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You Don't Know What You Are Dealing With
by Xerox
Citation:   Xerox. "You Don't Know What You Are Dealing With: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp30104)". Jul 14, 2004.

50 mg insufflated 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)


You are a living being. You are not invincible. It CAN happen to you. Don’t be stupid, don’t do what I did. We’re only human, and our fragilities are not understood until something happens, and that something is usually looking death in the eye, and the ones that see the face of death, can only warn people like you, the reader, about it. That is what I’m doing now. I have seen death. I have seen the incomprehensible thought of “nothingness,” and experienced firsthand how the body tells the soul it will soon have to ascend due to a physical body shut-down. I will now explain.

Date: October 2, 2003
Substance: 2-CT-2
Absorption Method: Insufflated
Doseage: Exact amount unknown. Easily over 50 mg. due to accidental fifth dose.

Reason for inaccurate Dosing: NO SCALE. I eyeballed it, which is impossible! DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE!!!!
Setting: Somewhere in the solar system, after 10pm in a quiet “neighborhood.” In my apartment with comfortable couches, big TV, perfect environment.

Now, the story: If you don’t have time to read this, then don’t, but if you want to hear how dangerous this substance can be in the hands of an idiot, please listen to what happened to me during the dumbest moment of my life.

First of all, I have been reluctant to write about what I did during the warm October night
that nearly ended my lifelong dreams forever. What I did, was stupid. I cannot stress
enough how important it is to know exactly where your substances are radiating from and
how important it is to measure out milligram doses exactly. Especially with the 2CT2 I
obtained, the powder was fluffy, light, and when crushed, expanded into a volume nearly
twice the size of the crystals in the “fluffy, clumped stage.” I did have a gram scale, but
the powder is so light, even a breath from your nostril will send the phenythylamine
whisking away into the air. Anyway enough bullshit….

T+0- Took an unknown amount thru insufflation. About the amount the size of a pencil
Eraser. I heard once that insufflating 2CT7, 2CB, or related chemicals is like being
Kicked in the face by a psychedelic horse. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but it made me wake
up. By the way, I am the most experienced tripper I know. Since early High School, I
have eaten over 3 pounds of mushrooms, once munching down 22 grams in a five hour
period—(not recommended due to innefectiviy of dosing after 2 hours into the trip.)
I have many experiences with my drug of choice-LSD, and my other friend, mescaline.
Although I have tripped on anything from DXM to San Pedro cacti, nothing has EVER,
EVER, EVER come slightly close to my first and only experience with the wonder drug-2CT2…..

T+15 minutes…..Began getting light disturbances, tracers and shadows five minutes ago. Everything is bright, radiant, warm…I feel great, and the feeling of power is growing and growing.

T+30…………..Am beginning to trip now. Visuals are getting more intense and fluid like instead of digital. I expect digital, sharp patterns from research chemicals, but this is different.

T+ 1 Hour….Go outside to have a cigarette. The past half hour has led up to EXTREMELY INTENSE feeling of power, racing, giddy, jumpy feeling. The feeling that you can do anything and make anything happen. I realize the entire fate of the world is in my hands, and I’m the only one that can change it. I go back inside and continue to watch a special on a Jazz artist Honeyboy. Some awesome African dude that made it thru hell in the fifties and civil rights period, and moved from a slave to exactly what he wanted to be. For some reason, this was so emotional at the time, I started laughing, with violent crying soon following. I decided my fate was in my hands, and a random idea of going to the casino and winning some money seemed light a great idea. I truly believed all I had to do was go to the casino, make a million bucks, go buy a Bentley, and I’d be set for life. I believed that to be true so much, I could have bet my life on it, and I did.

T+1:20…..Between all these crazy thoughts, laughing, crying, jumping, sitting, and sweating, I go outside for another cigarette, this is when everything turned for the worse, this is when I reached the point of no return, oh, by the way, between T plus one hour and the next twenty minutes, I had dosed four separate times, because each time I forgot how much I took the previous dose. The worst part is, on the fifth, or final dose, I was so fucked up and shaking so bad, I spilled my vial of 250 mg of my prized phenythylamine onto the counter. I then scraped a small portion out w/ a knife, and snorted it. The bad thing was, the powder is so light, and I snorted so hard, I ended up sucking up part of the 250 milligrams next to my small eyeb***ed dose, which was stupid as fuck in the first place. Anyway, I stayed calm, didn’t freak out, and went to the balcony for another cig.

T plus I don’t know because I was so fucked up:…….Get outside, shut the sliding glass door. Light up. Oh, by the way, I had smoked a few bowls to try to calm down, but I don’t know how much I actu***y sucked in, because everything was so fucked, I could have just been imagining, anyway----began smoking and suddenly the already insane visuals catapulted me to the end of the universe. Not only was I seeing infinite spirals and mystical views, but was liter***y swimming in a swarm of endless phenomena fueled by my until recently untouched imagination and flooded ***7 senses, including 5 most humans have. I could see not three but 5 dimensional spheres, where I could visualize the front, back, side, top and bottom sides of a complete sphere *** at the same time crawling with unimaginable speeds, shapes and patterns..

I was tripping so hard I couldn’t even tell which way was up or down, and couldn’t even tell where the entrance was to get inside from my 3’x6’ balcony.

T+well, it was almost 4:00 am on the 3rd. Got back inside, managed to dial up my parents which are 2500 miles away. Started getting RE***Y NERVOUS. Following with EXTREME anxiety along with a racy heartbeat. I didn’t start freaking out, until I went and woke up my girlfriend at 420 to tell her how we won the jackpot at the casino and are set for life. She turned the lights on and drule was *** over my face, almost like a white mucous. My heart was not only palpitating but skipping beats, jumping out of my chest, and speedy up re***y re***y fast making it impossible to breathe. I told her a few things and the last four doses hit me at the same time even harder. I was shaking so bad I couldn’t stand up but ran out the door to take a walk hoping fresh air would help

430 AM.
Ran outside, after minutes of my heart rate jumping to an alarmingly high rate, The symptoms were so intense, I got a gut feeling, my heart was going to stop and my body could not contain the amount of chemicals that were liter***y fucking up not only my entire nervous systems, but my entire body.

“911 Emergency, how can I assist you.” “Ahh, yeah, I need an ambulance as soon as possible, “I think Im gonna die!,” “Ok, calm down sir, explain to me what the problem is, why are you going to die?” “My hearts beating re***y, really fast, like I’m gonna have a heart attack!” “tell me where you are”, I gave her my address, then she said, “Have you taken any drugs tonight sir,” “Yes, I think I overdosed, please send an ambulance right away. “ OK sir, im going to call the paramedics stay on the line. I waited for what seemed like hours and ended up hanging up the call. I was sprinting outside yelling into my cell phone. I came by a creek going into a pool type fountain in a business complex. I jumped into the creek after trying to bash 3 car windows, one was a BMW, after thinking I could just drive off like the keys were in the ignition. I called back 911 after I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I didn’t get a fucking ambulance I was going to die. 911 emergency who is this? “I need an ambulance right now, Im goin to die.

Well, I wont tell you all the conversations, but I ended up calling 911 four times after hanging up on them each time. About half hour after the first call, I had jumped infront of a passer by who sped off, and finally heard the sirens. First, four police cars come straight at me, Im in the center of a four lane road, waving my arms, and the all squeal around the corner to my apartment instead of at me. I finally waved a cop down and he floored in, followed by a firetruck. I had the vial of the shit in my pocket. The firemen got out first, and I told them id save their life someday and buy the county new firetrucks if he could get me to a doctor right away. I was freakin out, and told the cops they should get some good training and tack me to the ground. I told them I didn’t care if they had to drag me by me head, just get me in the fucking ambulance.” Cops surrounded me as I continued to eg them on. I joked with them while we waited for an ambulance, but I was freekin out so hard they started to freak out. A few cops reached for their guns and told me to calm down. I told them to drag my ass into the ambulance and get me somewhere instead of just standing there, Im gonna fuckin die while you all sit here and watch me” The ambulance arrived. By this time I had taken off my pants, which were drenched with water from swimming in the fountain. They pushed my upper body down and put my neck between his knee and the asphalt, while another twisted my wrists to handcuff me. I told them to throw me into the ambulance but instead got a stretcher. I got inside what seemed an hour later, fin***y looking up at the first firefighter and the paramedics in the well lit compartment. They asked me what I was on and how much I had taken. I told them I did not know what the substance was, and I took an uncertain dosage. I just told them “I am re***y fucked up and going to fucking die if I don’t get some help or some water. They couldn’t even give me some fuckin water because they didn’t know what I had taken. My mouth was so dry it was making it worse. We fin***y got to the hospital after driving re***y slow, and was rolled into the ER. Several other patients were there sleeping, since it was five in the morning.
First the difibulator.or whatever its c***ed. I could hear the doctors in the background. Somethin, IV’s, blab la, steady out, steady, out,,,,,,,clear,,,,,,,vitals………mask

I sat there gripping the handles of the bed. I was strapped in at the legs and feet.

I received a total of 8 IV’s, got hooked up to two different cardio machines, and four doctors. The largest IV, which was filled with some kind of trip ending drug that felt like straight morphine, entered my system, and gave me the craziest high ive ever had. *** of sudden my heart rate rapidly decreased, I became chilled both ment***y and physic***y, I could breath again, and at the same time was high as a kite. *** the visuals stopped although the effects were taken over by what the doctors described as multiple organ failure. Ten minutes later and I would have lost *** function in my liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, and soon to follow brain damage from oxygen depletion. The doctor said exactly”You are a stupid mother fucker….You almost died.”

Summary: Due to my overdose of 2ct2, the CRAZIEST research chemical on the planet, I fin***y realized that anything can happen to anybody at anytime, especi***y when they least expect it. One thing leads to another, so if you’re going to do something, such as dosing too soon after the previous dose, make sure you think about what the consequences could be.

Be careful, these wonderful trippy substances are fascinating. They open a whole world one never knew existed. The actual trip is so intense and amazing, even a sm*** dose would leave an experienced tripper starstruck.. 2ct2 is so awesome, it places number one on my list of favorite psychedelic encounters. It just has to be the right person taking a reasonably correct dose depending on sensitivity and weight.

DO NOT INSUFFLATE THIS CHEMICAL!!! Fain warning, read the other trip reports about 2ct… more than a half dozen kids died nearly the same way I almost did, Take it in pills an precisely measure out each dose for your own sake. Don’t end up in the ER, and get one of the last best great drugs confiscated because so many people have died from using. Im sorry for being stupid, and putting us one step further away from obtaining these highly respected research chemicals. I almost died cuz I was stupid, I didn’t respect the powerful drug and It’s my own damn fault,
For God’s sakes, measure your doses, pick a good setting, and STAY COOL..


Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30104
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2004Views: 23,565
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2C-T-2 (53) : General (1), First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Health Problems (27), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Overdose (29), Hospital (36)

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