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Ms. [My Story]
Amphetamines (Dexedrine)
by Attitudedee
Citation:   Attitudedee. "Ms. [My Story]: An Experience with Amphetamines (Dexedrine) (exp28958)". May 1, 2007.

5 - 25 mg insufflated Amphetamines (daily)


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I find this to be a pathetic story to be perfectly honest. I will begin by telling you that I am 25 years old and I am a mother of a 6 year old and a 4 year old. Last year my daughter was having difficulties at kindergarden and she was prescribed dexedrine tablets. After a short time of having my daughter on this medication my Dr. and I decided that this medication was not for her, she wasnt responding well to it so he took her off the meds.

I at that time still had a bottle of 250- 5mg pills. and 3 repeats on that prescription at the pharmacy. So anyways, the pills sat in my kitchen cupboard for the longest time doing nothing. One day I was talking to a good friend of mine who had told me she would buy the pills off of me for like 50$ and since we paid like if 4$ for them because of our drug plan I thought right on thats an ok profit, and I wasnt gonna do anything with them anyways. So I asked well why would you want these they are for ADHD? she said dexedrine is dextroamphetamine and that is speed. I was like holy crap I have these in my house and I gave this to my little girl!

So I decided aginst selling the whole bottle and I sold her about 10 pills for about 5$. Well that night I decided I was gonna try taking some pills. I researched it alot on the internet to see how much I should take and all. I decided I would take one to start just to be safe. about 30 minutes later I didnt think I was feeling anything so I took another 2. About 20 minutes maybe after that I decided I was gonna take another 2.

Well I was beyond gone. I couldnt stop talking. I called everyone I knew who would be up at this hour which was like 4am. I talked on the phone for about an hour while I was chatting on the internet in a chat room. I was incredible at typing.I was fast as ever and my concentration was unbelievable. I did two loads of laundry and I did the dishes. I was sweating and cold all at once. I was jumpy and excited and I loved every song that came on the radio. I was in love.

About 6am I decided I was gonna take a shower and I called my friend who was just getting off work to come over so we could go to Tim Hortons for coffee. I took my shower and took 2 more pills. I dont even know why I took 2 more. I dont even remember what happened the rest of the day but I was awake for the rest of that next night. I fell asleep at around 5 am that next morning and I swear I slept for 2 days. I told my boyriend that I was sick with the flu.

When I felt able to do things again the next day I took 2 more pills and I went out to the clubs with my friends. I gave them each 2 pills and we smoked a joint and grabbed a cab downtown. It was a crazy night but it was nothing compared to my first night on the pills. I went home after the club and went to bed. at about 4 am I woke up with incredible heartburn and I was on fire I felt. I was in pain. I ended up taking myself to the hospital because I couldnt get rid of the heartburn.

At the hospital they gave me a 'pink lady' which was a real nasty drink that numbs your throat and stomache. It took my pain away. I went home from the hospital and went to sleep. That day when I woke up I researched what may have caused my heartburn and it said that dexedrine could cause gastrointestinal disturbances so I decided I wouldnt take the pills any more.

Well I didnt last long. By afternoon I was tired and I had tons of housework to do so I decided I would look about other ways of administering dexedrine. I found out you could insufflate it. Which is basically just inhaling it or snorting it up your nose. I decided I would try it so I crused up half a 5mg pill. I insufflated it and it burned and made my eyes water. The drip down the back of my throat was horrible and I dry heaved a couple of times. I went out of the bathroom and I started to clean. about an hour later I decided I would take more. I did this about ever hour for the next 4 hours and I was so efficient at my housework. I was getting so much done. The drip was incredible now and I actually began looking forward to the next line. I didnt sleep much that night and I havent slept much since. I havent gone much more then 3 days without doing at least a line of dexedrine.

I continued taking the pills every day for what seemed like not a long time, but now I realize was about 2 months. Until I ran out of the prescriptions. Now it has been a month and I still dream, honest to god dream about having one more line. The memory of the taste of that orange powder makes my heart flutter kind of like an anxiety attack wanting it. For the last week I have been asking around people I know to see if anyone knows where I can get some of that lovely harmles ADHD presciption drug.

You know I think back to how pathetic this story started and I think back to how easily one tiny little pill changed my life forever in just a few short times. It scares me now as I am writing this because I strongly believe that I am a 25 year old mother of two who is addicted to amphetamines.

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Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28958
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: May 1, 2007Views: 16,464
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