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Three Cubes, Two Angels and One Crazy Trip
LSD, Lithium & Bupropion (Wellbutrin)
Citation:   Guedo. "Three Cubes, Two Angels and One Crazy Trip: An Experience with LSD, Lithium & Bupropion (Wellbutrin) (exp27063)". Jun 26, 2006.

3 hits oral LSD  
    repeated oral Pharms - Bupropion (daily)
    repeated oral Pharms - Lithium (daily)
Before I dropped the cubes it had been 24 hours since I had last taken lithium or Wellbutrin. Anyways I take Lithium and Wellbutrin twice daily, lithium is known to cause seizures with LSD, and Wellbutrin is known to increase risk of seizure, I knew all that before it happened but I didn't really put it all together, the other time I did LSD I was fine even though it was obviously weak acid, but more importantly I didn't think it would happen to me. I still consider this a 'good trip' right up until the seizure that is, but then I didnít even remember the seizure and when I came to the trip was over, so I say the trip ended with my seizure.

This starts out with me supposed to be staying clean, it was August and I had been clean since February when my friend overdosed in my room and almost died. Why I went back is long story that doesnít matter, but either way I had originally bought 4 cubes from my friend M, which ended up being very poorly dipped was my conclusion, because M and I were tight and he's been straight with me since I met him. He was confused and disturbed by the lack of the quality of his product and suspected a packaging problem, to test the theory he gave me 6 more cubes for free, told me to take the improperly packaged ones together, and later try just one properly packaged (wrapped in tin foil) ones.

So on my way back from a collage orientation I took them at about 12:45 pm, I headed to the mall to see my friend B, I wasn't expecting these hits to work. Withing minutes I was feeling them, but still I had with the last ones and it went away in less than two hours. I got to the mall still coming up feeling the nausea, I saw B at work but he didnít get off till 2 pm. I waited for him, in the process the nausea overtook me and I went to the bathroom to vomit I felt better for awhile I thought maybe filling my empty stomach would help, it didn't, I sat there awhile with my cramping stomach and I thought I was going to vomit again but as I walked to the bathroom I suddenly felt better, the cramps had lifted and were replaced by a warm, tingly, euphoric feeling.

I stopped at some public chess boards and played this 10 year old kid and totally kicked his ass, even though in my state I would think anyone could have beat me. I walked around a bit, I bought a frapachino which raise my mood and energy level even more, by then it was 2:00 pm and B was done with work and I bought him lunch. As he ate A and J came in, I previously didnít know either of them as B introduced me to them, they sat chilled w/ us as this other guy came in a talked with us. By then I had realized for sure that this wasnít going to be like my last trip, these hits were working.

I immediately seemed to hit it off with A and J, they laughed at every joke I made and started making conversation exclusively with me and asked me outside for a cigarette. I became a sort of curiosity of theirs, they seemed to have adopted me for the rest of the afternoon taking me everywhere, of course I loved the attention, neither of them were bad looking and A was defiantly hot. They took me to a lake near by where we continued to talk an have a few cigarettes, the acid was really strong by now, a sort of faint ambient rainbow shimmer existed on everything, and in the background I hear sounds that are hard to describe as anything but an electronic video-gameish Matrix like sound, it seemed to drown out all other sounds, but then I think maybe my sense of hearing might have been dulled, because the sound was too faint to drown out other noise.

After we left the lake they took me to J's house, I was keenly excited upon hearing that for obvious reasons. The ride to her house felt like an hour but it was probably only half that, in the car they played Hendrix for me as I began to pass further and further from the world of the outside, nausea was present again, but not severe, just a sort of thorn in my side making my trip just a lil more uncomfortable. I felt strange feelings I had never felt before, I seemed to have a blank mind, I had no feelings that I could discern, and yet I could feel so many of them just welling up inside me waiting to burst out, my thoughts seemed erratic unplaceable no logic or reasoning to any of them, I couldnít sit still. I was no novice to hallucinogens, Iíd smoked pot more times than I can count, I had shroomed three times and rolled nine, and there were others but what I would call my most profound psychedelic experiences up till then were all on DXM. This was almost nothing like DXM, DXM took me away from the conscious world of matter to the subconscious, barely associating the two, and for me it was easy to focus my mind once I had peaked on DXM bringing a sort of intensity, a sort of order to it, putting me into a K-hole.

But LSD was nothing like that, perhaps when I before I was able to focus my thoughts on DXM I might be able to associate the two but otherwise no, LSD didn't have any the disassociative properties of DXM, I wasnít taken from the conscious to the subconscious and made to forget the conscious, LSD simply jammed both consciousnesses into one very confusing powerful emotional sensual experience. I was forced with all my thoughts into one place in time and space I feel like I can't escape no matter how much I relaxed or concentrated nothing seemed to change the intensity and the sensation of being trapped in my mind, a sort of mental claustrophobia.

In retrospect I realize how much was going on in my head, how many feelings I was feeling at once, and how strong they were at the same time, and I didnít even seem to realize or feel any of them but I knew and felt somehow on a different level they were there. I must say though the trip really teetered on the brink of being overcome with fear, and becoming a bad trip, but the overwhelming feeling of joy helped prevent that. I remember in a blind feeling of loneliness I reached for J's hand and she took it and held it tightly and with love, or at least as it seemed to me, because I could not describe the security and joy in the strength of her grip, nor the sensation of touch who's heightened ecstasy-like sensitivity I was just now becoming aware.

While the fear and the anxiety were strong, very strong, the presence and the love I felt through the two girls I had just met that day who had taken it upon there good will to take care of me 6' 2' 180 lb. guy who they didnít know, to take me places to make me feel better, to comfort me when I was scared or uneasy and just to listen to me and all the dumb things people say when they're high, to feel that, for me in my state it was a godsend they had saved me from what otherwise probably would have been an overwhelmingly negative and lonely experience, I could feel they're love inside me, felt it radiating from them like the sun warming me on a cold windy day, making me feel safe and warm with them, as long as I had them with me nothing could go wrong, they protected me. Although that sounds a little crazy and abstract, my acid trip was more than a little crazy and abstract, so I stand by it as its what I felt inside, and being that it can't be judged as right or wrong.

We finally got to J's house, I could barely walk to their front door, A and J had to help support me it was about 4:45. They had expressed interest in buying acid from my source, so I gave M a call and he spoke with them and made a deal, so they now truly loved me after getting them an acid connection. I was so happy to be inside a house and not in a car or a mall or a bus, I sat with them as they made some mac and cheese, we continued to just talk and have a great time. The acid was very strong now, it was peaking although I hadnít outright visually hallucinated, there where plenty of distortions to be seen. Suddenly I developed a twitch in my neck, it would twitch to the right quickly and would do this every few seconds and became uncontrollable, so I decided to lay down on the kitchen floor and keep talking, I did but not much more than 2 minutes after that suddenly things were becoming transparent, I was seeing through people, dogs, chairs, walls! I felt something intense but pleasant overtake me, I don't remember what happened after that it all went blank. I woke up in the back of A's car w/ her and J, sweaty and disoriented, I asked what happened while I was out (as spans of loss of consciousness or memory aren't that uncommon) and A then told me I had had a seizure.

I was blown away at first I thought maybe they were fucking with me or lying cuz they had robbed me or sumthing, because I knew I wasn't prone to seizures (I have the EEGs to back it up), but the look on there face was serious and I wasn't missing anything so I accepted they were telling the truth. I was still in shock, I couldnít believe it had happened, they told me how they had to drag me to their car before J's parents got home, which explained the dirt on my back, it was 5:45. We went back to the mall, and I just followed them as I had no idea what else to do, A was good friends with the security guard there and she told him the story, but as part of his job he had to make sure that I was safe and offered me an ambulance, but to me it with my paranoia and the way he walked up to me with several other guards it sounded to me like they were gonna make me go in an ambulance. The ambulance was not an option for me, my parents had already told me after my friend O.D.ed in my room that after I was done w/ high school if I was discovered to be using again I would be kicked out of the house, so needless to say an ambulance or any other kind of scene was to be avoided at all cost, even though at the time I knew I might need one.

Fortunately there was no scene and no ambulance, A and J were thoroughly shooken up, as was I, needless to say the deal they made w/ M for acid was broken. A being to shaken up to drive much more that day, said she could drop me off at the bus station and give me bus fare, I was ok with that although I was uneasy about it, they both gave me there numbers and I told them I was so sorry for what happened and that I put them through it. I got home about 7 pm took some Serequel went to sleep.

One the bizzare parts of the story is that when I woke up in the back of A's car, the trip was over, I felt only lingering affects of the acid, I still am not sure why because I expected it to be longer. I learned a lot, and for my exception to my new sobriety I got quite a nasty surprise, so using again isn't going to happen. I learned a lot about myself and the world from my trips over the years, this was no exception.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27063
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 26, 2006Views: 57,183
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Pharms - Bupropion (87), Pharms - Lithium (91), LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5)

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