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Total Out Of Body Experience
Atropa belladonna
Citation:   Tloke. "Total Out Of Body Experience: An Experience with Atropa belladonna (exp2973)". Oct 5, 2000.

1 Tbsp oral Datura (seeds)
Me and 2 of my friends ate a tablespoon of jimson seeds which we found around where we live. A couple of hours passed and I didn't believe anything was going to happen and I went home and laid down then blam! It hit me. The whole world began becoming just like a intense LSD trip.

Then I was gone. I escaped my body. I had a near death experience. I traveled to other worlds, spirit worlds, and other creature's worlds. I remember being on a planet like Mars (all red sand and weird rock formations). I was lost and they were really amused with me as I was with them. The aliens, that is. They had big heads, tall, skinny, long arms and legs. These creatures studied me but not with equipment with their large eyes. I also remember seeing transparent spirits among earth then a bright light and the most beautiful music I've ever heard. To put it short I visited ' heaven'. I saw white robed monks floating around. As of this point of time I don't remember the conversation I had with these angels but I had one. While I was in these other worlds I had no control of my body. My mother told me I didn't even know who she was or any one else. She said I was crawling around the house saying I was looking for buds and picking at the floor. I don't remember any of this whatsoever!!

That happened before the ambulance got there and it took 8 big cops to restrain my little ass and strap me down. I don't remember this either or the ambulance ride. The hospital from the little I remember, was hell. The doctors were treating me like total shit! But since I wasn't in my body this didn't bother me much and I wondered how much worse they were treating me. The insights I got about life after death were great but It's something us humans are not prepared to see while on earth. My suggestion is to not do it unless your really into O.B.E.s and interested. Out of my 5 friends 4 of us went to the hospital and got treated like total shit! THERE IS A LIFE AFTER DEATH!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2973
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 5, 2000Views: 38,646
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Datura (15), OBE (332) : Alone (16), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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