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2 Reports, Many Thumbs up
2C-T-21, Ketamine, & Nitrous Oxide
by bevz
Citation:   bevz. "2 Reports, Many Thumbs up: An Experience with 2C-T-21, Ketamine, & Nitrous Oxide (exp29765)". Jan 5, 2004.

8.0 mg oral 2C-T-21 (powder / crystals)
The following two experiences occurred within a week of each other. Given the scarcity of information on this substance, we felt it valuable to include them both here since we found there were some significant differences between the two trips.

Report 1: A Long, Slow, Pleasant Climb
Experience date: 12/25/03

H: 220 lb male, moderately sensitive, wanted to start light, 8 mg
I (yours truly): 125 lb female, lightweight, 8 mg
J: 125 lb female, often hardhead but wanted to start light, 10 mg
K: 150 lb male, hardhead, 20 mg

Four experienced entheogen users, one substance none of us had ever tried. Sounded like a nice way to spend Xmas!

Summary: We all got first alerts at around 15-20 minutes. From there it was a very gradual and gentle climb for about 2 more hours, leading to a pleasant 2-ish hour plateau and then an equally gradual come-down. The high is similar to other 2Cs in that we felt fairly mentally clear but highly entertained. The body load is minimal: little or no nausea, stomach upset, speediness, or clenching, just a bit of burping and yawning. Even J, who often has problems with nausea, had only minimal stomach issues. We were all able to eat during the entire trip. All in all, a very friendly substance that seems well-suited for party settings.


T0 = 1:45 pm. We measure (carefully - 8-12 mg is a narrow dose range and there is little data on the dose/response curve) and dose. J&K walk to their house 3 blocks away to get a few things they forgot.

T+20min: J&K return and we all head down to the basement chill space. First alerts are occurring - some visual distortion, mild loss of ability to focus on tasks, lots of smiling and giggling.

T+30min: Everyone getting alerts. J has a little jaw clenching and mild head pressure; K is yawning; I lost the interest/ability to read (linear focus is hard).

T+60min: J & I having visual focus problems, but plenty able to bounce around the room giggling. K not getting much yet. H feeling a bit high but quite functional.

T+2hrs: We have achieved puppy pile. Lazy cuddling, chatting, listening to music. Very pleasant. J has swimmy visuals. All still definitely continuing to climb.

T+2.5hrs: I decide to see if I can make art while high, since I am usually inhibited about it when sober. Pens and paper are procured. The effort is entertaining but artistically unsatisfying. (trip notes say: 'T+2.5 - still not an artist')

T+3.5hrs: J & I bundle up and venture outside to look at Xmas lights around the neighborhood. We are still pleasantly high at this point but both feel competent to leave without a sitter - we are giggly and having visual effects (open and closed-eye) but feel clear-headed.

T+4hrs: Starting to come down, ever so gradually.

T+5hrs: Definitely coming down; everyone hungry. Snacks are procured. At this point we would probably be reaching for the ketamine, but another friend has arrived and taken some 2C-B, so we want to wait for her to catch up a bit. Several of us notice slight headaches, but this might just be mild dehydration so we drink more water.

T+6hrs: Ketamine time. We take various doses by various methods (insufflated powder, injected liquid). The open- and closed-eye visuals reintensify somewhat, as does the pull of gravity. Three of the four of us do an additional dose as well. We are all still well able to carry on conversations and interact with each other. No adverse drug interactions that anyone can discern.

The note-taking dropped off at that point but I'd say that we were still feeling very mild effects at maybe T+8 hrs but that everyone was pretty much down by then. J&K went home at that point; I felt exhausted and went straight to bed. Nobody reported problems sleeping or any other after-effects (positive or negative). I did have some emotional crankiness and lethargy the following day, but I attribute that to the fact that my period started that day (early - don't know if the drug might have contributed to that).

Conclusion: I think I speak for everyone when I say that I would absolutely do this again, probably at a slightly higher dose. Thumbs up all around!

Report 2: 10 is more than 8!
Experience date: 12/31/03
Dose ranges: 6-15 mg.

Three of the four participants from report 1 plus half a dozen other friends decided to try 2C-T-21 again a week later at our New Year's Eve party. Since it had seemed like a friendly, social substance, we thought it would work well in a party setting. We were right, but learned a few interesting lessons about it:

1. The dose-response curve is steep! I took 10 mg instead of 8 mg (and this time we diluted 100 mg in 200 ml distilled water for ease of measurement) and had a significantly different experience. It is worth noting that I had taken about 1.5g of GHB earlier in the evening, so I'm sure that had an effect but not enough to cause the qualitative differences I experienced. These included olfactory hallucinations (I was very sensitive to certain smells and was convinced at times that I was giving off an unpleasant body odor that nobody else could smell), more muscle and jaw tension, lack of appetite, and significantly more intense closed- and open-eye visuals. I also felt much more of the MDMA-like heartspace experience, but I'm sure that was also influenced by the setting (a festive evening with 20 close friends).

2. Insufflation produces a rapid-onset, more intense experience. K from report 1 insufflated 10 mg and had a more powerful experience than he had with 20 mg ingested orally. Another friend took 10 mg orally, felt little, and boosted after an hour with 5 mg insufflated. That did the trick.

3. We were overconfident about the lack of nausea. Two of the participants in this report vomited within the first hour. They are both people who typically do have stomach issues on drugs, but we had hoped that they might avoid them on this substance. We were wrong - but they both recovered and had a very pleasant trip after the sickness passed.

4. It combines very well with nitrous oxide. We broke out the nitrous at about T+3hrs, and I found that it magnified the visuals and intensified the body high, as it does with most psychedelics. My sense is that it prolonged the plateau as well, since I was still experiencing visual distortions at around T+6.

Even with the above caveats, all participants agreed that they enjoyed the experience and would do it again (some at lower doses, some at higher). Just make sure to measure carefully!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29765
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2004Views: 34,056
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