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The Night
by *dude*
Citation:   *dude*. "The Night: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp28209)". Mar 23, 2018.

  smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)


The Night

2:25pm-I got to school from eating with my friends. The guys had to go to football practice so I seen Adam Rendon & Jesse Silva (the guys who I was with when I first tried coco before we went to get ready for a football game). I asked Jess where he’d been cause I never saw him @ school any more. I said, “You been staying home doing crank.” He said nah I don’t do that n-e-more. After I said that Adam asked me if I wanted to buy some ICE! I said how much he said $10. I had $10 so I bought it off him! I was so excited about it! I had never tried ICE just crank. One doesn’t snort ICE one smokes it so it was all new to me.

10:00- I had to get mah materials for the night; foil, a lighter, a pen with nothing in it, mah wallet where the ICE was, and a sweatshrit cuz it was kinda cold, mah CD player, mah Cds’, and some mints just in case.

10:30- It was bout time to get mah ICE out and see what its all bout! But my dad was still kinda awake.

10:45- I went into my parents room shut the door and went to the bathroom. (As all this is going on my mom is still awake in the Garage. My dad is asleep in the Living room) I got out my foil that was nicely folded mah pen and the ICE I opened the window to the bathroom so I could blow out the smoke. I was a lil nervous cause I hadent tried ICE before so I didn’t know how much of it to put in the foil? I put a lil rock and one that was bout half of its size I knew how to do it cuz of that show Playmakers DH taught me how! I started to light it and a lil sizzle came from it as while as the beautiful smoke I used mah empty pen to inhale it. It had a funny taste to it but nothing bad. I didn’t know it evaporated so I was pleased when I got more than 2 hits out of it.(Remember I have never tried it so I didn’t know what to expect). I finished it and went out to check how things were going on around the house (Good everything is good mah dad is still asleep my mom was still out side and all the kids were fast asleep.

10:55- I wanted more I had a weird feeling deep inside me but wasn’t sure if it was just mah mind thinking something was going on or if something was really going on? I did mah routine again making sure everyone was asleep or out side closed mah parents door went to the bathroom closed the door and locked it got out mah materials and straight went to work this time I put a lil more cuz I knew what to expect. (the light, the sizzle the white smoke inhale leave it in for a lil while and exhale out side of the window) I finished what I had in the foil and wanted more so I started to put a lil more in and looked @ the baggy and saw that there wasn’t much more so I put it all in the foil and smoked it all! It was good. After I was done I wanted more! But as I could see there was nothing left in the baggy L.

11:30- Im wide awake and ready to take on the world! Nothing can stop me from doing what I like to do! Playing baseball and going to school to see Tina! Everything else is just a waste of time! There is no point for it @ all its stupid! What from Highschool is going to get me through life! Nothing mah point exactly! The night is not yet done Ill be back later to tell u what happens.

12:15- its late and there is no sign of sleep in me. My mom came out of the garage messed up my hole night! I stayed in my room for a very long time just me and my CD player. We are waitin till my mom goes to sleep. But we have no clue when that will be?

1:45- My mom is still awake in her room, what she is doing I have no clue? But we hope that she will fall asleep soon so we can get back to EROWID and read bout every ones experiences. My high is still here its been 3 hours since I smoked my ICE, and im feeling real good.

1:50- I confirmed it my mom is sleeping in her room with the door shut. I got online and just read and read and read! Im still wide awake and have so much Anatomy work to do! I better get to work so I can pass that test of Pickles.

3:05- Still wide awake and feeling good. Though the initial HIGH is not the same I still feel good. I am starting to get paranoia I keep hearing something in the kitchen and look to the entrance of the room to see some one walk though it, but no one does? I get up to check things out but when I check everyone is sound asleep. Is some one playing with my mind?? I think some one is in my house trying to scare me!? But I cant catch them in the act! How much longer are they gonna do it for?? We don’t like it at all. Its mean to do that to some one, especially some one on ICE! Wait…………… Damn they need to stop everything needs to just be quite and leave us alone!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28209
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 23, 2018Views: 1,248
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Methamphetamine (37) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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