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Morning Glory Seeds for Dummies
Morning Glory Seeds
by Hal Loose & A. Ginn
Citation:   Hal Loose & A. Ginn. "Morning Glory Seeds for Dummies: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp284)". Erowid.org. Sep 25, 2001. erowid.org/exp/284

  oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Weight does not seem terribly important for LSA. Over the years, much 'gobbledygook' has been posted on the 'net regarding the psychedelic potential of morning glory seeds. More often than not, one reads of procedures varying from simple water soaking to more involved alkaloid extractions involving polar and non-polar solvents and such. This is all tedious and unnecessary. Though such extractions have the potential for success if one is careful and starts with about twice as many seeds as they need to get off (such extractions are usually very inefficient), it's a waste of time.

The benefit of a successful extraction is that the intensity of the negative side effects (nausea, diarrhea, and with repeated use, sometimes leg cramps) can be significantly reduced. As a trade-off, the resulting trip is often less intense. Nevertheless, the negative side effects are overstated. The truth is, for most people they approach the unbearable only with excessive dosage (beyond 250 seeds) and/or excessive frequency of use (more than twice a month).

If you wanna get off on morning glory seeds, all you have to do is take four packages (typically weighing 1.5g each and containing about 60 seeds--this should suffice for anybody), CHEW THEM TO A PASTE AND SWALLOW. That's all there is to it my friends--that's all you have to do. Throw that petroleum ether away for chrissakes! Zippo lighter fluid? Please! Just chew 'em and swallow--BOY will you be glad you did. First-timers will be amazed at the intensity and similarity to acid of this legal and easily obtainable psychedelic. No, it is not as good as LSD, but if nothing else is available, it is a reasonable approximation of one to two hits of acid.

You could trip harder by eating more packages, but as you go beyond 4 packs the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Oh sure, you trip harder, but the undesirable side effects (nausea, diarrhea, extreme lassitude) become increasingly unbearable--ultimately compromising one's ability to enjoy the trip. The lassitude (for the vocabularily challenged, that means it makes you VERY TIRED) is not attributable to the presence of other alkaloids in the seeds, as some have suggested, but rather is a direct effect of the lysergic acid amides themselves. You see, in addition to its psychedelic properties, LSA is also a documented sedative, and in fact is scheduled (Schedule III) as a sedative and not as an hallucinogen. So no extraction procedure will alleviate the fatigue which accompanies, and to some extent, compromises the trip.

Many report good results combining LSA with ephedrine, phenyl propanolamine, or any other legal and easily available stimulant you can think of. But be careful--you don't want to exacerbate the potential for nausea. Also keep in mind that ergot alkaloids such as LSA are vaso-constrictive to begin with and combining them with stimulants such as ephedrine, which are also vaso-constrictive, is not a good idea. It could send your blood pressure through the roof, increase the chances of leg cramping, and even make your hair fall out. So don't go crazy with the ma huang, eh?

It lasts about six hours, with a very steady peak that lasts for about three hours. The trip curve is very symmetrical: slow climb for about an hour and a half, nice steady peak for about two to three hours, then a slow come-down over about an hour and a half. Absolutely no hangover. You should feel nice and relaxed the next day.

Some closing notes on alkaloid content. You want to take Heavenly Blues; they have never let anyone down. Each seed weighs about .025 grams and is about .04% LSA. Two packages is a threshold dose and amounts to about 1 milligram of LSA (60 seeds/pack x 2 packs x .025 g/seed x [.04/100])= 1.2 mg LSA). Three packs gives a nice symptom-free taste of the LSA trip; four is ideal. Many would enjoy five packs symptom-free. Consume 6 to 10 at your stomach's peril. I once consumed 7 packs. It was a very intense trip--extremely enjoyable--but the nausea, et al. became truly unbearable. I recommend four packs--find your own level if you must. And LOOK OUT for those LEG CRAMPS if you overdo it. Keep in mind that overuse of LSA seeds could cause ergotism, a very serious condition. If you start to get leg cramps, it's time to take a LONG HIATUS from LSA.

In conclusion, let me just say that if you really have the extraction bug and feel you MUST extract, do the following: Get an electric coffee grinder--it's important. (They're cheap, about $20 in any Lechters so just get one.) Grind the seeds to a powder over a few minutes, pausing every few seconds so as not to generate too much heat amongst the seed. Why? If you just grind them to dust without taking pauses, the heat generated will destroy the sensitive LSA alkaloids. Fill a decent-sized jar perhaps a third of the way up with lemon or other citrus juice. Pour the seed powder into this and let it soak. The seeds will fluff up and absorb the liquid; keep adding water. Periodically shake and let the seeds settle, shake and let the seeds settle; add water as needed. After an hour, let the seeds settle a final time and pour off the top layer of liquid into a vessel for drinking. You can discard the seed mush. If you're going to use this method, you should use at least 10 packages of seeds as the extraction is very crude. Pour off as much as you can before the seed mush threatens to contaminate and then stop. Don't obsess; there will be plenty of LSA in whatever you pour off. Drink the 'pour off' and discard the seed mush and whatever residual liquid is with it. This will significantly reduce the side effects (nausea and diarrhea--only stimulants or a lower dose will alleviate the fatigue.)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 284
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 25, 2001Views: 211,107
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