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Return to the Country
by bogolo
Citation:   bogolo. "Return to the Country: An Experience with Ketamine (exp28655)". Aug 13, 2018.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


I had never trried Ketamine before, infact I had only started smoking weed about four months prior to this. I was Visiting my old hometown, a little hick town in the middle of nowhere, wich I left for another province when I left. I was down for spring break to visit the parent who still lived in the area, but at the time I was at my friends house. It was about midnight, maybe a bit after. We had smoke chronic a little earlier in the day and I was kind of burning out.

My friend, who is more into drugs than I am, had a bad experience with shrooms, and did not want to do them with me, but I wanted to hallucinate with him before I returned home, largely because I moved away before any of us got into drugs, and I had next to none of my intoxicated experiencees with them.

After I invited him to do mushrooms with me and I found out he wasn't willing, he informed me that he was givin a bit of ketamine and we could try it...

He snorted a little bump of it to see what would happen, really more to reassure me that it was ok being as I had never snorted anything before. Then we made food, turned on a movie and after a short while returned to the bathroom to do more.

He broke me up a line, and I started to pick away from it because it was the first time I had ever looked at a little white line that was for me, it was rather terrifying actualy, all the stories I hear of overdoses, and one of my friends had told me that nothing snorted is good for you. My buddy quickly reassured me that it's healthier than coke ha ha. After that he restored my line (I think a little under what it was before) and offered me a straw, and told me to take it through the right nostril if I was afraid because all of his frfiends said that the left nostril hit's you harder than the right. I don't know how true this is but that's what I was told.

After some hesitation I took the line, and returned to the futon and pulled a blanket over me. I remember at one point I thought 'what if it isn't pure, and if there was some other more dangerous chemical in here that could kill me' remember that this was my first time that I had done any synthetic chemical. I calmed myself down by thinking at least if I die, I'll die having fun where I feel at home.

After that a large flood of familiarity overwhelmed me. I started to think about what living there usesd to be like, and all the farms, the corn fields we used to run through, the forests we would go build forts in. All the things that brought me joy as a kid were on my mind.

It wasn't a long experience, the first hallucination I had was open eyed. The blanket that was on top of me extended miles and miles, it looked almost as though it were an etherial pathway, leading to the TV. After that a rather more intense visual came with closed eyes. Everything was either neon-green or black, I was standing at one end a farmer's fields. There were 2 fields one wich bore nothing, the other filled with I think corn. At the far end of the field there was a farm house, and a sun, and every time I inhaled, the corn grew, and every time I exhaled it shrunk back into the ground. I felt almost like an earth deity, and later realised that I could control the hallucination coming on and off at will. In retrospect I was probably just opening and closing my eyes. I found that the field was out of my reach no matter how hard I was focussing. I looked over at my buddy hoping to spark up some sort of conversation, but he was sleeping. Once again in retrospect he was probably tripping, being as he took substantialy more than me.

I decided to roll over and go to sleep, though the weed burnout was almost no-existent at this point. The blanket still sorta looked strange when I looked at it, but that's about it. The experience didn't last much more than 15-20 minutes. I had a good time, found the whole Neon-green, and black colour spectrum kind of interesting. I also noticed that I felt more in control than I did on mushrooms, but when I couldn't bring on the trip anymore I found it rather dissapointing.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28655
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 13, 2018Views: 221
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