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Then the Pain Hit
by Sheena
Citation:   Sheena. "Then the Pain Hit: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp28506)". Nov 21, 2003.

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 3:00 2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 3:30 2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


This experience happened a couple years back when I was going through an almost mushroom binge. I had been doing them non-stop every weekend and the odd weekday for about 5-6 months straight and before only occasionally but still pretty often. The average dosage I took was around 2 or so grams for one night or trip. I had never experienced a bad trip before. It was always just a clean, fucked up trip each time and I was in love with it. Every week I was antsy just knowing what the weekend was going to bring. But this time was different. Probably because of the high dose. Who knows. All I know is no one should go through it.

It started out with my best friend staying over at my place cause she really wanted to try mush. It was her first time so me and my sister gave her just over 1 gram of the crushed, almost powdered mush which we always get cause it kicks in a lot faster and is just really good. I took my usual 2 grams. In all we had about 8 grams in the bag to start with that night and now there was maybe about 5 left, maybe a little less. I'm not quite sure. We ate ours with no food as fast as we could despite the taste which by now I didn't mind. My sister left the bag on the table and went out with all her friends leaving me and my friend to enjoy the night. We put the classic fear and loathing in las vegas movie on and waited for it to kick in.

About a half hour into it I felt the first effects begin. The giddyness and high feeling slowly coming on. It took my friend a while longer but when they hit you could tell. Our smiles never left our face. I sat there as the feeling intensified and took me into a whole new world exactly as what I've experienced so many times before. Slowly I felt lighter and lighter being lifted off my seat and then the walls and pictures and colors all just melting and moving almost as to hymostise me. I was in the state of overwhelm as touch and sight took over and led me on a happy, giddy, tense trip. Time passed by incredibly slowly and every movement felt soo good. It was a good trip and for some reason I came off it quickly. (quickly as in not like most times. The peak lasted about 1-2 hours) Not that long compared to other times. The peak hit and then it was quickly disappearing and I was returning to normal. No hallucinations or extreme feelings this time. A little under what I usually feel. Now at this point at least I thought I was normal.

It was still hard to think let alone make a reasonable decision. I saw my friend sitting there still fucked and I felt jipped that mine was leaving so I grabbed the bag that was sitting on the table. Now to me it didn't look like too much so I emptied out about half and set the bag back on the table. I took all of what I poured out and waited for it to kick in again....

About a half hour truthfully went by but it seemed like around an hour maybe two just waiting and I remember thinking, 'well maybe I just didnt take enough, It should of kicked in by now usually.' That was a mistake because I grabbed the bag and took the other half of what was left all because I was impatient and was still pretty fucked. I really didnt think it was that much but looking back now it was around 5 grams or so to add to the previous 2 I had first took that night. Now I was set. I sat there thinking I cant wait. whew. I was pumped.

Then the first half hit adding onto what was already in my system. One big thing I remember was the colors. I stared at the one wall for as long as I can remember. Colors slowly seeped down from the ceiling and swirled together to make pictures and drawings almost. Things were talking to me like birds on the walls and pictures and I remember it sounded like I was in the middle of a playground with children screaming around me. Now everything started moving. The table kept changing sizes, the curtains were just fucked, I thought at one point that I was with the people in the movie and started talking to them. Slowly it felt like I was leaving my mind, like I wasnt really me. The body high was indecribable, nothing like what I've felt before in all my experiences. The hallucinations got more intense. I couldnt look at my friend because it didnt look like her. Everything was fucked up and out of proportion with her and through this all she sat there enjoying her, limited high I guess I could say.

I sat there just out of it. In a whole new world and I loved it. Nothing was right in the room. Everything was moving and mingling together. I was sinking into the couch and the floor was rising up. The room kept changing sizes and shapes and just everything. I then noticed that I was tearing the hell out of my legs and knees from my nails because I kept tensing up because of the body high and just what I was experiencing. I quickly stopped that and grabbed the blanket to clench and returned to my high.
Things went on for another 15 minutes and still got better and better and thats when it suddenly hit. The other half of that bag. Everything in the room darkened and almost disappeared. Things started moving faster and more ridged instead of peacefully. My mind and body was hit by flashes of the high and numbness and just an odd, different high.

And then I felt it.

It was just a small, powerful surge, almost pinch in my stomach. It just felt like a cramp when you run for too long but intensified and condensed into one spot in my side/stomach area. It quickly disappeared and my heart raced as I wondered what it could be. And it hit again, and again, and the time between shortened quickly and eventually it was a steady, pulsating pain slowly spreading through out my mid-section. I couldnt begin to describe what this felt like other than it was like things inside me were being ripped and torn, almost like something wanting to leave the inside of me and that was the only way to do it. I have never experienced a psychological bad trip before and I dont believe my mind had anything to provoke this to happening inside me. It was all due to just too much too fast. Though I could be wrong. Who knows.

I fell onto the floor and tried to stretch it out but every movement made it worse. Breathing made it worse, not breathing, moving, not moving, thinking, anything. Nothing I did made it better. Things were rushing at me and I felt like I wasnt touching anything. That I was suspended in the air as something tore the inside of me. My friend was almost off her trip and she sat there confused and giddy. I tried to let her know what was happening but all that came out was babbling confusion and extreme moaning. I was clenching the rug and couldnt stop moving.

The hallucinations were fucked up by now. Scary almost. Everything ran together, objects rushed at me. Sounds overwhelmed my thoughts and I couldnt hear things. It sounded like I was in the middle of a million people all talking at the top of their lungs not being able to understand any one of them. I was on my knees now with my head resting on the ground rocking back and forth. I couldnt shut my eyes because other hallucinations would appear and when they were open either way things spun. I grabbed a chip bag and threw up in it a few times uncontrollably and it was painful. I layed there, heart racing, scared as to what was happening to me. The last thing I remember thinking was just, 'What have I done to myself. Im gonna die. How could I do this to myself. I'm so stupid. I wish it would just all go away.' Just regretting it all.

The pain was still there and was still spreading and intensifying. It was hard to breath and I couldnt think rationally. Every little thing in my life randomly ran through my thoughts and just anything. It was like a small flash of each thought and I couldnt concentrate on just one thing except the fact that I thought I was going to die. I couldnt take control of my thoughts or my body. My mind was just racing. I was getting used to the high and hallucinations now and was able to almost ignore them faintly but still my mind was just in a panic. It took me about a half hour she said to get upstairs to the bathroom because I knew I was going to throw up more. I got water and then puked it all up the second I drank it.

The throwing up was painful, nothing like what I've felt before and eventually it was all just dry painful heaves. It was uncontrollable and just extremly painful and lasted a long time. It took about 4 hours of sitting in the bathroom on and off puking for the high to eventually come down. The pain was still there but not as intense and was slowly moving back into one small spot where it began. The hallucinations died down but the body high was all too much there. I still felt like I was suspended in air touching nothing. I couldnt walk, could barly have a set thought, couldnt speak except jiberish. All I knew was that I was fucked. I eventually made it to my bed and couldnt sleep until the pain was gone which took a long time. I was now used to it but it was still just an awkward bad feeling. My heart never stopped racing no matter how calm I was. Laying in bed I just enjoyed the rest of my body high and eventually fell asleep but no matter what my heart wouldnt stop racing.

For the next couple weeks I was sketchy and just jittery. I had trouble concentrating on anything and I always had to be doing something. In all it was a good trip like the body high and hallucinations but the pain and the fact I couldnt think or have any mind control scared the shit out of me at the time. Most of the time in the bathroom was spent out of my mind just convulsing and in agony and just almost numb unable to feel anything hence the suspended in air feeling.

Just be warned that this could happen. I have a mind block on drugs now because im afraid it will happen again. I know it wont but my mind wont pass that by.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 28506
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 21, 2003Views: 10,482
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Mushrooms (39) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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