Citation:   Stranger. "Delerium: An Experience with Datura (exp29516)". Dec 27, 2003.

1 oz oral Datura (roots)
I was uneasy about dosage with what I had read out on the web about Jimson Weed (Datura inoxia) so I made tea out of one ounce of the root. I kept it on the stovetop in a saucepan covered in water on medium/low to medium for two and a half hours. I kept it below a boil and added water whenever it got too low, being sure to stir occasionally. Eventually I reduced it to about a coffee cup full of liquid and strained out all the root fragments. I strained it all through a coffee filter to be sure I had all the actual plant material out.

I sat and watched a movie while I drank the tea, which wasn't really horrible but didn't taste too good. I thought that I had not gotten enough of a dosage, as all I was really feeling was a speed-like body high. I was having trouble walking, kind of like the robot-walk you get on DXM. I had no balance and very poor motor control. I lurched instead of walked. One leg would shoot forward and try to pull me along. I'd run into things and fall into the wall next to me.

My thinking must have gotten weird because I got a snack and I was wearing my bite plate. I had put it in thinking I was going to go to bed soon (maybe an hour after drinking) and forgot it was in when I started eating. The bit plate is a plastic insert that fits over my top row of teeth to prevent my teeth from grinding together while I sleep (kind of like a football mouth guard). I ate a bowl of soup and some chips without really realizing that I should have taken it out if I was going to eat. I had to stop eating the chips because my mouth was terribly dry no matter how much water I'd wash the chips down with. It felt like my mouth was completely dry whenever I tried to chew the chips.

I was feeling a little poorly so I went to bed. I couldn't sleep and I kept getting up to go to the bathroom. My motor skills worsened and my thoughts got real fuzzy. I dropped a large container of vitamins in my bathroom and kept dropping them over and over again when I tried to pick them up. The container finally opened and went everywhere (there were about 360 vitamins in the container). I picked up all of them I saw but every time I came back to the bathroom I'd see them all over again and pick them up. I had to have picked all of them up nine or ten times.

At one point I remember breaking a glass bottle on the bathroom floor by dropping it, but I don't think it actually happened. I couldn't find any broken glass later and I had no glass bottles in the apartment to break.

My eyes started focusing weird and I had couldn't read. The letters would fuzz out and I couldn't get them to make sense anyway. I talked to a friend of mine while I was in the bathroom. He was a friend who would come over late with his girlfriend a lot late and crash at my place. I couldn't quite remember them having gotten there or why they were crashing that night but I couldn't quite talk right enough to ask them. I would be looking in the bathroom mirror and suddenly notice him standing behind me in the mirror. At one point I was talking to his girlfriend who was standing next to me in the bathroom. I don't remember anything I said to them.

I'd get startled looking into the mirror and seeing someone before I'd realize that it was me. Sometimes I was sure that the me in the mirror wasn't doing the exact same things that I was doing.

The next morning I awoke in my boxers and my bedroom door was closed like I usually do when my friend and his girlfriend stay over. I didn't really worry about waking up in my boxers. This friend and his girlfriend would have understood if I had done weird stuff under the influence. I came out of my room and saw heaps of bed clothing on the couch. The bathroom door was closed. I figured one of them was still asleep and the other one was using the bathroom. I didn't hear anything. Whoever was in the bathroom was in there for a while so I figured they were taking a shower. Eventually I went into the living room and no one was on the couch. I knocked on the bathroom door and no one answered. I opened it and found a towel on the floor. I figured they had gotten up before me, taken a shower and split. The stuff in my shower was all rearranged. My nearly empty tube of toothpaste had been cut up into little triangles like a paper doll. Some of the triangles were on the bathroom counter but most were mixed in to my laundry hamper.

Then I noticed my front door was locked from the inside. If they had left I had to have let them out and just not remembered. I called my friend and found out they had never come over at all. I had to have hallucinated them having been there, but it wasn't like a normal hallucination. I t was so concrete that I never would have expected it to not be real. I talked to them and they had talked back.

My kitchen floor had dried coffee all over it, as did one of my counters and one of my cabinet doors. My socks turned out to be in a cupboard where I normally keep my coffee, and I hadn't even been wearing socks the night before. My pants were in the front hall coat closet. My cell phone was in the refrigerator door. I didn't have any memory of doing any of those things.

All the next day I wasn't quite right. Things had a buzzing halo around them. When I'd stare off into space I'd start seeing clear waves swirling around in the air of the room, kind of like waves of heat off a radiator. I kept hearing people say things, like someone call out. When I'd try to read, which was still difficult and fuzzy, I'd see people and movement out of the corner of my eyes. I very distinctly saw a man walk through my kitchen but I was alone in the apartment. I tried to take a nap at one point but I kept thinking I was reading a book on intellectual property law. I'd struggle through a chapter, which was coherent and made sense, only to open my eyes like I'd rested them briefly to learn I wasn't holding a book. Eventually I got myself together enough to go down to my fitness room and work out. By the next day I was perfectly normal.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29516
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2003Views: 29,913
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