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I Thought I Was Lava
by Sulome7
Citation:   Sulome7. "I Thought I Was Lava: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp29197)". Aug 13, 2005.

1.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  0.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I’m afraid that by writing this, I’m going to be selling it short for what it is, or forgetting some important parts. But this was an incredible experience, and I think part of the reason it was so good was because we remembered that we were in control and that it was all just a drug.

At the end of our finals just a few days ago (Fall 2003), my boyfriend and I decided we trusted each other to try mushrooms together. I need to make it clear that SECURITY was NECESSARY to make this a good trip. It was needed that we be either secure with ourselves if we were alone, or to be secure in the company of the other. We needed to trust each other; we trusted each other and agreed to help out the other if one of our trips suddenly became sour.

We each started with 1.5g. We took them in capsule form, and chased it with Vitamin-C enriched fruit juices. We were originally going to stay at his house, play some music and watch some movies. We wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland to Pink Floyd’s The Wall but we wound up coming back to my room. I had turned on some lights that gave my room a cozy yellow glow, burned a couple of scented candles, and turned on some ambient music on a popular internet radiostation. You’d think I was moodlighting for a night of sex...

So, we decided to chill for awhile. We laid on my bed under this sparkling tapestry I had hung from the underside of my roommate’s bed (bunkbeds; I’m on the bottom), and watched the string of lights above my bed glitter when one of us barely moved. We laid like that for about an hour, watching the minutes on the digital clock change slowly. I asked how he was feeling, and he said he just felt buzzed, like he’d had some hard alcohol. I agreed that my limbs were a little ‘different’ feling, and my stomach was a sort of uncomfortable, but I wasn’t seeing anything. We talked a little while and looked at each other to see if one of us looked any different. We both looked the same as usual. We turned to look at the wall, and we were somewhat happy to find that the mushrooms were just beginning to kick in. The woodgrain on my closet was beginning to wave across the doors. It looked like my closet (and my roommate’s) had a shimmering Zebra-striped pattern that seemed to creep across it, stretching to the other side of the room. We just looked at it for a couple of minutes and smiled, and then we turned back to each other. At once I felt like I had never experienced gravity, and I felt as though I were sinking into my bedding. My arms moved slowly upward in the air, to touch the tapestry, but the air felt thick, like honey or tar. “I want to kiss you,” I said to A. So he smiled and we kissed, and it felt good. Lips felt warmer and softer. We soon decided that clothing was horrible and restraining... unnatural. We got out of our clothes as soon as we could. We even tried to take off our necklaces, becuase they had felt just as alien to us. He crawled on top of me and we kept kissing.

I’ve read stories about people unable to have sex, let alone become aroused, while on mushrooms. Not the case with us. A told me that he wanted to have sex, and would it be weird if we did? I said no. He said he really just wanted to melt with me, and I agreed that I wanted to feel us merge. So we put a condom on, and he slid in. I’m not writing this to sound sexual. This almost wasn’t even sex, because it was so intensely different. At that moment, I swear that the music became the air, rather, became the water, and that each beat was an ocean current washing against us. I could FEEL the music hitting my arms and cheek. We started slowly, and we kept going. The music that was playing had all of these noises that sounded like bubbles underwater, and it rippled and echoed in the room. We began to sweat heavily, and the room became intensely hot. We were drenched, no joke. We knew it was our sweat, but it felt like water. We were melting like that, feeling the other’s skin.

A said, “I like your stuff.” “I like your stuff, too.” “I want your stuff in a jar. I like our stuff together.” We had become reduced to what we were; STUFF, just stuff. A bunch of atoms and particles pooling into one blob of human stuff. Eventually, we switched and I got on top of him. That’s when I had the most intense orgasm ever. And it wasn’t physical. Yes, the sex felt good, but we weren’t having sex to climax. We were doing it to experiment with our non-tactile senses. So I had an epiphany that the world is, or could at least become, perfect. The way the music was lapping up against us like waves in the ocean. At that point (I imagine from the heat from our bodies), I almost completely believed we were lava on the ocean floor, melting and resurging together in this hot, molten explosion. It was fucking nuts, but incredible. I started bawling, and I felt like I had been reduced to something more substantial than stuff; that I had just been shown the secret of the world. I felt like a newborn, and that I had just entered into this amazing place for the first time. I cried my eyes out of happiness for recieving whatever revelation the drug had given me. I have never cried so hard from happiness. (Which kind of makes me sad.)

Then my mind went even further and I started babbling about how I thought we were like two continents, or tectonic plates. I thought his dick inside me was like the shelf of a continent rubbing against another one, and I believed this was how earthquakes happened... That the two of us made a planet together. It was fucking nuts, like I said. He couldn’t follow me in this “revelation”, and that’s when he saw that I was peaking. His was beginning to wear off (or so we thought at the time). So after I finally let him see my face again, and had stopped crying, we laid there a moment. We looked at the clock.. and wow. We had sex, non-stop, with a fluent and not-at-all breathless conversation the entire time for more than an hour. When I say non-stop, I mean that neither of us came or took a one-minute break to catch our breaths. We had sex for an hour. We kept rhythm to the music and the waving air in my room for a straight fucking hour. And neither of us complained about being sore.

Then I said I wanted to go outside and see the world. He wanted to, also. I opened my window and A looked outside at the trees. They were so defined, and the rain was falling steadily. It sounded like a rainstick being upturned. Then the tree immediately outside my window went from a yellow hue to a red, then to an orange, and to a green. We never found out if it was from carlights down the street, but it was so gradual, like one of those fiberglasss toys you give a kid. “It tastes like... pink,” said A when he ate a Mento candy. We got dressed, each took another half-gram of mushrooms, and walked outside. On the way out, we passed my roommate. “How’re you guys doing?” she asked us. We smiled big, “Hey.” “Hey,” we both said. I started laughing. I could hear my roomie laughing as she got to the room, sort of chuckling. “As long as you guys’re okay...”

We walked the few blocks to his house. I swear that the traffic and the rain and our footsteps and the sound of the leaves moving in the wind was in sync. Everything had a natural rhythm to it, and A noticed it too. Yeah, it was definitely the drug making everything seem that way, but it was beautiful. Everything conversed with each other in harmony, in music. We walked up the steps to his door and I turned around to see a small orange leaf waving goodbye to me from the tree outside his window. Of course, then I found that all the trees were “waving goodbye” when raindrops hit them.

We stayed awake, still lying in the after-effects of the drug in his bed until 1:30am. (We had taken the first 1.5 grams at 3:20 in the afternoon.) We listened to music as it moved through his room, putting crazy-erotic images in our minds. The night had been incredible. So, not only did we feel we had become (and in essence, still are... just like you) the basic mud of life for an instance, but we found that everything was inter-connected to each other.

We decided that when we were done with our finals at the end of next term, (in three months) we’d do them again. A said he’s doing more than 2 grams next time... I may just stick with 2. I’m not sure yet.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29197
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 13, 2005Views: 31,914
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