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Incredible Dreamlike States
by Cronos
Citation:   Cronos. "Incredible Dreamlike States: An Experience with 2C-I (exp28737)". Nov 26, 2003.

24 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


After the demise of AMT my friends and I have been looking around for a new alternative. After quite a bit of research we decided to try 2C-I. To say the least, it was an unexpected, yet not unpleasant experience.

I weighed out 24 mg of the white 'fluf' and start to look at it under a magnifying glass. It isn't exactly a powder, but rather a fluffy white solid. The grains looks like little sticks, similar to a minature version of fiberglass insulation. I dissolve the 2-CI in 1CC of Everclear (grain alcohol) and pour that into 3 ounces of water. Down the hatch at 10:30 PM. It didn't taste like a thing at first, but there was a slight aftertaste similar to, but not as unpleasant as AMT.

My friend who is about 185 pounds does the same with 18mg. We walk into my living room and turn on the TV. We expected it to take some time for the stuff to kick in, as AMT used to take approximately an hour. By the time the movie had hit the first commercial break I was starting to come up. It was an odd feeling. Not the insightful feeling from AMT, nor the euphoric feeling from MDMA, but it was somewhere in between. It took my friend about 15 more minutes to start feeling the effects. By 11:15 PM we were both under full effects.

The trails were much more intense then those from AMT, but there was nothing that I noticed that I knew was not right, as I have seen taking mushrooms. One strange thing I noticed was that although I was filled with energy, I lacked the motivation to get up and move around. In comparison, when taking AMT or MDMA I am filled with energy and seemed overly motivated to move around, dance, etc.

As I sat in my chair I started to 'zone out,' and just let the drug do what it was going to do. By 12:00 AM my friend and I were just sitting relaxing in our chairs, feeling kinda bummed out that we didn't get hit with the trips of AMT or the body high of MDMA, yet we sat there contently. Then came the dreams...

If you have ever experienced the feeling you get when you are not quite asleep and not quite awake you will know what I mean. It is that state I get when I first wake up in the morning...or at least half wake up. I feel like you can control my dreams.

While being awake, and able to talk to my friend I was also able to close my eyes and enter a dream world, it was much more vivid then a normal 'day dream' yet I was able to control it completely. There is only one way to describe it: amazing. I was content to play in this dream state for several hours. I was soaring over mountains, and traveling through cities and places I've only seen on television. The sights you can see in this state are only limited to what you want to see.

At aproximately 2:30 I got up and walked around. My friend and I were hungry so we ate some left over wonton soup. It went down easily with no stomach discomfort. By this time we were starting to feel sleepy, but had not come down off the drug completely. We sat up and talked about our experience, and the incredible dream states that we were able to create and manipulate in our minds. There were simply no boundaries to what you could see or make happen.

That was what made me a little bit nervous. I had come into this prepared, I had convinced myself that I would not get paranoid and would not let myself lose control, but if I had not done this prior, this 'trip' could easily have been one I was unable to deal with.

At about 4:30 am we came down, and went to bed. I am writing this the day after and the only after affects that I am feeling are being very tired but not sleepy that sort of 'wasted' feeling, and having a slight after-taste of the 2-CI.

This substance should be taken with care, as I know that if I had come into it unprepared I could have had a very bad trip. I had a great time with this, and look forward to the next time I can experience it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 26, 2003Views: 12,250
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Dreams (85), 2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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