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My Favorite Indulgence
PCP & Tobacco
Citation:   DustBunny. "My Favorite Indulgence: An Experience with PCP & Tobacco (exp30093)". Jun 17, 2007.

  repeated smoked PCP (liquid)
I find that I over-analyze almost everything that crosses my mind which is pretty bad considering that there's always at least 5 things going through my head at once. I'm very stressed out almost all the time. How hectic my thoughts are is directly related to the reason I like pcp so much. Also, ever since tripping on acid twice I haven't been as well spoken and it's hard to get my points across to other people. I feel like my mind just isn't the same anymore and I hate how much I feel I need to think into every little thing.

The first time I encountered pcp, I had already heard a lot about it. I was with two guys that are good friends of mine and they had a vial of dust. I watched as one of the guys dipped a cigarette into the vial and sucked some liquid up. He asked me if I wanted to get dusted with them and I eagerly accepted the invitation. He pulled out the filter and lit the cigarette. The 3 of us passed it around until it was done and I began to feel almost overpowered. It was really late so about 10 minutes later I went home. Walking from the car to my door felt like it was some sort of strange routine. With each step I felt like I wasn't really walking. I got inside after a walk that seemed to take forever and in the same unreal, 'routine' way, I walked to my bedroom and lay back onto the bed.

I moved over in my bed and felt like my body was responding to the movements I wanted it to make in such a strange and disconnected manner. I closed my eyes and started to feel as if I was on a platform that was floating through the sky like on a magic carpet. I started feel like the platform was tilted and I was going to fall of so I opened my eyes and remained still. I still felt like I was on the platform even with my eyes open and had a strange feeling that I really was going to fall off. I need to get to sleep so I drank a glass of warm milk, which my friend suggested would help me get to sleep. The feeling started to wear away which I then wished would come back. After that night it became a usual habit to smoke a dippy.

Most of the other times were generally similar in effect. I found that if I smoked enough I ended up getting 'stuck'. When Iím stuck after smoking dust I just sorta stare at something without really looking at it and Iím not necessarily thinking about much of anything. I loved this feeling. Like I said in the beginning, I have a lot of thoughts going through my head at once and I'm always over-analyzing things. When I get stuck I stop thinking about everything and just have individual thoughts moving through my mind one at a time. The thoughts flow through me and I barely respond to the people around me. I can remember many occasions where people were trying to communicate with others that are dusted and stuck. It doesn't work very well. I remember one friend repeating that we had to get out of the spot we were at because it wasn't safe and every time he repeated it to my friend that was stuck he just said, 'ok' and continued to sit there and stare. Also, I always feel like everything that just happened couldn't have been real. Maybe its my analytical nature, but I question if I just imagined a conversation or something I did.

I've seen stupid little fights over nothing between two friends that have taken violent turns, but have never been too bad to control. I haven't seen any really extreme behavior and that says a lot in my mind because my friends have smoked quite a bit at once and I happen to know for a fact that we were frequently obtaining very potent dust. One of my good friends was arrested for possession of pcp and after the lab tested the substance his lawyer told him that he was lucky the courts don't base their decision on potency because the vial he had was some of the strongest shit they'd seen in a long time. I know that's not exactly something to be happy about, but I liked hearing that we had good shit. If you're gonna do something, you might as well do it right.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30093
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 17, 2007Views: 39,248
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PCP (113) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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