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Coke is a demon
Citation:   PJenny. "Coke is a demon: An Experience with Cocaine (exp2918)". Sep 12, 2000.

I really like coke. More than any other drug I've tried, which include crystal meth, ketamine, dust and weed. The first time I ever tried coke was at a party about two years ago with my friends. Back then I don't think I realized how much I liked it because I was using so many other drugs. Recently I started using coke again with a newer circle of friends.
It's hard to believe how addicting cocaine really is until you've run out of it and want more in the worst way. After inhaling 3 $25 bags of coke, I find myself feinding for more, plotting ways to acquire more cash for it. I can't explain the attraction, and sometimes I feel really guilty for liking it. After all, I was a high honor roll student in college, have a good job, have nieces who look up to me.

Coke is such an evil drug. You can hear it calling you, luring you to buy more. There's a constant picture in my mind of lines of coke on a CD cover ready to be snorted up through a $100 bill. The feeling you get is amazing, and in such a short time. It's like an immediate euphoria, you feel so much better after it's in your body. No worries, nothing bothers you, you're just feeling like a million dollars. Until you run out, and start to complain, get irritable.

The day after you use is real hard. I don't sleep well at all, then I'll just end up sleeping all day long until I wake up again around 7 or 8pm and desperately want some more. I'm so tired when I don't have any. I cry hysterically sometimes too, for no reason. Coke is scary because it grips me so hard. Just writing this is making me want some, but I know that it would be better to just catch up on some sleep.

If you're the type who gets addicted to things really fast, don't try this--you'll be an addict, and you'll be broke.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2918
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 12, 2000Views: 6,583
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Cocaine (13) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Addiction & Habituation (10), Unknown Context (20)

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