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Craziest Drug Ever
Citation:   E-Murda. "Craziest Drug Ever: An Experience with AMT (exp28907)". Jul 7, 2006.

30 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
Dose: 30 milligrams each
JC, Body Weight: 165lbs
Me, Body Weight: 135lbs

6:53pm: We took the dose of AMT by soaking the powder on wet slips of paper and dropping them in Coca Cola. The drug tastes very bad, so I made sure to drink it quickly.

7:10pm: I notice that I am experiencing a definite and clear alteration of my state of mind. However I would not associate the sensation with tripping or any way I have ever felt.

7:55pm: The energy in my body has increased dramatically. We are acting recklessly and seem to have no cares about anything. Also, I think that my decision making ability has changed and I feel more open and expressive.

8:22pm: There is a noticeable difference in the way both of us are acting. We were listening to the Grateful Dead's, “Reckoning”, and we decided to repeat a 3 second segment around 20 times because they hit a harmonic note that sounded so extraordinary. I found myself laughing hysterically while operating the rewind button on the stereo.

9:03pm: I am not feeling much of anything at all. The only thing that I am noticing is a slight feeling of nausea and a heightened since of alertness. I feel like my sense of control over my own existence has returned.

9:22pm: All of the sudden I have lost my sense of alertness and have been overwhelmed by the sensation of nothing. I also feel extremely relaxed with myself. I have no desire at this time to get up and do anything.

9:51pm: JC and I are both experiencing visuals. He saw a towel on the ground and thought it was a snake constricting into a coil. I'm having intense shroom-like visuals because everything is bending out and then returning to its normal state. We are both in a surreal state of mind are taking interesting philosophical viewpoints such as; “You can put yourself in any moment you want to.” At one point, I grabbed onto a metal bar only to have my forearms completely disappear from view, as if there was nothing to support my hands out in front of me.

10:13pm: The visuals are continuing and we have become fascinated with balloons and other miscellaneous objects. When we went outside there was a large evergreen bush that took on an existence that was life like; the way a living breathing organism would function. The mysterious creature started moving around, became liquefied, and then turned into a wall of undulating shrubbery. While JC was looking down into a drainage hole he saw the glint of what appeared to be an eye looking back at me. Suddenly, the eye blinked at him, and he took at least 5 steps backwards in shock. On our way back in from having a cigarette, we stole some balloons that were randomly hanging from the ceiling on the first floor and hung them in our room. Then, we were daring each other to pop the balloons but I personally felt as if the balloon was a living breathing organism. I felt the same sensation while stabbing the balloon as if I were going to stab a rabbit. I ended up stabbing the balloon, and felt shamefully excited for a brief time.

10:22pm: I have just stared at a “bubb-a-lloons” (plastic blow-up bubble) glowing in multicolored christmas lights (hanging around the top of the room) for the last 10 minutes. As I stare at it more, it begins to hover softly over my palm. Then all of a sudden, my arms start to get very lumpy and hairy and my fingers fuse together so much so that my hands are now indistinguishable from biscuits.

11:37pm: We have been tripping hard for the last 45 minutes. First, we decided to explore ourselves in the mirrors on each side of our tiny room. Within a matter of minuets we were both seeing ridiculous representations of ourselves. JC describes his mirror encounter: 'I was looking into my eyes, and my reflection was blinking at me. Right before I decided to look away my face had changed into something unrecognizable and my eyes were completely black from side to side. Freaky shit!'

It’s really weird seeing my own face warp before my eyes. I aged, my skin turned black, and these faces I had never seen were superimposed over mine and staring back at me. Finally my brain stopped trying to make sense of it all and just turned my head into a big black ball of fur. We sat in front of a poster of a Jabberwocky for 15 minutes and JC actually felt like he was a part of the scene being depicted. During this time, I recall the lights in the room completely fading to black and then returning to spotlight intensity several times. We both moved away for a while and calmed down to the point of entertaining the thought of having a beer. The fear that the trip was winding down grew inside both of us.

As we were both about find out, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The strobe light was the most incredible sensation. At first we took the balloons that we had, and made them dance elegantly through the waves of light washing over us. And then as we leaned in and out, up and down, left and right we were overwhelmed by the sensation that everything was nonexistent. The walls were palpitating inward and outward at a ridiculous rate. The walls seemed as if they were going right up to my face and then all the way to about 20 feet away. What an incredibly surreal sensation. The tracers following our hands, as we waved them through the air, were phenomenal. It looked as though we had at least 40 fingers on each hand.

At the end of our time in the strobe light , we pretended we were tossing the balloons at each other. The balloons did not look as if they were moving but simply appearing out of thin air in different positions, almost as if they didn't exist. Reality has been totally thrown out the window. Objects (including beds) are rotating as much as 180 degrees from their original location. When we jokingly threw the balloons at each other, JC experienced a sensory overload and decided to leave this sub-world. When the balloons flew at him, he fell to the ground like someone who was being tickled to death.

12:25 pm: Both of us are kind of calm and exhausted after the Strobe light fiasco. We went outside for a smoke, and the hallucinations and visuals are not with us at all. It is almost as if the strobe light drained a lot of that hallucinogenic energy out of us. Now that we are back in the room we are very alert and have decided to drink a beer. I am starting to feel the effects again so I don't drink the beer, which is good because JC says it tastes disgusting.

1:23am: At this time, JC and I both agree that the sensation that we are feeling can not be described as tripping. However, both of us are still feeling a strong alteration in our perception of the world. While lying down, JC had intense dream like visions with his eyes closed. Both of us are discussing how we had experienced such profound mental clarity during our trip despite all of the wild hallucinations.

3:20am: I am going to bed, but I can still tell that my mental perception is altered. However, I do not feel the strong alertness from before and I am physically and mentally exhausted after the strobe light incident.

This drug is very intense.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28907
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 7, 2006Views: 37,252
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AMT (7) : Second Hand Report (42), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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