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Instant Astral Travel
Methadone, DXM, Diazepam & GHB
by Grug
Citation:   Grug. "Instant Astral Travel: An Experience with Methadone, DXM, Diazepam & GHB (exp27157)". Feb 8, 2005.

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T+ 0:59
15 mg oral Methadone (liquid)
  T+ 0:59 5.0 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:59 20 g oral Lecithin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20 700 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 2.0 g oral GHB (liquid)



Methadone: 15mg (liquid, daily. T:0)
Valium: 5mg (tablet T:0)
Lecithin: 20grams (pure powder: drunk T:0)
DXM: 700mg (crystals: drunk T:20)
14B/GHB 2gr (liquid, drunk: T: 1hr)
Holosync Audio generator CD demonstration, duration 20 minutes; listened thru stereo headphones. Listened to from T: 1:15 to T:3:00 supposed to work like 'mind machines' and alter brain waves from 12-14 HZ down to 2-4 HZ during 20 minute cycle.

To start with let me explain the combination of drugs. firstly I am a methadone patient, using the opiate tolerance reversing effects of DXM I have almost gotten completely off methadone easily. I can use less methadone and some DXM and feel baseline, or use my normal dose and lots of DXM and be completely saturated with opiate goodness all day. I do the first (live at baseline) 5 days out of seven and have 2 days of good 'spiritual seeking DXM opiate doses' a week for pure pleasure. The Valium allows a smooth transition on the DXM so I dont feel any negative psychoactive effects and can enjoy it fully while 5mg leaves all psychoactive properties intact.

Lecithin contains acetyl-choline precursors and is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and into the brain. It potentiates the DXM's effects, notably euphoria (about 3x) and increases clarity and thinking to near 100% of my brains capacity instead of the suggested 10%. (this is how I feel, and so do others Iíve given it to on similar drug experiences).

I always wanted a mind machine when I heard of them, but could never afford one. I ordered a free sample of something advertised in my local paper that sounded like it might be the same concept, to use with my recent aquisition of 50gr DXM powder. It advertised the following: 'meditate deeper than a zen monk in 20 minutes, guaranteed'.
My free CD came and I set up and blanket and yoga mat, did some exercises, some yoga postures and balances to stimulate the seven chakras, and took the previously mentioned drugs, looking for an out of body experience as Iíve read in reports of 3rd plateau DXM doses and mind machines. The Setting was my loungeroom by myself, on a nice day, after completing all my set tasks and feeling quite happy and content. My mindset has been quite level in recent months, due to getting all my 'stuff together'.

When the effects were coming on to almost full strength I lay down and put on the stereo headphones and lied back eyes closed as directed. I start hearing a guy talking about how the technology works and how it creates new neural pathways in the brain etc. on top of some wierd soothing vibrating sounds and calming running water and wind chimes, like a really nice relaxing sleeping tape. Very nice, and the voice and accent was excellent too.

At this point I take a small dose of GHB and reset the cd on repeat. and this is what follows;

Within minutes of the GHB taking effect; and the DXM in full swing, and the audio technology working its magick, I enter a very pleasurable state. Iím thinking 'I cant describe this but its the most wonderful euphoric journey Iíve ever been on. Iím NOT sleeping, I am conscious, but in a different world, almost exactly like astral travel. As the cycles go thru different brain wave patterns Delta theta and alpha they say. I am in Awe. I have just found how to travel into another world at any time. Iím not in my loungeroom anymore, I am seeing fractal geometric patterns, brain movies, or I can simply walk around in which ever world I choose to imagine. As this is the first time I have used it, it tells me that the neural pathways must be formed and strengthened like a muscle or like the neural pathways you develop when you ride a bike: once you learn you never forget.

I decide to come back to earth after an hour or so and see what is happening here on earth. I find myself in complete clarity on a 3rd plateau DXM trip, with pleasurable GHB euphoria. The Air is just the right temperature, and I feel absolutely reborn. I roll around and laugh and put some music on. The sheer joy I feel is indescribable. It has never left me. I continue to repeat this experience with the advance series of the audio technology and continue to build up this brand new way of thinking and just being, completely content, on cloud 9.

In Summary: The use of DXM Lecithin and Mind machine technology in conjunction has given me a new lease on life and way of thinking. I can fall asleep easily now as these new 'neural pathways' that are developing come into easy access. I would basically describe it as having a machine you can hook yourself up to and go Astral Travelling, Anytime. Its amazing.

I must say that the eternal peace we all dream of can be found, by keeping life in balance and positive thinking and using my menagerie of drugs in moderation and building positive loving relationships with those around me I no longer have a worry in the world. People say I glow, And I love the spirit of all good hearted people. I like to leave each person I speak to a little bit better than before. Its possible to to, And I wish peace to you all.

As a last note, I am starting a new regiment of relevant co factors namely pantothenic acid (B5) and DMAE to complement the effects of the lecithin choline precursors and DXM. If anyone else has had good results with the combinations Iíve described above, Iíd love to read about it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27157
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 8, 2005Views: 41,809
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Mind Machine Devices (301), GHB (25), DXM (22) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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