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A Dosage Experiment - How Much to Take?
Citation:   SciGuy. "A Dosage Experiment - How Much to Take?: An Experience with GHB (exp27080)". Dec 22, 2005.

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 0:35 1.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 0:45 1.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 1.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 1:10 1.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 1:20 1.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 1:30 1.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
It was hard for me to find anything more than general dosage charts for GHB, which all differed slightly anyway, so I wanted to chart my initial experiences for those like me who really had little idea where to start, and maybe want to know what not to do.

My very first experiment with GHB was a complete nothing. I am a big guy (220 lbs) and based on what I read, I tried 1.5g GHB diluted in a half glass of water. I felt absolutely nothing for an hour, and re-dosed at that time another 1.5g the same way. Basically I felt mildly relaxed, that's it. Went to bed.

So my second time, a few nights later, I decided to explore reasonable dosages as much as possible to try to get an idea of what was best for me, which seems to be the trickiest part of this drug. I was at home, with my wife who was unaware I was doing this (probably not a great idea). I was in a good mood, and both excited but a bit frightened about taking more GHB, since I had almost no experience with it. I was doing this on an empty stomach (4 hours after supper), which is the best way to judge dosages since food in the stomach will absorb GHB and timetable and effects will be skewed. I also was taking no meds of any kind, NO alcohol or other depressants, and not even any caffeine since the morning.

(By the way, this is liquid NaGHB I made at home using reliable recipes, using accurate chem scales, so I knew the concentration EXACTLY. Without this knowledge, a person may end up either bored or flat on their back, so PLEASE know how much you're taking. NaGHB tastes salty, and I notice it when diluted in water, but almost not at all in fruit juice or sweet things.)

I started at 9:00 PM with a dose of 2g diluted in fruit juice. I felt vaguely relaxed by 9:30, but it was very very mild. I re-dosed another 1g at 9:35 PM. By around 9:45 I was feeling mildly giddy and calm, but still the effects were quite subtle. I was just sitting on the couch watching TV, while my wife was working out in the garage. I felt good, kind of happy, but it was hard to tell for sure if I had even taken anything. So I re-dosed another 1g the same way at 9:45. By about 10:00 PM I was feeling a little more euphoric, calm, and had just the slightest dizziness. It was a pleasant dizziness, though, and I could still function fine, just felt a little like I was floating. I believe my optimal dose was probably right around here - a total of 4g so far. I was feeling a little bit removed from the world, kind of like I was focusing more inward than out. I started becoming more sexually aware - don't know why. In the 9:45 to 10:00 period, I became horny and even began to touch myself a bit without really thinking about it. I enjoyed this very much, and this is probably a perfect zone for prosexual purposes. I was euphoric, happy, tranquil, horny.

At 10:00 I re-dosed again at 1g, the same way. Very soon after, I was getting a relatively strong drunken feeling. It felt quite good, but the dizziness was starting to ramp up and walking about was a little more difficult, though manageable. I was having trouble paying attention to much of anything, including the TV, and began feeling like I should stay sitting.

At 10:10 I probably foolishly re-dosed another 1g. I repeated this re-dose of 1g at 10:20 and 10:30. This was definitely a mistake. My total from 9:00PM to 10:30Pm was now 8g. I had decided beforehand I would not take more than this no matter what, since as far as I can tell it's an extremely high dose.

Between 10:10 and 10:40 my drunken state progressed to a state of serious discomfort. At around 10:30 I was getting extremely dizzy and I began sweating profusely. I felt very very hot, and although my heartrate was slowed and my breathing slow as well, I was sweating as if I was running. I tried to walk around the room a bit, but it was very difficult, and although I felt like I should lay down, I was afraid if I did I would simply pass out. In the past, when extremely drunk, I have often been able to stay conscious simply by keeping moving. I have never passed out from alcohol no matter how much I've drank.

I also began having strange muscle spasms - very minor, but annoying nonetheless. My hands didn't seem to function the way I wanted them to, and using a computer mouse became a chore. If I held my hands in front of my face, they seemed to move by themselves, slowly listing this way and that. Other muscles reacted the same way, some leg twitching, etc., but very minor. I had heard that eating a bit can help reduce the effects of GHB, so at about 10:45 I ate a half of a cheese sandwich and a cookie. This turned out to be a mistake, as I will describe later.

My wife sat down by me around 10:50 and immediately noticed I was absolutely soaked, dripping with sweat. She asked me about it, and I somehow managed to have a conversation with her that I don't really remember, except that she was looking at me very strangely. At this point my head was spinning viciously and I felt like just keeling over unconscious. I told her I needed to take a shower, and so went to the upstairs bathroom. At this point I began feeling extremely nauseous, and though I fought it desperately, I vomited once at around 11:00 PM, up came everything I ate. In retrospect I probably should not have eaten anything. Nevertheless, I felt a little better after vomiting, although still somewhat nauseous. The nausea lasted from about 10:50PM to 11:15 or so. I stayed in the bathroom at this time, took off my shirt since I was so hot, and just stood there over the sink for at least 15 minutes.

I felt absolutely horrible. Every time I closed my eyes I saw blue splotches everywhere, and felt like I was going to pass out at any minute. It was becoming very difficult to open my eyes again after each time I closed them. I could not think straight, I could not focus visually on anything. I had very little concept of time, and was getting afraid I might fall and crack my head on the bathroom sink. So I just basically fell into bed around 11:15, half naked, since I just could not stay conscious any more. I lay on my side in case of more vomiting. Apparently my wife didn't notice I was a vegetable.

I awoke at 1:00 AM, feeling pretty much fine. My wife was still awake watching TV next to me, and asked me if I was allright. I could still feel a very mild dizziness, but I was 100% better than 2 hours ago. I was calm, no sweating, comfortable, happy, and felt a strong desire to be close to and touch my wife. I hugged her and caressed her for a while, and I also wanted her to touch me. I kept kissing her and didn't want to lose physical contact. It was very pleasant. I fell asleep again soon after, and awoke maybe 2 more times that night, to go to the bathroom. But I basically slept until 8:00 AM quite well. I had heard strong doses of GHB can cause a 'dopamine rebound' which has you waking up 4 hours later, totally rested and unable to sleep anymore. This just didn't happen to me. I kept on sleeping.

The next day, I do have something of a hangover, but considering how much GHB I took, it seems very mild. Nothing at all like with alcohol. I have been very very mildly dizzy during the day, kind of like a hazy mental feeling, although I still was able to go to work, drive, etc. with no problem at all. Very slight headache, which disappeared at about noon the next day. There is no real discomfort to speak of, but I lack mental clarity just a bit. I do not know how long it will last, but it seems to be slowly subsiding. I do not feel particularly rested, or particularly tired. I am surprised at the general lack of toxicity of the drug. It seems to come, then go, and that's that.

I have read of people who need only 2g to feel extremely 'drunk' and giddy, so don't take my dosages for anything more than just my experience. But I think that experimenting a little within reason is the only way to get the dosage that will fit what I am looking for.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27080
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 22, 2005Views: 70,649
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