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Methylone has Addictive Properties
by MthylnMan
Citation:   MthylnMan. "Methylone has Addictive Properties: An Experience with Methylone (ID 27823)". Oct 24, 2003.

190 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)


I'd like to share my experience with Methylone. I have taken it on about 15 occasions at doses ranging from 130mg to 230mg.

The first few times were nothing short of magical for me. I felt an incredible push to connect on a deep, truthful level with my wife, and we had times of sharing our deepest secrets while on methylone. If you haven't experienced methylone before... my wife and I both experienced a push to 'come clean', drop baggage, and experience full openness.

T+25 minutes: For a long time with methylone, during the begining of the experience, I felt a great drive to improve my life -- treat my body better, work out, clean up the house, get things done.

T+1 hour: There comes an obvious 'click' point where everything seemed to become easily handle-able and I couldn't imagine going back to my normal way of thinking and being. Many promises were made to myself that I found hard to keep, because at the time I could not see how with this 'new look on life' could ever go away.

T+1 hour, 15 minutes: Then comes the enjoyment stage, where I enjoy everything I look at, feeling incredibly motivated to connect with whatever I am focusing on. Everything and everyone became intensely enjoyable. This is the time when connection with others became an almost-overwhelming push. At the same time I experience a slowly-growing desire to lay back and relax.

T+2.5 hours: the tired/relaxed stage comes for me, where I am blissfully content to do nothing, but I feel reality and my 'normal self' returning.

T+4 hours: Then comes the tired stage at 3.5-4 hours where I am fully relaxed but a bit bored and cannot sleep. This is when there is an opposite push for me -- that connecting with anyone or anything is intensely effortful. I just want to lay back and close my eyes and not have to do anything. I can't imagine that I had so much energy.

T+7 hours: I can finally drift off into sleep.

During the methylone experience and for one day after, I find that my pain sense is very altered. I can do amazing body stretches and Yoga positions on methylone that frankly hurt when sober. I learned quickly to be good to my body even if it didn't hurt at the time!

Pot seems to ease the come-down for me, although I am not a regular pot smoker, so it could just be I was getting stoned on top of the remaining methylone effect.

My wife experienced these same stages except she doesn't get hit by the last 'bored' stage as hard as I do. For her, I believe methylone is still 'brand new', although she experiences mood instability for several days afterwards and thus does not take it anymore.

However, What I REALLY wanted to mention is that I did methylone at 190mg once a week for 4 weeks in a row. What I found is that I developed tolerance. I did not feel so open and willing to fully share my thoughts and feelings, and my inhibitions started creeping into the methylone experience, where before I had absolutely no inhibitions while on methylone. What is most disturbing is that I experienced something very curious that I recognized quickly... 2-3 days after a methylone experience I began to crave other drugs - mainly alcohol or benzos. I didn't feel depressed, I just felt a push to seek other pleasurable states. This felt exactly like the beginning of any psychological addiction. I now believe that methylone MAY BE psychologically ADDICTIVE and definitely I developed tolerance when I didn't space out my doses over several weeks, or even months.

A few months ago, I took a 2 week break from the substance and then tried it again just to test if every 2 weeks would be okay for me and let me retain the 'magic'. I experienced the same kind of tolerance and quite severe cravings for several days to re-enter the 'original, altered methylone state'. I have not tried it again since, nor do I intend to for many months, or even years. Not only has it 'lost its magic', but I feel like methylone can induce cravings as well, even if only used once a week. This has never happened with other psychedelics for me, like mescaline, shrooms, 2C*, etc. So be careful and be aware that this may be addictive. I believe there is a reason so many people try to boost when the 'good vibes' come on -- reading the other reports here, I see it all over. I can see why -- I found the neurological reinforcement that wants more of a good thing is present in methylone.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27823
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 24, 2003Views: 47,433
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