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25 Million Miles High on Rocket T7
2C-T-7 & Lidocaine
Citation:   sirisO. "25 Million Miles High on Rocket T7: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & Lidocaine (exp2972)". Sep 16, 2000.

T+ 0:00
100 mg insufflated Pharmaceuticals (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:33 25 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
[erowid note: the author submitted this addendum to the report in June 2001.]

I submitted a report sometime in late summer of last year titled '25 Million Miles High on Rocket T7' where I insufflated a large dose of 2C-T-7. I'm now requesting that this message be added your vaults due to the superman syndrome. No matter how high of a dose you take there is going to be someone out there that wants to out do you so their going to take more and more just to prove that they can do it.

I believe my mentioning of the high dose I took may have taken part in some of the people who decided they wanted to snort 30+ mgs and ended up going on their final journey threw the reaches of their mind and I will not condone my poor judgement because it leaves room for people to make even worse decisions. I'll admit I do have a mild case of superman syndrome myself but research chemicals are not the place to exercise it and I won't say I regret what I've done, but I do regret the example I've set. If you want to prove your superman go do it with LSD or Mushrooms drugs that have been proven safe in extreamly high quanities not research chemicals. Too little is known about how safe research chemicals are to go above and beyound what you see is recommended, they are afterall for research purposes. If you do decide you want to be superman with them though just realise this, your going to be the guinea pig that finds out how much it takes to kill you so we know where our limits our. Wise up people having something to brag about is not worth the cost of your life.

And for the reasons stated above I believe is the reason why Shulgin tends to recommend a low dose. I think he realises the superman syndrome is very common within psychedelic users and he wants to keep their expectations low so when they decide they'll do more then he recommends they won't go over board. Very smart on his end.


This is a trip I had about a month and a half back... forgive me if the details are a little hazy because it was a while ago. Also alot of the thought commentarys of what happens are based on a later understanding, such as just some odd feelings you get, that you understand, but can't put into words... yet.

-100 mg Lidocaine Insuffilated (pre 2c-t-7 as a local anesthetic to kill the horrid pain caused by insuffilating 2c-t-7)

-25 mg 2c-t-7 Insuffilated (outrageous dose, but i've had some experiences with other high doses of 2ct7 as well as other psychedelics)

Pre Trip:

I spent the initial period of time before my trip trying to meditate and relax as much as possible. Having no close tripping companions I've found a place on irc filled with other trippers who enjoy having conversations of a 'spacy' nature whether sober or intoxicated. Spend some time chatting while I prepare my mental state and begin to try and overcome my pre-trip fear. Everytime I'm about to take a high dose I get a general sensation of fear, but this is just part of the process.

After preparing my mindset I head to my room and begin snorting the lidocaine in small bursts. I've been told it has a slow absorbtion rate and is best done this way. I chop the lidocaine up into 4 piles. I snort 3 of them one every 5-15 minutes or so all up the same nostril. Nasty nasal drip tastes absolutely foul, then again I've had worse tasting thing.

The Dosing:

~33 minutes after the first lidocaine dose I snort the 2c-t-7 all in one nice chunk in the same nostril as the lidocaine. Lidocaine isn't working I still feel pain, Immediatly I snort the last pile of lidocaine and it dims the nasal burn until it fades into nothing. Visuals begin to onset allmost immidiatly textures on walls and tiles begin to pulse and everything gets this slight purple/blue tinge to it like I allways get from 2ct7. Try talking online for a bit but then I decide I'm way too intoxicated so I go outside. The grass looks like it's growing before my eyes, it has this kinda South American Indian pattern in it and it keeps moving and morphing to other versions of the same pattern like I've gotten from 2c-t-7 on other previous occasions. Slowly I begin to feel overwhelmed I wonder if I've taken too much and if I was gonna kill myself. I try blowing everything I can out my nostril but nothing seems to come out.

At this time I am extremly sick and gagging constantly, but I have done nothing but drink water for the past 12 hours and I havn't even had any water in the past 6 or so. My body wants to puke and so do I but there is nothing there to puke since everything went up my right nostril.

The cement is one swirling dancing pool of colored blobs, I'll blink and specs of color from various rocks in the cement will expand into giant pools of color while others shrink and smear, I look at some bushes and they appear to be growing.... yet the parts of them growing seem to be duplicates of the origenal image floating over on top of the origenal image just moving upwards. I start to question why we are alive and what the point of life is? It all seems like one big game you do some work earn your survival help some others with theirs and then it's over. What is the point of this I keep asking myself. I feel suicidal and just want to leave the planet tired of struggling but I know I can't, I have things yet to do here even if it is just a game.

Estimated Time Since 2c-t-7 Doseage: Half an Hour

When I get inside, I try to head towards my room which I have pre-readied a portable cd player and headset with Orb's Orblivion inside. When I get to my room I forget all about my cd player and I begin to enter into deep thought. Nothing seems right. I'm never satisfied. I never have what I want or what I need but I'm not working very hard to get what I want or need either.

I remember my cd player and put the headset on with some difficulty due to my liquidy hazy discoordination. I listen to the music for awhile and became engrossed in it but the longer I listened too it the more I knew I should stop. Deep down I knew the point of this trip was not to just enjoy my senses... yet. I had spiritual work to accomplish whether I liked it or not and I wouldn't be satisfied unless I did.

I began thinking about why I couldn't enjoy myself and why no matter how hard I tried I never seemed to find the right people and I always felt alone. I always wanted to help thease people step up to a higher level but they have no interest in doing so. I refuse to steal yet they, on the other hand, are still doing childish things like getting a glass for water at the fast food place and taking it and getting pop. Don't they ever want to earn what they get? Does everyone have to have something for nothing even if it's at someone elses expense, labor, and earnings?

I drift in and out of thoughts, both very clear and very cloudly... slowly I start drifting to another place and in my mind's eye I begin to see creatures made of pure colored light. Colors of all kinds but all bright primary and secondary colors. They begin to talk to me and tell me just have fun let it all go and just have fun. But the whole time they seem to be telling I'm not ready yet at the same time. This makes me even more determined that no matter what I'm going to let go and just have fun.
It makes me think of the people around me and how they keep bringing me down to their level instead of me raising them up to mine. I just have to let them go and suffer loneliness until I become who I need to be and find the people who are right for me.

The creatures are still trying to help me let go but now their telling me everytime I start to make progress I let myself fall back down. I let myself do it and get sucked into one wrong thing or another so I never make any progress. They keep telling me you have to do it yet at the same time that I can't do it. I'm determined to do it I tell myself to let go and be free and to go have fun. Everytime I try to let go I feel a sensation I can't even describe like i'm being scattered or unfocused, or maybe it just seems too good to be true because I am so unusued to it.

There's a girl I have known for a period of time who I shall call J. J has a troubled life two abusive parents, she's a punk rock girl who always has brightly colored hair of some unatural color in recent days. I always feel sorry for her and so badly want to help her but I never know how to help her, and I don't think I can... on one side of my mind's eye there is J, and when I think about her it feels like angry dragons approaching me, I see a large angry green dragon and I see it as being associated with her, I see the sorrow in the dragon's eyes and know all evil comes from a pain fear anger cycle although at the time I can not put it into words, just understand.

On the other side of my mind's eye there are all these beautiful light creatures who are so warm and open and filled with love. They each begin to take on symbolism of some form like I saw the symbolism of the dragon angry/sad dragon attached to J. They began taking on symbols like egyption symbols such as the Eye of Horus, symbols of my childhood such as Care Bears. They showed me faces of people who I knew in the past: people who treated me warmly and with love but whom in some way or another through my social stupidity I have not known how to connect with them or in some way scared off due to my personality flaws, and symbols of children of the present such as pokemon.

After taking time to witness both sides it was a metaphor for my social life, I had to choose between trying to forever help those who did not want help, or to let go of them and enjoy my life with others who seek to enjoy their's to the fullest. I choose to party with the creatures of light during my trip and I had an incredible time... We began making music together and, depending on the creatures closest to me, the music would change depending on the unique personality of each of the creatures of light. The music actualy sounded like their personalities being put through my ideas of sound and music and then the two synergizing to create an extreamly beautiful experience.

I'm not sure exactly when but sometime during this time I had turned the headphone up full volume and flung them aside not really caring where they went (even though they weren't mine) thinking 'it's just stuff'. The music had stopped before the time I began making the music with the creatures of light I'm not sure exactly when... the timeline here is kinda hazy.

Estimated Time Since 2C-T-7 doseage: 2-3 Hours

Some time passed during which I can't clearly remember what I did. I was probably just lost in a hazed psychedelic trance thinking 'just enjoy the colors' and spending time with the creatures. At some point, I noticed that it was beginning to get light out and I went to wake everyone up. I started telling my family members except my dad (he's in another part of the house) 'it's time to wake up and enjoy the colors'. My mom notes I'm extreamly intoxicated although I still try to pretend I'm just sober and trying to have a good time, alas I did not succeed. She asked me if I'm on acid, I tell her 'no, better', she asks me if I'm on ecstacy I tell her 'no, better'. I refuse to anwser her question do to the fact I'm at a constant struggle with her because I don't like her personality. I start wandering around the house and think of something I can do.

I remember I have glowsticks in my backpack and, even though it is already light, out I decide I don't care I'm going to have a good time with them anyways. I get my backpack, open it up, then I forgot what I was looking for. I asked everyone what I was looking for and they remind me it was my glowsticks.

Dad also notices I'm intoxicated, and he's fairly understanding of my decision to trip. He's an ex-hippie but still loves the music from his youth so he starts playing some of his favorite classics for me like hendrix, the doors, jefferson airplane ect. ett. etc. We talk about many things, why I don't want to work, about how I was feeling earlier about how every thing is just a game, and other things as well but I can't remember them too clearly. He basicaly tells me that I just need to keep trying and hang in there, soon I'll find satisfaction but I must never give up at any cost... I love my dad, on the other hand he can be a total asshole at times.

Other things happen... I sink down into a dark haze at some points in time and rise back up at others but the rest of this time is very unclear. Eventually I fall asleep still getting massive visuals watching the textures on the walls and other pieces of furniture pulse. Most people say it's difficult to sleep while tripping but I never seem to have found much trouble doing so if I'm exhausted, but this applies to other strainfull situations as well such as extream cold or being soaking wet, if I'm tired I'm going to sleep, no ifs.

Estimated Time Since 2c-t-7 Doseage: 6-10 Hours

The day after I was physicaly drained, tired, but spiritualy alive and awake. For about 3 days after that objects had the bluish/purple 2c-t-7 tinge and whenever I looked at my screen the text on it blurred like a very slight trickle of water was passing over it, no other part of it just the text. All in all a good experience much needed work done.

Final Word of Advice:
If you want help looking at all the problems in your life, help understanding them, and help working on them then a massive dose of a psychedelic drug could do you good. If you just want to party, stick with the low doses because you may realise your sober life isn't anywhere as good as you'd like it to be in extreme force. If you don't want to work on it... you just become depressed.

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Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2972
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2000Views: 9,422
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2C-T-7 (54) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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