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Beauty is the Death of Reality
Citation:   sepulfreak. "Beauty is the Death of Reality: An Experience with 2C-I (exp27756)". Nov 6, 2003.

15 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
Mindset: Couldn't have been in a better mood.

Method of dosing: Liquid measurement with distilled water.

Trip Dose and Duration: 15mg, 5:00PM to 12:00AM

Medications: None

This is a trip report for my first trip with 2C-i. I might add for those that don’t know me, as for the “mind” drugs I have experience with Mescaline, LSD, LSA, Mushrooms, Salvia, DXM, Ketamine, and Cannabis. I had been wanting to try this for some time now, and I finally got to. I definitely needed it. It was me, my friend’s A and B, and my girlfriend C that were the ones that wanted to try it the most, so that’s who went with me.

I had planned to ingest the 2C-i around 3 in the afternoon when everyone was to meet at my house. Then, I was planning on going to a beautiful state park right by my house that has a nice lake. I figured the autumn atmosphere, the trees, the wind, the lake, the smell, the woods would just be mind blowing. We also planned on taking a walk along the lake trail. The trails lead somewhat deep into the woods. After that we were planning on listening to some music in my car. Everything went exactly as planned except for the timing, but that actually turned out for the better.

I had received 100mg of 2C-i in the mail and I carefully used the liquid measurement. We all ingested 15mg at 5:00PM except my girlfriend who took 14mg with orange juice, which I may add, the taste was not bad at all. There was only a mild distinguishable chemical taste.

After this, I drove us all down the lake. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out at times, and at other times the clouds would interestingly shade over. There were many variations in the clouds, not to mention the different types; cirrus, stratus, and such... I started feeling the first alert after about 15 minutes. This came up slowly and eventually peaked at probably around 7:00, though I lost track of time.

However, during the coming up, we all were having cool experiences. The stimulation and body feeling, to me, was quite pleasurable, and to A, was somewhat annoying at first. The others seemed to be comfortable. Slowly, the mental effects were coming on and my visual field was becoming decently wider. I knew at some point, there would be plenty of visuals. B pointed out, over in the distance of the lake, that there was an illusion to us. There is an overflow made of cement for the lake water to flow over and then into a creek. We could see the physical overflow, and the reflection in the water. There is the grass you can see before the cement on each side, and one side looks like the exact opposite of the other. The illusion made us see it that there was a mirror directly in the center between the sides of the overflow. My mind and my eyes were tricking me with it and it was a fun thought to play with.

With all this starting to happen, we decided to start the walk along the trail, though we weren’t going to walk that far at first. Things were starting to happen as if they were happening for a reason, like this was one big story or something. There was no one else at the lake, and as soon as we decided to take a walk, a couple cars came down. When we got to the trails, things got increasingly intense. I was now starting to visualize things really well and I could say that I had a tracer effect. My sensory receptors in my brain were going crazy with all the nature. I felt so connected. I could say that there was a similarity with Mescaline, but there were differences as well. The trip was getting really spiritual, and somewhat in depth. We were all having normal psychedelic talk as we walked through the woods stopping at various places questioning things and observing nature. One place was a rock mound that I pictured alot bigger. I imagined a rock climber, and then my girlfriend was telling me about the little people who live in those rocks. All of a sudden, the woods was much more magical. We also got to an interesting mound of dirt in which we imagined a completely different kind of little people living there.

We kept walking, and I noticed a group of trees that were slanted in the middle, and all pointing in one direction. We were talking about how it was natures way of showing us the way out of the woods if we were ever to be lost. Then we stumbled upon a small plant. The leaves had a soft fuzz on them and they felt like velvet. On one side, you could see dew resting on the leaves, and all the veins within it. We all took one and as
we were on our journey, we each had our time and place to let go of the leaf. It was our giving, an offering to nature in the woods. We came upon a small bridge crossing a creek. As I stood in the middle, my body felt like it was beginning to sink and melt into the bridge. The water rippling through was an amazing sight and sound. That was my place to leave the velvet leaf. I dropped it and watched it fall into the creek and be carried away.

As we crossed, I left my reality on the other side of the bridge. B was tearing his leaf slowly as he walked, and watching the pieces fall to the ground in some synchronization. I was writing notes at the time so I could write this report, and I found that I was really clear minded. I had no trouble with tasks, writing, or thinking for conversation at all. It was slowly getting dark as we were walking, and a bat started swarming around us. We were talking about how it would be with us for a moment in time to ensure us that we were going the right way. It didn’t seem to bother me, but my girlfriend was a little freaked out by the bat. Especially after she just had an experience of sinking and the earth engulfing her. I was so connected with everything around me. The woods was beyond magical. It was Godly. There are no words to describe the unity I felt. I had already felt like the trip was worthwhile.

We were clear on the other side of the lake now, and we were coming up to a little shelter building in the woods. We sat down to rest there for a moment, and I believe that’s when the 2C-i was at its full peak. I was getting really nice visuals, and I started to feel if I didn’t get up and start back to the car, I wasn’t going to be in a right state of mind to do it later. It was getting intense, but not in the way that I felt like I was losing myself. It was in some way really deep, and definitely meaningful, and yet the experience was clear, “light,” and didn’t have a strong depth to it.

We continued walking until I suddenly remembered the mirrored overflow. The bridge was the crossing to the other side of the lake where I had left my reality behind, and at the end of this path, we were going to end up on the other side of the mirror, something we seen from a distance at the way beginning of the trip. Everything was perfectly going together and connecting. When we made it out of the woods, we walked down a grassy hill on the side of the overflow and walked across the creek bridge right after the overflow. Me and A stayed on the bridge and embraced the concept and thought that we were directly in the middle of the mirror. It was awesome. Then we went on up these large stone steps to the road that led us back to my car.

By the time we got back to the car, I could tell the experience was wearing off and it had been completely dark for a while. It was 5:00PM when we swallowed the material, and it was now 8:45PM when we got back to the car. I decided it was time for some herb. A went off on a hillside by himself to smoke, and the rest of us smoked in my car listening to old Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Tool, The Doors (Jim Morrison’s poems), tribal music, psy-trance, and alot of other trip music. The Cannabis kicked the trip back in full force. I was pleasantly surprised at that.

I am going to find it difficult to explain some of the rest of the experience because anything that involves music is so unexplainable and magical. I will say that we had periods of extreme laughter and periods of spiritual silence. The visuals were now incredibly intense. I was listening to “Stairway to Heaven” and I noticed that I was more “open” than I have been on other psychedelics. The music and visuals were so beautiful I wanted to cry. I realized that my girlfriend is a huge part of my trips now, and I can really feel and understand the bond we have with each other. It’s awesome how we can experience that together because in the past, I’ve always only experienced the connection between friends.

Anyway, we spent some of the rest of the experience inside my car with the music, and some outside with nature. I happened to get out of the car, and I prompted everyone else to do so because I looked at the sky; oh my God! The stars were twinkling, shifting, and forming staircase patterns. The clouds in the distance were forming faces and castles. Everything was strobing red and green, and then purple and yellow. I had nice tracer like effects as well. At one point, I had my girlfriend and A out of the car and we were talking about the “Matrix” and God, our lives being an incredibly complex computer program, creation, man creating from machine what God did from dust, biblical things, time, eternity and such. I was still really clear minded for conversation. In the car, I would smile at people, wipe my hand over my face, and as I did, I changed my smile to a serious look. It was like I was wiping off and on different emotions. It was really flipping everyone out. During all this we smoked a total of two bowls, and it kicked it in further each time.

Not too long after this, I was able to drive, and I took B home, as he lives in a completely different direction than everyone else. The rest of us went to King’s restaurant to eat and then home. The next day, I had a wonderful afterglow. I didn’t feel hardly any psychological or physical after effect until later on in the evening, but that could have been from lack of sleep. It seemed very easy on my body. Overall, it was a very interesting psychedelic that I will definitely be using again.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 6, 2003Views: 14,018
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2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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