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A Euphoric Alertness
by Bun
Citation:   Bun. "A Euphoric Alertness: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp27177)". Erowid.org. Sep 28, 2003. erowid.org/exp/27177

100 mg insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)


I couldn't resist writing about a lone incident this past summer that I liked a lot, but didn't have the mind to do again. Before you continue reading, don't get the wrong impression; I did not have a bad tweak-- it was AWESOME. When I say I didn't have the head to do it again, I mean that I knew in my heart of hearts that I would quickly become psychologically addicted to its power. The fun it gives is not worth the damage it inflincts on your body.

Anyway, to my story. A dealer friend of mine gives me a call while I am on break at work and asks if I want any speed. I was reluctant, but went ahead and said yes-- I thought just one time would be fine, probably wrong, but I am okay now, so whatever. I had no experience with tweaking at all except in the excellent excellent flick 'The Salton Sea.' Well I didn't have any spendable cash, and told him that, thinking he would just say 'Oh okay. Another time then.' But I guess he really needed to get rid of it. So he decreased the price and told me I could give him some minor collateral until I got paid. I was all beans. I gave him some really good baseball and football cards I had had since I was 11. He then proceeded to put around 15 solid, clear crystals in the ice bag (this one had blue stars on it) and was told it was .1 grams, the smallest ammount dealers sell usually; it was for 20 dollars. I took it home and kept it overnight, not wanting to do it that night because I had business to attend to the next day.

So I wait till my work is done on that fateful saturday and head up to my room. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to eat it or not because I had heard it was not as effective, so I called my friend [E] and he told me the ice trick that you probably already know (he couldn't even believe I didn't know about it): arrange desired number of crystals on a broad flat surface near in proximity to each other by millimeters. Put a dollar bill which you will obviously use later on top of them and get out a credit card or something that has the same physical properties (hard broad plastic card). Roll a narrow surface of the card over and over the hidden crystals until they are a fine powder. Don't forget to scape the excess crystals of the dollar bill. Arrange into lines and snort.

Okay so I did the ammount my dealer told me to try for my first tweak which was one third of the bag (around .03 grams) which is nothing to an avid tweaker. But listen folks, do what people tell you to do. He told me that it affects everyone differently so make sure you take the right amount. Some people freak out on .05 grams (rare however) and some people won't get anything unless the take a whole half gram! You are gonne find out that I ended up doing the whole bag but watch my progress. I had read enough about it on sites like Erowid to know how soon you know what's gonna go down, but I still listend to my dealer. I only continued to tweak becuase I knew what I was doing from extensive reading. Don't be foolish; you aren't invincible. Anyway, so I did and I could feel a drug's presence in me the same way PCP feels when you first snort it. It was light but I could tell that it could be a decent drug. I waited 10 minutes and did another line and the euphoric feeling got more intense. I called a couple friends but they didn't answer. It had been about 15 minutes. I pondered it for a while and then broke out the bag again and snorted the rest. My whole body started to seemingly float without moving actual location. I had an energy rush but an uncontrollable one. I grabbed a CD player and ran outside for almost an hour, walking/jogging to Clouds Taste Metallic which is PERFECT for ice. My mind was clear as though someone had poured mind Drano into it. I had a lot of controllable energy that could be used for both physical and mental uses. I felt that I would never be exausted again. I was thrilled.

The bitter drip and a slowly advanced cotton mouth necessitated a visit to a fast food joint to get a free cup of water. I stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts/Togo's and got one and trotted home listening to the lips the whole way. I would sway my head the same way you do when on DXM. My whole body was alert and ready to feel good.

I came back home and sat down on a couch in my basement and called [E] back. He started asking me some questions about it and I was happy to answer. I was in complete control of my body which I LOVED; there is nothing worse than not being able to even acknowledge one's existence because of a bloody chemical. I watched a movie and went up to my room listening to fast music and watching the accompanying visualizers. I didn't need to sleep and thought that I would be dead tired the next day and was worried. I was also worried that I was not hungry since I has not eaten since an early lunch that day. But it didn't matter: I was plenty alert and norma the next day without any bad side effects.

Here is a summary:
- .1 grams pure Meth
- all insufflated
- pupil dilation non-existent for over an hour, but came in later
- no noticable long term effects at all
- all feeling-related effects positive
- lack of hunger
- alertness carried into next day but died out soon

Well, I am not one to call myself normal and tell all the critics to go to hell because they were wrong. I am smarter than that and the ONLY reason I took more is because I knew from the first line that I had more of a tolerance for it than some. Speed is like a touchstone: it shows to world whose body is more tolerant than others. Remember what my dealer told me! 'It affects everyone completely differently.'

So in parting, take my caveat. YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE. The bad reports we know about ice may not happen to every person, but they do happen. Erowid did not just make that shit up; its true, just not for everyone. So know your body and start very low (around .03-.05 grams) and see how your body handles it. Just because I had a tremendous experience does not mean you will.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27177
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 28, 2003Views: 17,576
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Methamphetamine (37) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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