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Observations On a Novel Compound
by Leprechaun
Citation:   Leprechaun. "Observations On a Novel Compound: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp27912)". Nov 6, 2003.

20 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)

My interest in 2ct2 sparked along time ago when certain reports ascertained that this compound touched on the spiritual aspect of the psychedelic experience. I have had a number of experiences with other phenethylamines. 2ct2 has always been around, but I just never had a moment to try it. I had taken time out on a Sunday a while ago to try it at 10mg with a +1.5 at best. However I just felt that on this certain Friday night I had to go and try it at 20mg. 4 others, including my princess P, would join in the experience.

It was a cold night in the hills, P and I were at a L and M's house. I had planned to not have anything in the evening, but given the semi short duration and eagerness to enter an altered state led us each to ingest 20mg, with E only ingesting 10mg.


Ingestion at 1:30 am

0:00+ Earlier in the evening I had 1,4b that was now fading. Everyone is of good humour and high spirits.

0:30+ Mild body aches. No nausea suprisingly. Very strong neck tension.

0:45+ Emotions clearing up after 1,4 has worn off completely, anxiety and dark corners evident. Time needed for introspection. I feel being around peopl is not doing my thoughts good. Reluctantly however I need to pull away from my group into my own space... I head off to my car.

1:00+ Time in the car was wonderful, lost if jumping visual patterns and symbols. Colours are not as green/yellow as 2ct7 and not as neon coloured as 2C-I and 2C-B. Music helps calm me down and reflect on the situation. No revelations came, but it cleared up my thoughts and relaxed my body. It was good to know I can still relax when I need to.

1:15+ Back inside now. Everyone has strong physical discomfort, with E and I spewing. My neck is still uncomfortable, but its making its way for a strong dizzy intoxication. Doesn't feel too toxic, only body tension seems evident.

2:00+ Body discomfort has cleared up for everyone. Conversation is flowing wonderfully. Many discussions about shared experience and cosmic conciousness has been had. An interesting revelation has been reached about shared conciousness. Definetly a full blown +3. No car driving...

3:00+ Fun continous jumping from converstation to discussions about the music video clips that are on TV. The paintings in the house add a wonderful touch to the emotional state.

3:30+ A difficult moment in reflecting on the human state of suffering... Which is not helped by the very evident and sensitive emotions. This is compounded by S's need to get home. I had driven her here and was too intoxicated to drive her back. I felt very guilty about this. But a solution was reached and she would drive my car home. The sensitive emotions allowed me to realise a deep love for S as a friend. A feeling I was not even aware I had... 2ct2 helped bring out the unconcious emotions towards certain people. Some positive, some negative.

4:00+ Euphoric and relaxed as the substance begins to release its grip. Dropping slowly.

6:00+ Tapering off, last two hours where wonderful, laughter was abundant. N has to leave with E. They feel they are right to drive... It seems I would be too.

8:00+ Falling asleep, its time to head off as the sun is rising. I have a busy day, I get home and fall asleep immediately.

P's experience.
It's amazing that writing about the experience brings all the feelings flooding back to me...


The evening began as calmly and as relaxed as the rest of the night was to become. A few of us had gone out for coffee and then headed around to a friends house for a few drinks and to watch movies. It was a few hours until the possibility of partaking in an experience with 2ct2 was discussed. As usual, I had done my fair share of readings and discussions so had a good understanding of what I was about to partake in. Being new
to experiences such as these, understanding the effects of a substance before ingestion is important, and for me, is a part of the experience as a whole.

The first effects that I could consciously feel were felt approximately an hour after ingestion. There was a slight, growing feeling of nausea deep within my stomach, a feeling that was felt within the entire group of people involved in the experience, although for some was felt much more strongly than it was by me. The nausea stayed for quite a long period of
time but became entwined and overtaken by an orgasmic feeling orginating from the same area in my stomach. Shortly after, I became aware that although I knew exactly what was happening around me, I was not conciously involved in it. While I was quite aware of who was sitting around me talking and was aware of the tv and the music that was playing, I was completely involved in my own thoughts. At this stage, the edges of my vision became slightly blurry and it was like looking down a short glass tunnel into my life. I was very calm and relaxed, simply sitting on the couch, reflecting on life and occasionally glancing at items around the room such as the vivid colours of a painting and the gentle sway of those colours and other items surrounding it.

I felt like I was drifting, drifting through the room, stopping ccasionally to hear what people were talking about, and then drifting on, again concerned with only my own thoughts until those thoughts came to a conclusion or something else would bring me back to glancing around the room or observing, once again, the people and conversations surrounding me.
These effects lasted for many hours, as time went on, the feelings grew more subtile, and eventually I would drift in and out of this state and reality, until finally, slowly, the experience ended as subtily as it had begun.

In general I find this substance novel in its own right when compared to 2ct7/2cb and 2ci. It definitely touches in areas specific to its own right, but I would be hard pressed to discriminate it from any of them really. The taxation on the body did seem worthwhile, but I wouldn't do it again soon. To as fun and easy as 2cb. Even though 2cb does have its dark corners...

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27912
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 6, 2003Views: 10,328
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2C-T-2 (53) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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