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Walking with Regret
by Trevor
Citation:   Trevor. "Walking with Regret: An Experience with Opioids (exp28200)". Jun 9, 2006.

  oral Opioids


Ever since I began using drugs, I have had a certain facination with prescription opiates/opioids.

When I was 14, I knew little of drugs or drug abuse. I enjoyed the simpler things of life, like snowboarding. However, I wasn’t very good; I smashed my wrist in an accident. After they gave me a substantial amount of morphine via IV, they put me under and set my wrist. After I woke up they wheeled me out to my van and my dad drove home. I pretty much slept straight for a few days, but when I was awake my mom would give me a little round pill with a 3 on the back.

When I finally felt like walking I went and inspected the bottle that mom was getting the meds from. It read 'Tylenol III w/codeine'. Of course, I didn't know what that meant. I put the bottle back in the cabinet and went back to recovering.

Several weeks later I was feeling much better. I had forgotten about the pills in my cabinet since I wasn't having very much pain. One day, however, my arm was throbbing for some reason. I went to my medicine cabinet to get some Advil when I noticed the slender orange bottle. I reached over and twisted off the cap. After inspecting the label, I decided I would take 3. Each pill contained 30mg Codeine. I felt a little apprehensive about taking so many since my mom had only given me 1 each time, and since I had never abused drugs before I wasn't sure what codeine would do to me.

After about 20 minutes the pain went away and my body began to feel a little lighter then normal. I didn't really pay attention to the effects; I was mostly waiting to have a seizure or something like that. After a few hours the lightness went away and the pain returned, so I figured that the codeine was safe to take in larger quantities then prescribed. I put the bottle away and decided I would save the pills for when I was completely healed so I could experiment without a broken bone.

A month went by and my arm healed completely. I had about 20 pills left. I was still apprehensive about taking them for fun, since I really knew nothing about them. I remembered my first experience with taking three, and thought 'what the hell?' I popped three of them. I remember it was in the afternoon, on a summer day. I went to watch some TV and wait for some effects.

20 minutes, nothing. 1 hour-- nothing. 3 hours, still nothing. I was a little upset. I followed the same pattern for about a month until the pills were gone. The only thing I really noticed was mental relaxation, but nothing too extreme. I just dismissed the whole thing, and forgot about the pills for about a year.

By my 16th birthday I considered myself a seasoned marijuana smoker. My marijuana experiences were quickly reaching the hundreds. I was educating myself on the finer points of drug abuse. I quickly became acquainted with the word 'opiates'. It didn't take long to figure out that those pills from my accident were, in fact, opiates. It also didn't
take long to figure out that they had abuse potential. I kicked myself for letting them go to waste. I wasn't going to ever let it happen again, though. I learned all I could about these nifty things. I read about oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone and hydromorphone. They all seemed rather joyous; a special kind of recreation I had only tasted with the codeine tablets. I grew more and more interested with these prescription drugs.

In the spring my dad had back surgery, and when he came home he brought back a whole bottle of Dilaudid; that is, hydromorphone. But to my dismay he hid the pills and I could only come across one tablet, which did nothing but made me itch a little. I was very upset, considering I was eager to experiment with that exact type of drug. I guess I couldn't blame him for hiding them, though; I was probably a little too eager and would of ended up hurting myself with an OD. Of course, the whole incident just aggravated my curiosity more. Finally I was able to find someone who was selling Lortab tablets for 7$ a
pop. I ended up buying 8 of them. I took them, 3 at a time, over the course of 3 days. I felt nothing whatsoever. I was beginning to lose my faith in opiates.

When school started my grandpa got cancer and we all flew down to FL to visit him. On his kitchen counter there sat a platoon of prescription drugs. The first night we were there, I snuck out to investigate. There was a bottle of Valium (10mg), a bottle of Oxycodone (5mg generic), a bottle of Oxydose and a few other interesting drugs.

I pocketed some of the oxycodone and the valium. I decided to wait until tomorrow to pop the pills. I also anticipated on dropping some liquid oxycodone into a beverage of some sort. I really didn't care if it was insensitive to steal my grandpa's pills. I was just eager to satisfy my curiosity.

Over the course of 2 weeks I took a lot of oxycodone. I could defiantly feel the drug. It was a very nice feeling, although I made the huge mistake of pairing all of my doses with 20 mg of valium, which knocked me out everytime I started to peak. I was pretty much unconscious on and off for a full two weeks. Everyone just blamed it on my grandpa being sick. After it was all over I decided that I had taken way too much valium and that opiates were a lot of fun alone. I wasn't sure when I would be able to play with them again but I was looking forward to it.

After developing a nasty amphetamine habit and trouble with the law, I was feeling that drugs weren't such a good idea. However, it happened one day that my friend was ready to throw out a bottle of hydrocodone/guaifenesin. It was prescribed for coughing. I told her that I would rather take it myself then have her throw it away. There was only a little left in the bottle, so I chugged it on the spot and gave her the bottle back. After about 15 minutes I felt something I had never felt before. It was very dreamy and relaxing. I tried to compare it to oxycodone, but remembering oxycodone just made me think of the strong intensity and dizziness. This was different. This was an opiate high. After about 3 hours I felt extremely nauseous and threw up about 3 times. I blame it on the other drug in the mixture, of course; not on the hydrocodone.

After I was done vomiting I concluded that hydrocodone, in the proper form, was a lot of fun. Then, I thought, maybe I had been taking the meds incorrectly. Maybe there was an extracting method or something like that. I researched online and found how to extract opiates from prescription drugs.

After obtaining some tablets, I tried the extraction with a friend of mine. I noticed a dramatic difference in the intensity of the high. It was much more relaxing and noticeable. I tried the extraction with hydrocodone, oxycodone and codeine and found that, even with small doses, the extraction yielded a very potent blend of water and opiate. I could now also filter out the aspirin and caffeine that the pills contained.

I am beginning to get a grip on my silly drug habits. I believe that opiates will be hardest to give up. They have really given me a ride, both up and down. I would still have to thank them, however, for all the good times. And forget the bad.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28200
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jun 9, 2006Views: 10,485
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