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The Magbrazeldibus
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Anna Gram. "The Magbrazeldibus: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp28335)". Apr 30, 2006.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
5X experiments - no particular preparation, happy mindset, did salvia before. Increasingly larger bowls, but never packed full. I'm gonna skip the boring details.

first bowl, small-felt kind of dizzy. just wanted to start slow and work up.

second bowl-trip came on while watching a segment of a tape of video feedback in which there was a counterclockwise spiral pattern. Some leafy patterns appeared around the edge of the tv and other parts of the room. The beings which were just at the edge of my peripheral vision, and which I couldn't see very well, were holding the strips the room was made out of and turning them counterclockwise so I was being rolled over in the direction of the spiral on tv. It felt like someone was pulling up the carpet I was sitting on, which was also the whole room, and wrapping it over my right side, pushing me to the left. I actually physically leaned to the left in response. They were annoyed that I was in the way of what they were trying to do.

Then I saw the room was made of two strips which started in front of me and were being pulled backward towards me, and behind me I knew was just a black void filled with all different types of creatures, or maybe beings is a better word, since they don't seem like animals. They are people, with intents and purposes, but they don't look like normal people and they are all different looking, but I don't know what any of them look like because I can't actually see them, they're behind me; behind the universe really. The trip faded into a sense of heavy-headedness and the realisation that all those creatures I just naturally assumed were normal and real were actually just a hallucination.

third bowl-decided to start with eyes closed. The inside of my eyelids looke as they normally do, then my imagination started seeing patterns in the red/brown/yellow spots. Then these patterns formed into fractal-like-patterned buildings that remind me of Russian church spires. I could feel them becoming 3 dimensional and real. At the same time, there were cartoonish humanoid creatures with elephant heads bouncing around the buildings and they decided to start linking their arms together and forming fractal-like patterns.

I became surrounded by creatures that were behind me and barely in my periphery. They decided they were going to take a bus and I was going with them. They whooshed forward and I was on the bus with them. It had no resemblance to a bus in this world, or to anything in this world really. The bus was made out of these creatures linking arms. They began in a tubular shape, as they were around me and moved forward. As they moved forward, they left behind a white plane. At the beginning of the plane, the side they started from, was their faces and arms. The faces and arms would split into two faces and arms and the new set would move for a little bit, leaving behind a white plane, and then stop and make another copy which would move forward, leave more white planes, stop, make another copy and so on. So the pattern they left behind was a series of tesselating white plains, each with a squished up face at one end, each face being a different color; it was quite an impressive display and it was happening very, very quickly. They moved by constantly 'copying' themselves.

I had the sense that each time they 'copied' themself, they were actually 'unzipping' a new facet of reality which then fell open and the beings were already at both ends of it. In fact, despite my extreme sense of moving at high speeds and being pulled around in all directions as they twisted and turned, it seemed that they couldn't really have been going anywhere, because they were all that existed and therefore they were already where they were going, and they would remain where they had been. Then they split up and went off in many different directions and I was pulled in all these different directions at once. They were called the magbrazeldichairsdeen, or possibly the magbrazeldichildren.

The bus was the magbrazeldibus, but maybe the suffixes 'children' and 'bus' were my own projections, a translation of their language or a merging of their language and mine.

Then I stopped and looked at one of the white planes. It faded into being the room I was in - my universe. There were bright, red, see-through star and fractal patterns flying out from the other two planes I could see above and below me. I could see my friend smiling and I remembered that this was a trip and I might soon forget their language so I had to write it down. I jumped up and said something like 'the magbrazeldichairsdeen, I have to write it down.' I turned to my friend and said something like 'I need a pencil and paper' because I was asking him to get them for me, but he just sat there and told me where to find those items, but I only halfway understood him. I kicked him in the foot to indicate that he should get them, but again he just sat there and time was running out so I ran into the kitchen saying 'Where is it?', and he told me, but I didn't understand him because I didn't recognize what all these objects were or what language he was speaking and everything looked weird and twisted, so I asked again and he said 'by the phone' and I started to remember what a phone was.

I grabbed a stack of note papers and a pencil and took them over to a table. I picked up a note paper and thought 'What the fuck is this? This isn't what I was looking for, is it?' and dropped it on the table. I think maybe I saw colors or writing all over it. I picked up another one and was about to throw it down in frustration and pick up another one but then I realised 'ah, yes, paper, that's what I was looking for'. I wrote on it, sloppily and with some difficulty, 'Magbrazeldichairsdeen Magbrazeldichildren magbrazeldibus'. Then I closed my eyes and saw the magbrazeldibus again, but not as intense, and I was leaning on the table and I felt it moving around as I rode the bus.

The feelings were fading out and I heard my trip sitter in the living room eating crackers and I wondered why he didn't follow me into the kitchen. I walked back into the living room, everything still looking slightly distorted and said 'Some trip sitter you are' and he said 'What? You started talking like it was over.' and I said 'I'm so gone right now.' I didn't remember until about an hour later how the trip started with the closed eye patterns turning into buildings.

Salvia space has more than three dimensions.

fourth bowl - this time we had a video tape of our friends performing music on tv, with the stereo speakers behind me on both sides. I was watching the tv screen and everything around it became bent and had leafy patterns on it, but the picture on the screen was perfectly normal. The salvia people and I thought I should apologize to my friend for going through the trouble of setting up the video for me to trip off of when actually it was everything else I was tripping off of. I said to my friend 'I was about to apologize to you for setting up the tv but it's everything else that's trippy,' or something like that, I don't remember. I didn't hear the music, but I heard one of the salvia people ringing a bell in the direction of one of the speakers because they were holding up all the surfaces of everything in this reality and waving them around because they were setting up for a huge celebration that was going to be everywhere. I knew their language and it was very celebratory; for example 'couch' was 'couchabration', 'table' was similar to 'tabletastic'.

I knew the names of everything, but I couldn't remember any of them. The salvia people were everywhere, but I couldn't get a good look at any of them. Every surface was surrounded by fringes, especially m-shaped fringes. The fringes seemed to be like glimpses of what was behind reality when the surfaces moved out of the way. I was somehow obstructing what they were trying to do and I felt my clothes being pulled around. I thought the music was the sound of the salvia people or the sound of reality being created by them. More and more they started 'retreating' behind every surface. I got up off the floor and onto a couch. I looked at the other couch as it was the last thing in the room that was still waving and rolling. It looked sort of like a face to me and I thought they were behind it, using it as a puppet, trying to communicate through it. I said to my friend 'They're still using the couch,' and I assumed he knew what I meant, because obviously they had been everywhere and I got the sense that he had been talking to them, just as they had been communcating with me, or somehow making their intentions known, I don't know how.

When everything looked mostly normal I still heard some strange noises and I looked to see where they were coming from. It was the speaker, of course. Then I said 'Oh, there's music playing!' and my friend seemed surprised that I just realised this. Salvia is like being backstage of reality, where everything is being constructed for this celebration we call the physical world.

fifth bowl (the next day)- surrounded by salvia people, parts of the room are merging into each other; actually all parts of the room are connected to two 'strings' or 'tendons' similar to a vein of gristle in a steak which start in front of me and run parallel to each other passing me on the left. I stand up and say 'Oh, I think I'll see where these things go.' I turn to follow the strings, seeing that all the objects in the room are connected to them, part of them, but as I follow the strings and look directly at any object, it pops off and becomes a separate object again. There's a chair-string, oh, now it's a chair. There's a table-string, oh, now it's a table. My friend asks me where I'm going and follows. I reply that I'm seeing where these things go, only when I say it this time it has two meanings: I'm following the strings to see where they lead, and I'm also seeing where all the objects in the room go.

I'm fascinated to see that most of them go into a 3 dimensional universe and end up on tables and that that represents a logical ordering for placement of objects and then I remember that that's what people do with things and those things were put there by my friend or his family (it was his house) and then their placement and existence becomes a little more mundane. Like the trip when everything had a celebratory name, the names of everything was different, they all had some extra letters in the middle of the word, only this time I realised the extra letters were from my own name. Every objects name had merged with my own name and I imagined endless salvia people (of the magbrazeldi pattern, i.e. a field of tesselating people of different colors) saying my name over and over again, only by this part of the trip it felt more like I was imagining it rather than hallucinating it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28335
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 30, 2006Views: 14,119
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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