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He's Not Here
by Nicolo
Citation:   Nicolo. "He's Not Here: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp27591)". Oct 18, 2007.

900 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


A friend of mine told me about this website, I began to page through the various experience vaults just reading, at the time I had not ever done any drugs and did not care to try any. I was just reading for fun. I had heard about dramamine from friends at school of course, like everyone else does, and I finally decided after reading just about all of the dramamine reports that it was perhaps time to give it a try. The following is a brief summary of my evening on dramamine. The tablets used were of the 'equate' brand found, the price I paid for them was under $4.50(USD) for 100 of them.

9:00PM - Several friends and I got in the car with our trip-sitter and went to a convenience store. My friends both picked up bottles of juice at the store to take their dramamine with, while I chose a liter of diet soda. Once in the car and on the road again, I handed 15 to one friend, and 15 to the other friend as they both way around 40 pounds less than I do. I decided that I'd up my dosage a bit as I am a bit bigger and have slightly more body fat than both of them.

9:20PM - For some reason, we stopped at another convenience store, I was already beginning to feel heavy, and a bit 'tipsy' or giggly. The friends were not even having the slightest effects of the drug yet. I picked up a pair of funny gas station sunglasses and decided that they were so damn cool that I needed them. That was definitely drug induced. One of my good friends worked at the convenience store, and while I went to the restroom he evidently asked my other friends if I was 'As high as I looked and acted.'

9:30PM - Back on the road again, I'm starting to have visuals. What it actually felt like is that my eyes were 'ticking' and that when they 'ticked' I saw swirls and the 'jellyfish' type things others reported. It was a little frightening for me as this was my first trip, however I got used to it after a few minutes and it was enjoyable.

10:00PM - We arrived at a party. I bumped into several of my good friends who do not drink or use drugs (as I once did not). One of them (Bill) tried to talk to me, and I basically stood there and slurred some kind of mumbling back to him. He asked me 'Why did you do this to yourself?' once he realized that I was on something. I proceeded to drop my soda, my half-full soda felt like it weighed 50 pounds, the weight was too much for me to handle. Talking was a chore at this party, and eventually nausea kicked in.

10:30PM - I asked my friend Seth who was also on dramamine (but still not feeling ANY effects) to help me over to the woods to vomit. I felt like I was vomiting more than I ever had in my life, but really I guess I was just coughing, I never vomited at all. I looked up into the woods and there were dozens of flashlights dangling from the trees on 6 foot ropes, I asked S to turn them off. He said there were no flashlights and maybe we should get home, in case I needed to vomit or something. He was severely worried about me, and my trip-sitter Dan wasn't paying much attention. It should be noted at this time that Tyler was also beginning to trip, he was very heavy feeling and getting the eye ticks.

11:00PM - Left the party in Dan's car and proceeded to make the 10 mile journey back to my house. This is where the real tripping began. We would be driving down a road, and I would think we were in town near some restaraunt, then I'd all the sudden flash back to reality and we were on a country road in the middle of nowhere. So in my head I thought we were in town, when we were still miles away from town. The next thing I knew, I was having a conversation with my friend Bill, the one who lectured me at the party. As soon as he told me that, 'You need to start going to church so you don't do this stuff to yourself.' I told him to 'Shut the fuck up Bill!' At this point, I flashed back to reality where Dan, and Seth informed me that Bill wasn't in the car, he was at the party and never was in the car.

11:15PM - We were back in town. We wanted to swing by a couple places on the way home to talk to friends, I wasn't very aware that I was in either of those places, although I did go in both of them with everyone. In the Subway restaraunt, I talked to all of the guys in there, then ended up 'falling asleep' standing next to the counter. This is when we decided I should get going. I at this point was very amused by all of this and faded in and out of knowing I was on dramamine and all out tripping. I did not want to go home, but the trip-sitter and the friend who took dramamine but wasn't tripping decided I needed to go home. Tyler was in another car and evidently having similar experiences to me, only not to the same extent.

11:45PM - Arrived back at my house and said goodbye to Tyler who was getting a ride home with another friend who had stopped by. At this point, it was Dan, the trip-sitter, myself, and Seth (the non-tripping friend) sitting in my room. I decided to re-read some of the reports to compare my experiences. I would read a few sentences aloud, then fade out of reality for a while and talk to Tyler, then read sentences aloud again. My friends were very amused since they were both completely aware. I was not actually speaking to Tyler, but the conversation was played out in my head, like a lucid dream or something because I was choosing my responses. At one point, Tyler told me to, 'Grow your hair out long so that you'll be warm and safe from yellow fuzzy monsters.' I shouted 'Shut the fuck up Tyler!' and then, laughing very heavily, Dan and Seth told me that Tyler had gone home. I was again amused.

12:30AM - After a fairly long tripping experience, the tiredness caused by dramamine became too much. Dan proceeded to go home since he knew we were safe for the evening since Seth wasn't even tripping at all. I laid down in my bed, hoping to stay awake for a few more hours to experience this insanity. I almost immediately fell asleep according to Seth. My sleep that night was not filled with amazing dreams (that I recall) because I woke up in what felt like 15 minutes.

9:30AM - I woke up exactly 9 hours later, although it felt like just minutes had passed, much like when you have surgery and are on an anaesthetic. I walked Seth to the door, bade him farewell, showered and went to work. What followed was the most incredible body high I had ever and probably will ever experience, it was indescribable. There was absolutely no negative hangover effects, the only effects were completely positive. The hallucinating was over, work was fun, and time flew by like nothing. Lights did seem brighter, and my vision was a bit different. All in all, the following day felt exactly like I was on Adderall or some amphetamine. This day was almost better than the trip.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 27591
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 18, 2007Views: 7,922
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