice, I felt wonderful, it is the perfect place to try out a psychedelic. I felt accepted and welcomed by everyone. I was
lying in a tent, making jokes, and enjoying myself very much. This drug has a real phenethylamine feel to it, a familiar feeling. Eventually we got out of the tent. This took a while for me. I wanted to crawl. I didn't really want to move much at all. They got me out, and I got up and started to make loud dog noises. This was more satisfying. Lots of other people in different camps responded, and so I kept it up for a while, and it was excellent. The rest of the evening was edifying, I did a little bit of talking with my friends, but after a while we were all tired, so I just went to go to sleep, and I felt EXCELLENT. EVERY CELL IN MY BODY WAS REJOYCING!!!

This felt at least as good as MDMA by this point, although not the same. It was actually much nicer, if you consider that most MDMA out there is of
really low quality. Also, MDMA feels somewhat artificial, and disconnected
from myself. This feeling felt very natural, as in, a part of me. I figured that this amazing feeling wouldn't have happened if I wasn't able to have some animal release earlier. I never felt quite as good on 2ct7 before (see next.) I had walked around the gathering grounds a few times against my laziness on 2CT7, and for the next three days one of my feet hurt a lot. I think the 2CT7 masked or simply took away a lot of physical pain (beware...)

Another time I took it, I was sitting at home, watching some strange A&E show about spouses who killed each other out of my own morbid curiousity. I decided to take the 2C-T-7, as I had gotten it in the mail earlier in the
week and I was curious to try it out. I ate an unmeasured dose and waited about 2.5 hours (didn't eat anything else.) Eventually, it began to kick in, and I realized I didn't want to be sitting at home, so I went over to my girlfriend's house. It wasn't so strong a dose that I was overpowered with visuals, instead I could drive around. So I met up with my girlfriend, and we went to the supermarket. I felt metallic, floppy, but I had not lost my composure enough so that anyone would notice.

Walking around GI Joe's sporting goods, I checked out the basketball hoops,
waiting for my girlfriend to get out of the bathroom. Nice.... Nothing very trip worthy :) Anyways, I was driving around, and about this time I was having a lot of hardship with the girl, not this day, but in general. This day I lost all of my attitude with her, and I was very open to her feelings. I was able to see how I was ignoring her in some ways, and what she really meant when she was complaining or whining (you know, emotional versus intellectual interpretation...) I was very emotionally compatible with her at this point while on 2ct7, and I felt I was able to accomodate her completely. This day we had no conflict. Later we went to her place, sex was excellent, better then normal even. Being emotionally compatible makes this possible I think.

I felt great the next day. I got to get into her emotions that night, and
understand her, in ways that I just am not able to do 'normally.'

2CT7 seems to have some of the best qualities of any psychedelic. It makes
me feel GREAT, it gives me very useful insight into emotional issues that I
don't always get on my own, and it is gentle on me, I never feel negative towards myself (I only have on LSA, but also in my dirty apartment by myself.) But, then again, I've only taken 2CT7 in noticeable doses twice...

Days after taking it at the Rainbow Gathering, it still makes me feel much
more alert, more sharp, more together, more with it.....

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3023
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2000Views: 10,681
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2C-T-7 (54) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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