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Breaking New Barriers
by alexis-fi
Citation:   alexis-fi. "Breaking New Barriers: An Experience with Ketamine (exp29845)". Erowid.org. Jan 9, 2004. erowid.org/exp/29845

  insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)

I have been using ketamine for some time now usually taken in clubs after taking pills, or the day or morning after at home. The experiences are far more intense than with any other hallucinogenic I have ever tried.

Experiences vary from simple altered perceptions of surroundings, to perceptions of greatness, being able to do things not thought possible, strange psychic abilities and complete trips to other worlds.

Ketamine at low levels sometimes would make my body feel very light and energetic. I can dance like never before, note I go to hard house events in London and I could dance like crazy at 160BPM for hours. Also I seem to be able to predict the next beat.

Let me just now say that when taking K I feel compelled to do things that I may not be able to explain. I seem to sometimes be compelled to dancing in a specific way. Also at medium levels I find it difficult to express myself. I may only say the beginning of a sentence or the end, cutting off my voice. I sometimes feel compelled to say some things or repeat words and enter in a loop. Loops seem to exist a lot in K-trips. I may repeat a though in my head without being able to stop it. Also, rarely, if you feel fear remember to yourself, STOP, it’s just the trip.

Another thing I have noticed is that while you are standing at a specific point you may see a completely different thing and by just making one step to the side the whole trip changes and you see completely different things. One experience was at a club in Camden, me and girlfriend did a big line of K and went to the dance floor. The trip started and my girlfriend's face started changing. I could see a reflection in the sunglasses she was wearing and I could see cars headlights driving by fast. Then the glasses grew bigger and became mask like. We were holding on to each other tight on the dance floor. Her head for one instance became like a large root vegetable. Note the club has a very high roof but the roof to BOTH of us seemed very short and we both tried to touch it, without first talking or imposing a trip to each other, we found out the next day what we were seeing after discussing the night. We then made a step to the left and the surroundings changed completely. The club seemed like a stadium and people were standing on the steps, my girlfriend was seeing the same thing as I found later. Later I though I was seeing things as they are but opened several “layers” before coming back to reality an hour and a half later.

About this I have noted is, that I may have lived in this world for many years now and I may know what my surroundings should look like, but at the moment of the trip I really believe what I see as true. Also while coming out of trip the experience is not immediate, it seems like peeling an onion and progressively seeing better but what I might see is far from the truth. Also for me and my girlfriend the colour ochre seems to dominate, note again we did not impose this to each other. Generally in my life it happened that I would say something someone else was thinking etc. but on K this seems increased.

On another occasion time seemed to have slowed down and I could see people moving slower. With a friend we always pretend to do kung-fu together, we both did some K at a club in Brixton, and we started play fighting in the club for five minutes matrix style. We could predict each others moves.

Another psychic experience was again with my girlfriend. We did some K in the toilet and when we came out we both bent down and started walking. I was hearing in me a “conspiratory” kind of sound and we were stepping forward like in cartoons where the wolf steps from tree to tree. The we both put our heads next to a column and went “mpliiiiiiiiiiouuuueeee” sticking our tongues out at the same time.

UV light and pulsating light seem very interesting also. I have a UV light in my room and I could see it as very bright cyan instead of purple. Also I was holding a white/red pulsating juggling ball, the ones they sell in Camden, and as the colour was pulsating I could feel it pulsating in my hands.

A morning at my house, we went back with some friends, did some K. Then the room transformed into a gothic mansion with stalagmites on the roof. My friends’ faces suddenly became covered by molten bronze which turned iron and solidified.

My most interesting trip and the best experience of my life was when I was watching Akira with my girlfriend. It was an afternoon of a day after clubbing. I had seen Akira many times before and I could see the relation with Ketamine e.g. the way the experiment kids speak (like I said in a cut a way) and the way they look (their faces look like dropping on floor). Also the experiences Tetsuo is having. I could say that Katsuhiro Otomo has expressed in the most exact and ingenious way how it is to be on K. In any case I thought it would be interesting watching it on K. Let me just say we lived every moment of the film. We believed we had super powers ourselves and with great conviction, I and my girlfriend were trying to lift things in the air. I really felt like a god. This was not the first time we thought we had these powers though. As I said in the beginning K may give you perception of greatness. We made an incredible connection with the film and we could understand everything behind anything.

Now I will go to my most frightening experience with Ketamine. We were having a house party and in the early morning I did three lines in a row. I don’t remember a lot, but I remember that I had long experience. I could see the room from a third eye and I could see myself in it. Then I was lost; my friends were in a different dimension and my task was to find them before time ran out. I could see only strange forms such us cubes and steps. Then I transformed in a sphere. It seems I forgot I was ever human at all. Then I felt the danger that a loop was coming and that my head shouldn’t fall in it. I (sphere) started multiplying and not being able to stop. I felt the danger I was filling up the room but couldn’t stop, couldn’t get out of the loop. I then filled the room and felt like that was the end.

There so many more experiences I wouldn’t know how to start explaining. What I have found out though is that I don’t see things that are because of the experiences in my life. I may see places and experience things that I never knew existed. It takes me a week thinking of all the things I saw.

Summing up I am a person that can accept not having control and just accept things as they come. I would recommend however anyone that fears loss of control to stay away from Ketamine. However it seems with K that we are breaking the barriers of the human mind (cheesy!) and that is what makes it so great when everything else becomes boring. I would love to hear about other peoples’ experiences.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29845
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 9, 2004Views: 20,118
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