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Heaven and Back Again
Morning Glory (Extract), Cannabis (Smoked)
Citation:   Pipesmoker. "Heaven and Back Again: An Experience with Morning Glory (Extract), Cannabis (Smoked) (exp28835)". May 28, 2006.

T+ 0:00
  oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 3:30 2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I'm 21, and I've only recently started to experiment with mind altering substances. Before this experience I'd only done cannabis and opium.

I wanted to try a psychedelic substance (Either LSD or Mushrooms), but after doing some research I decided on Morning Glory as I thought (wrongly!) that the trip would be a fair bit less intense than LSD, and I also knew I could judge the dosage exactly if I prepared the extract myself. I live at home with parents and my younger (Almost 18) brother.

I bought 2 packets of 50 'Heavenly Blue' seeds from the local garden centre. They cost £1.10 a packet.

I crushed the seeds in a mortar and pestle to a reasonably fine powder. Believe me, they are really tough little buggers! I mixed the powder with some Zippo lighter fluid, and sloshed the mix around in the dish with a spoon for a few minutes, then filtered the lighter fluid out through a coffee filter. The pulp was then left to dry out over night on a plate until there was no smell of the lighter fluid left at all.

The dried pulp was then placed in a bottle along with 80ml of 40% (80 proof) vodka. Over the following two days, the mixture was shaken vigorously 5 to 8 times a day. I had decided to not filter the pulp out once I was finished and I was planning on consuming a small amount of the pulp along with the vodka.

At the end of day 2 of the alcohol extraction stage, I decided I was going to take the mixture early the next day, and go out to the movies with my brother, but the temptation was just too strong and I just couldn't wait so at 12:30am I cracked open the bottle, sat in front of my computer, put some good music on and took a sip.

It didn't taste bad at all, quite palatable actually! I held the mixture in my mouth and didn't feel a thing. After holding it for 2 minutes I swallowed.

I was disappointed to say the least! I had thought from what I had read that the affects of holding an alcohol extraction in the mouth were pretty much instantaneous, but I continued to drink approximately half the mixture.

I kept a diary of the events that followed:

1:30am: T+1 hour

Well I'm feeling 'high', but no more so than a couple of hits of pot. My stomach is feeling slightly uncomfortable, but no worse than mild indigestion. Colours are brighter and more vivid however, and I'm feeling a really deep connection to the music I'm listening to, it's like I can see past the singer and the lyrics and see the meaning behind it, weird.

2:30am: T+2 hours

I'm feeling very mellow and smooth - I can't put it another way, my whole body feels warm and smooth. My thoughts are so silk.

3:00am: T+2:30 hours

Still no visual distortions, but it's quite unlike a cannabis high. My mind is clear, I am extremely lucid and feel really happy at everything.

3:30am: T+3 hours

I have nobody left to talk to on MSN Messenger, they've all gone to bed. I am on my own. I feel so lonely! I'm starting to really wish I had done this with my brother present. I feel so isolated, I just want to find somebody to talk to, to express myself.

3:40am: T+3:10 hours

Well I'm sick of the computer+music combo now. I think I'm in control enough to take the rest of the mixture. The most severe visual effects I've experienced so far are my computer speakers looking like they're breathing in and out so I think it's pretty safe to take the least I hope so...I am bursting for a piss too.

4:00am: T+3:30 hours

My stomach doesn't hurt, it just feels a touch weird so I smoked 2 hits of pot. It's starting to kick in but it's much more intense than a normal cannabis high.I can't work out if I'm hungry or not. Better to assume I am, probably better for my stomach if I eat something anyway, actually come to mention it I'm very thirsty as well, fairly severe cotton mouth. I think I'll go downstairs, make myself a sandwich and get a drink, and then chill out and watch TV for a while.

4:30am: T+4 hours

Okay I've eaten my sandwich, and had a drink of OJ and I'm feeling much better now. My thoughts are racing, what if Morning Glory seeds really are poisonous? What if I could die from taking them? I would look such a total idiot lying dying in the hospital and all the doctors laughing at how I'd killed myself. No! I refuse to go down that route! It's only the LSA playing with my mind, it's almost like it's teasing me! I AM in control, and I only took a low dose. There's no way I can die from what I've taken. Time for TV I think: Star Trek Voyager is on. I love that, it's my favourite of all Star Trekís. The visual effects are really starting now. Everything looks like it's at the wrong angle. I can't really explain it, it's like looking at everything from an angle - Everything is curving and warped, and smaller items look like they're melting, but I can still concentrate on the TV well enough. Around the outside of my field of vision is a weird strobe effect. I am seeing halos around lights. Everything just seems hazy, like a dream. I badly need a piss.

6:30am: T+6 hours.

I've watched two episodes of Voyager, but I'm now having trouble concentrating. Towards the end of the last episode, the music and voices sounded like they were slowing down. My God look at the time! I just haven't felt sleepy yet. Maybe I should go back upstairs to get some sleep.

6:40am: T+6:10 hours.

The stairs seemed to go on forever; my sense of time is so warped. The stars seemed to curve in on me. I am really feeling like I've been hit by a train. This is a very powerful, intense experience. From what I've read I'm somewhere between +1 and +2 on the psychedelic scale. I need a piss really badly again.

My whole world and existence is open. I can be whoever I want to be. What if I'm the only person alive? What if everything, and every person are just parts of my imagination? This is mind blowing! My mind feels like it's actually expanding!

7:30am: T+7 hours

I just couldn't sleep. I tried and couldn't, particularly because of the vivid and slightly unnerving closed eye visuals I was getting. Perhaps this was a mistake, maybe I was stupid for taking these damned seeds. Well, there's no way to end the trip now and I've made my bed and have to lie in it. It's pointless fighting the experience, as that would only make the trip go bad. I tried listening to music on my headphones, but found it too much to take in, so I resorted to just browsing the web. The strobe effect is really strong now, and everything is hazy. I can make any object melt if I want to - I just look at it, and make it melt with my mind. I looked in a mirror and couldn't believe how dilated my pupils were! They are bloody huge!! I also just stood staring at myself for ages. I was like it wasn't me in the mirror, it was like it was another people, but not me.

8:30am: T+8 hours

It's getting light outside now, that feel really great for some reason. I am enjoying the colours of the sky...It's amazing. It's like I am the sun rising behind the clouds. Things seem to have calmed down a touch now. I'm going to try sleeping again. Isn't life amazing? I can't believe how powerful and amazing the human mind is. People don't use it enough, it's capable of so much more than people give it credit for. I so badly need a pee again. Iíll have a piss then go to bed

12:30pm: T+12 hours

I've woken up naturally from a totally dreamless sleep. I'm coming down now. I'm going to get something to eat then go for a walk. Everything is still on the wrong angle though, and my pupils are still huge. The halo effect is still obvious but the strobing has gone. In my mind I'm feeling fairly sober, but I feel like my mind is gone through huge changes. I am no longer the same person, but in a very, very positive way. I am challenging thoughts and ideas I normally would not consider. I know there is so much more to life than meets the eye. Life is so beautiful.

4:30pm: T+16 hours

My pupils are still huge and everything still seems weird. I am totally sober in my mind now. I went for a walk to the local pub, had a few pints and a game of darts. Oddly enough I was playing darts better than I normally do, weird.

Last entry: 7:30pm: T+19 hours

Everything still seems a little strange, and my pupils are still a little big but I feel fine.

I feel fantastic! I feel so energised! I feel so creative!!

What a fantastic experience it has been. I totally underestimated the power of LSA. Next time I won't do it alone, but I'll probably take a higher dose. I don't think I'd do it too often though, and I'd make sure that I've got at least 3 days to spare to recover.

However I found it an amazing, enlightening, mind expanding drug and would certainly do it again.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28835
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 28, 2006Views: 33,464
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