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Tapping DNA Consciousness
Citation:   Souldier. "Tapping DNA Consciousness: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp2845)". Oct 5, 2000.

17 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
July 4th was truly a day of independence this year. We, three friends and I, decided our form of 'fireworks' this year was to be none other than our crystal compadre, 2C-T7. We chose to partake in the late afternoon so that our set and setting would be appropriate for an evening of visual enjoyment. We started our experiment in a beautiful house full of intricate artwork,all with psychedelic overtones. Our doses were all weighed to individual preferences and lined out on glass. We all took our turn ingesting the lines via the nostril.

My dose of 17mg burned like hell on the hottest day of summer. Within minutes, three to five, the pain changed to a throb, then a pulse and finally to a surge of energy waves starting at the point of entry. Instant visuals, as soon as the pain subsided. Not your everyday, run of the mill, mundane psychedelia mind you. Information, instantly accessed. Seven minutes after consumption we were all on our way to individual purging stations. My lady and I ended up in the bathroom, falling over each other to puke our essences as near the toilet as possible. No naseau occured for any in the group, but three out of four puked.

It was like the body was being wrenched through dimensional barriers at light speed. The purge was the result. We couldn't differentiate the vomit from the visuals by ten minutes in. Whoa! Magic awaited I was sure. Laying on my friend, on the floor, trying to flush the toilet, I looked out of the window. Outside was the most beautiful scene. A peacock stood in a circle of stone, feathers spread wide, projecting its energy into my direction. Behind the bird walked a deer who immediatly recognized me when I recognized him. As he looked at me, he began to change, morphing through time. He was aging thousands of years in seconds before my eyes, until a great ancient deer relative, walked before my eyes, feasting on the tops of trees. As I watched the morphing of evolution was full of information. I understood muscle structure, body movements, and those curious motions that often make us think that animals are aware of something we aren't. They are. They are aware of the true resonance.

Just as I was absorbing this scene, another friend came in and said we were all to go outside. Laughing, I knew this was timed just right. Running through the house, a race against the purging urging me on, I was consumed with desire to be outside. Once there, I ran across the deck and vomited over the side. Below me, awaiting a feast was a large group of peacocks. As I puked they fed. Not on the food that came from my stomache, but the ooze from my head. They felt the energy in the house growing and knew we were coming to give them a gift. As they fed, I realized they were recieving my consciousness. They were accessing altered states via me. As I realized this, the group of birds began to let their DNA flow. All around the now birds, were the eternal birds, flowing in brillant blue patterns of life tide. I was amazed.

The rest of the group was not witnessing this blue neo-pagan ritual I was directly participating in. They were mostly lost in the vastness of this realm we had attained. Not me. I was home. It was perfect that they were in their own states though. It fit into the age-old timelessness of the shamanic rituals. Not all experiences lead all involved to the necromancers zone, the philosophers stone. But I was there. All of the world was an information system waiting to be tapped. Above the peacock feast, I realized that all of life was feasting. The cycle of evolution as a timeless energy field was before my eyes. The most amazing creatures were all around us, morphing as I shifted through eyes that had been here before. My now self became aware of my eternal self. The me recycling through history. All of nature rejoiced and vibrated at a higher level, aware that another was conscious of the true resonance. Layers of information began to flow into my field of awareness.

Let me describe as best I can. First there was the psychedelia, all of it. LSD, mushrooms, salvia, mdma, marijuana, and many I had never known were all there and I was aware of their roles in the whole. Then there was the best realistic computer animation-like morphing of evolution all around me, As real as any animal I ever met, just more magical. Then there was imagery, in my minds eye. There were diagrams and symbols, wheels and webs, all at once, yet understood. There were layers and layers of info and I could keep up, not even straining. I shifted personas and settings but was always lucid as the now me. How strange.

I watched one other member of the group time travel as well, letting his soul roam the realm. The others weren't letting themselves go though. They were stuck in personal loops. Timeless loops, that became the platform for my experience. I can't convey all of the magic in words. Someday maybe.

I don't recommend insufflation for this material as it burned my nose for weeks! Maybe finding a good oral dose and then bumping 5 mg would be good without body load. More experiments needed. I also brought back some weird body symptoms that I couldn't separate from the experience. My skin had super hyper sensitive spots with no marks or redness that persisted for weeks, moving and grooving all over my body. This was like a metamorphisis to me. My skin shifting to a higher vibration. Wierd.

Yet to do T7 again. Plus 4 experiences don't need to be constantly accessed to be remembered and useful. Have fun, be safe. Heroic doses are certainly a path, one to be revered, cautioned, explored and reported, but most of all, lived. See you all in the realm. Be you all in the realm.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2845
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 5, 2000Views: 23,457
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2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Health Problems (27), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4)

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