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Worth the Ride
Citation:   Lab Rat. "Worth the Ride: An Experience with AMT (exp28546)". Jun 24, 2006.

  repeated oral AMT (capsule)
Over the course of the past year of so I have had the opportunity to try AMT on several occasions. A few weeks after a fairly futile attempt to smoke a small amount of it (mild high, just slightly altered.) I took an accurately measured dose of 40mgs. I had read about the gastric problems associated with AMT and had fasted for about 5 hours before ingesting. I am a fairly experienced tripper and have a pretty strong stomach but I was really unprepared for the intensity of the nausea I experienced with AMT. When the first effects took hold about an hour and fifteen minutes after I dropped I could tell it was going to be a rough go. I told my wife I needed to lie down and she promised to keep an eye on me until things settled down for me.

I laid on our bed for about almost two hours in a most uncomfortable state. I can only describe it as an intense pleasure accompanied by an acute nausea. It reminded me of that feeling I get when a strong dose of MDMA first begins to take effect, an intense rolling, pleasure wave that I feel deep in my stomach. With AMT however the feeling just goes on and on without relief. While I did not vomit during this first experience I did throw up on almost every subsequent trip. That is the bad news. The good news is that eventually this feeling does pass. I found that smoking a little pot and good slow walk outside helped me feel better.

Once the nausea had passed (after almost two hours) the AMT experience was really wonderful. I went to a party at a friend's house and had a really wonderful time. I found that colors were significantly enhanced and that the plants and trees I saw were just exquisite. I guess I would say they seemed to be exuding perfection. I stayed in a wonderful elevated and very pleasant mood all night. I was able to talk and converse with my friends and felt a wonderful closeness to them. The experience was somewhat like Ecstasy but a little mellower., more rounded and less touchy feely than E.

The party wound down and of course I was still high. I walked home with my wife and we laughed and joked the entire way. I stayed quite high for a good 10 to 12 hours and I don't think I slept until six or seven the following evening. Both of these drugs are very long lasting, which is one of the reasons I really like them. The first couple of hours may be hell but the long, beautiful hours afterward more than make up for them.

In addition to the really beautiful experiences I had while under the influence of AMT I discovered an added benefit. Each time I have taken AMT I have experienced in the week or so following the trip a noticeable elevation in my mood. I have suffered from depression in the past and almost always have a mild depression a few days after taking Ecstasy. Finding myself feeling so wonderful in the days following what were very intense experiences has been a really nice side benefit of the drug.

I have taken AMT perhaps six times since that initial experience and each trip was positive and fruitful for me. I feel as though I gained something from each experience and other than the intense nausea and vomiting of the first couple of hours have nothing bad to say about AMT.

For most of my AMT experiences I stayed with a 40mg dose and found it quite adequate. I can't say I had any really intense visuals but colors shadows and shapes were certainly enhanced. During my various trips on AMT I often felt as if more intense visuals were almost about to happen, just around the corner so to speak..

This prompted me on one occasion to increase the dosage to 60mgs. I did this during a weekend trip my wife and I took to a cabin in northern California Mountains. On a day when we would be alone at the cabin I took three 20mg capsules of AMT each about 40 minutes apart. As usual I felt really nauseous for almost two hours. I found that the only comfortable position I could find was with my stomach pressed tightly against the cool wood floor of the cabin. My wife, who was not indulging, once again kept an eye on me and made me take small sips of ginger tea which may or may not have helped.

Once the nausea wore off or perhaps before I began to have intense visual hallucinations. Long trails when birds flew past the windows, swirling patterns in the wood floor and oriental rugs. At one point I felt as if I could control the shapes and colors of the clouds that I was watching. I was very high.

About five or six hours into the experience I had a really wonderful thing happen to me. I told my wife, as she watched television that I was going to go upstairs and lie on the bed and watch clouds again. She looked me over, decided I was up to the task and told me to call her if I needed her.

I went up to our bed to lay down and looked out the window at the intense blue sky rolling by. At some point I began to think about what my wife or someone else would see if they saw me laying there upon the bed so very happy and at peace. I began to see an image of myself lying there with a beautiful soft red aura around me. I began to feel very peaceful. It felt as if I was enfolded in safe and protecting hands and a sense of utter safety came over me. I felt as if I could completely let go of all the problems and issues of my life. I knew the real world of work and war and fear existed but I felt I was being given a moment to let go of it all and feel absolutely safe and loved. It was exquisite. I was quite sure that had my wife come up from downstairs and looked at me during those moments she would have seen some sort of aura around me. It was one of the most profound moments I have ever had. Strangely, I felt so safe, so comfortable in that moment that I swear I fell asleep for awhile. This I found most peculiar.

When I came back from my strange respite I called for my wife to come upstairs and told her what had happened. She hugged me and said it sounded wonderful. While she went into the kitchen to make us some tea I sat at the piano and began to tinker with the keys. I know this sounds very strange but I think (and my wife agrees) that I was able to make some decent music while I sat there. I can't play piano but I found I was able to string together single notes in a way that was pleasant both a very high me and my totally sober wife. Very weird.

My feelings about AMT could not be more positive. The lovely colors and visuals along with steady mood enhancement make for a very pleasant way to spend 15 to 20 hours. The fact that AMT works, for me at least, as an anti-depressant in the days following the experience is a welcome bonus. In the days and weeks after taking AMT I find I can barely remember those few painful, uncomfortable hours of nausea. Even when I am reminded of those moments I feel certain of one thing: AMT it worth a lot to me.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28546
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2006Views: 20,605
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AMT (7) : Various (28), Depression (15), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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