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I'd Give Nutmeg a Thumbs Up
Citation:   Timothy. "I'd Give Nutmeg a Thumbs Up: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp2710)". Nov 28, 2001.

25 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Well, I had tried nutmeg a few times before this experience, but I hadn't really felt the real power of it until now. I used preground nutmeg in all of them. The first time I tried to take it down with water but ended up throwing up, so I decided to mix it with something. So this is what I did: I got a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and the nutmeg. I would take a spoonful of ice cream and a spoonful of nutmeg and sprinkle the nutmeg on top of the ice cream. I did this over a bowl so I could re-use the nutmeg I spilled. Then I shoved it into my mouth and swished it up. I didn't want to swallow, because it has the texture of sand and will stuck to your throat. After it was all mixed up and felt like a slush, I swallowed it. It's not the best tasting stuff but it's not _the end of the world_ bad. :)

It took me half an hour to eat it and I started eating at around 3:30 pm. I had to go to my neighbor's wedding this particular night so I had to get ready. Even as I'm writing this I am having trouble remembering what I did next. At 7:00 pm when the wedding started I remember nothing much going on. My eyes felt weird and everything was kinda blurry. Nothing mental, yet. During the wedding ceremony I was feeling really out of it. Every now and then we would stop to pray and the second I closed my eyes I was gone to another reality, where I felt I could just sit there with my head down forever. Also, when I closed my eyes and listened everything felt...around me. I could best describe it by having you close your eyes and don't see anything. Just listen. Then when the sense of sight loses all meaning to'll get it. :)

Well, after the ceremony we went to the reception to eat. We had to walk down a hallway to get there and I was having MAJOR trouble walking. The walk felt like a huge transcontinental journey that took forever. I was quite happy and giggling a lot at the time. After we sat down, I got a glass of water because my mouth was feeling _very_ dry. I repeatedly got water the rest of the night. Also, the cake I tried to eat was horrid. 'Tried to eat' because I couldn't swallow it. It would just gum up in my mouth and sit there. Everything else from the night is very surreal. I thought I was peaking then, but later discovered I was wrong. Also, my sister mentioned that I tilted my head back and stared at the ceiling for like 5 minutes during this time, though I don't remember any of it.

We came home at around 10:30 pm. I listened to the radio for a while, which didn't produce any really weird stuff. Then a little later, when I took off my headphones I heard something...a hiss.... It was everywhere - no matter where I turned it was always in the same spot. I realised it was from the headphones and decided that that was pretty dang cool. :) After lying down and listening to the radio some more, I started peaking. Something I noticed is that I remember hearing things, but I don't remember seeing them. Weird.

Anyway, I was getting kinda fed up with this whole thing because I was very tired and wanted to sleep, but it was impossible because I would make these involuntary movements to the music. I'm going to explain this the best I can. My body parts had little levers attached to them with balls at the end. Imagine a stick with a ball at the end. These sticks went through a black wall above me and the balls were visible over my body. When my body parts would move, like my feet, the lever above my feet would move, too. I started moving this way on purpose in the beginning, but it got out of control. I would think about moving a little every beat, and my body would take over and start herky-jerky fashion uncontrollably moving. It was quite fun for a little while but then it started to grind on me. After that I got up and went to the bathroom. What I found was that while I wasn't listening to the music anymore, I was still moving like that. Gah, this sucks. I walked that way, I moved that way. I probably would have talked that way if someone would have said something to me. It was pathetic.

I managed to get to sleep, though I don't remember how. The next day is like a giant smudge. I got up and I went to bed. I remember almost nothing about this day. Well, I remember having trouble walking and thinking, and I remember making 2 servings of lunch. I should note that during this whole time I was having bad, sharp stomach pains that would come and go. My mouth was dry, also. Next time I want to leave reality and not remember it, I'll take nutmeg. :)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2710
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 28, 2001Views: 169,414
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