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Science Gone to Crap
Citation:   The Celestial Flark. "Science Gone to Crap: An Experience with Datura (exp293)". Oct 9, 2000.

3 tsp oral Datura (seeds)
I stole the stuff from a cornfield, where it grew wild on one of our Geophysics excursions. There was a lot of it, and it was ripe, all cracking open like bean-pods.

I just took as much as I could put in my pockets without the others becoming curious. For about 6 months, it was just sitting in my cupboard. I probably got a good few grams (about 250 ml. of seeds).

At the end of last year, after my last exam, I felt like trying something new, so there was the Datura, and I had nothing planed for at least a week, and I live on my own, so unless I died, I would not have any problems.

I decided to do it all scientific, with reports every 1/2h, for in case I died, or woke up senile or something, I would not lose the data.

I dropped the whole pips (seeds) with water about 3:00 in the afternoon, and sat around waiting for it to have some effect. This was making me really nervous, so I played with my weights for a while to calm me down. After an hour I still had no noticeable effect other than the nerves which I had.

After one 1.5h, I started getting very sleepy, but not drugged-like sleepy, only normal sleepy. I assumed this would be due to the bit of weights I was doing, and my bad shape, so I went to lie down.

After about 4.5h I woke up, and felt really sick. I felt really weak, so I assumed I must have got sick, and the Datura had no effect. (I was expecting a Rush-like High) When I went to the bathroom, I felt really Off-balance. I got back in bed, and decided to sleep it off. Already all my nice scientificness has gone to crap!

I imagined myself covered with small red rash-spots, but my eyes could not focus to see if this was actually so.

I slept very confused, and don't remember much, only that it was confusing. The next morning I woke up, and still felt very sick, so I didn't get out of bed. Continuously through the day, I hallucinated that I got up and did something (eg. made coffee), and then found out that I did no such thing.
I had more than one experience of someone disappearing while I had a conversation with them. I had no success telling the difference between imagination and the truth at the time. In retrospect, I think when I imagined something I did not feel as sick. My eyes could not focus at all to read, or see clearly, and I still had to crawl to the bathroom if I wanted to avoid falling over, at about 3:00 that afternoon. It cleared quite suddenly that evening from about 5:00. I could not see any residue of the rash I imagined when my eyes could finally focus.

In retrospect, one might be able to get away with a lot smaller dose (maybe only 1.5tsp.), if one crushes it fine, which should maybe give a shorter trip, which could be more enjoyable.

I honestly don't recommend this the day before one is expected to do anything, no matter how little one takes, but I will do it again without getting panic attacks;)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 293
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 9, 2000Views: 6,705
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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