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Rarely Sober
by Lightning Baron
Citation:   Lightning Baron. "Rarely Sober: An Experience with Alcohol (exp28172)". Nov 29, 2006.

  repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)


I am 16 years of age, I live in the UK and I have been drinking a lot in my life so far, I am writing this report to tell others my experiences with this widely used drug.

I can't remember my first experience with alcohol, I must have been very young 2-3 (even though my mother drank a lot when I was developing in her womb). Both my parents are alcoholics, I guess it is their way of coping with their very busy, stressful life. I remember a story about my brother when he was 2 my grandfather gave him a pint of beer and he forgot how to walk.

I never really drank a lot before I was 15. But I remember I was sometimes allowed some alcohol at family diners and at Christmas, once I got a bottle of cherry brandy in my stocking at Christmas. I would sometimes sneak some of my parentsí alcohol and drink some now and then but never a lot.

One time when I was quite young, 8-9 I got a wine making kit for my birthday. I had a lot of fun making the wine, but when it was ready to drink I drank the most I have ever drunk before then, it was the first time I have ever thrown up, that was a horrible experience and I stopped drinking after that till I was 15.

At 15 I started smoking cannabis habitually, I was in my last year of school and this affected my schoolwork very badly I would be smoking loads. But one weekend my two best friends (Lets call them J and N) and me decided we were getting bored of smoking pot and we decided to get drunk. We obtained it by standing outside a shop and asking passers by to go in and get it for us. We got a litre bottle of vodka and we went to a secret spot where J, N and me proceeded to get very drunk we really enjoyed this and made our friendships closer. We began to do this more regularly, about once a week. We all stopped smoking pot because it was sapping our money away and we lost enjoyment for it. We had a lot of fun in those days, we made stupid videos and enjoyed our last school days.

On my birthday this year I finally got out of school, I had a lot of parties after then at my house with a lot of my friends where people got drunk and smoked cannabis. My parents normally had no idea I had people round. After school there was a time where we took our final exams. After the exams each day J, N and I would go to this den I made in the woods and we would get drunk of alcohol I had stolen of my parents. I even got drunk for one of my exams, French, and I got the highest possible mark I could get for it (C).

After my exams I didnít see any of my friends even J and R for a while in the holidays. I became good friends with my sister and went out with her and her friends a lot I made loads of new people I started drinking everyday. I went to parties, group gatherings everyday, by this point I had given up pot all together. Alcohol helped me deal with meeting loads of new people it helped me connect and make new friends because I used to be a very shy person At this point it was so easy to get hold of alcohol as some of my friends where over 18 or looked over and a lot of people had it on them. I have noticed the same time I started drinking heavily is the same time I started smoking tobacco quite heavily, about 10-25 a day.

I finally managed to get hold of J and N and they came out. That day they both came out I introduced them to my new friends and we all got drunk. I have never seen my friend N as drunk as I saw him that day he came onto nearly all of my new friends that were female and made himself a bit of a reputation since none of the girls liked him. During the holidays I was still partying all the time J and N came round very often. I lost my virginity one night with this girl and I regret it, I was drunk I didnít like her and I didnít even use a condom and she was a complete slut.

But after the holidays it had to all stop because most of my friends when back to school some too college some to work, I was the only one who didnít get anything to do for this year, I never signed up for sixth-form or college and have never had a job (and still donít). I started doing nothing all day Iíd get very bored so Iíd regularly steal some of my parents alcohol, Iíd drink in the day a lot. All my friends started calling me an alcoholic, they told me that they rarely saw me sober and apparently they could tell when I was sober because I was grumpy. I paid no attention to them, I continued to drink to this day. I invite J and N out every Friday and Saturday to come get drunk with me.

That is a summery of my life so far with alcohol. I tried many drugs but nothing has stuck with me like alcohol. I drink because it makes by life more fun, itís almost like life is boring without it. One day I wish to give up my drinking habit I never want to turn into my parents and be an alcoholic. But I should do something about it or Iíll be heading that way. Thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28172
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 29, 2006Views: 8,491
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Alcohol (61) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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