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Glowing Contentedness
by GeekKitten
Citation:   GeekKitten. "Glowing Contentedness: An Experience with Hydrocodone (exp26987)". Erowid.org. Oct 17, 2007. erowid.org/exp/26987

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 5.0 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)


Forward: I wrote the below as it was happening. I had been having a bad week. I lost my job, I have payments to make on everything. Life was closing in, and I needed an escape. I remembered that my mom had left over Vicodin from an operation she had undergone several months prior, so I casually took a shower in her bathroom (not tough, 4 in the household, fight over 2 bathrooms), and searched the cabinets. Success, she had about 30 or so in there. They were generic Vicodin 5mg/500mg tablets. I took 3 as I left intending to use them later that night.

Flash forward: I'm in my room. It's 11:45PM, everybody is asleep. My room is dark, lights are off. The only light is from outside, and my laptop screen. I was mostly hanging around on IRC and writing emails in the interim. I made some references to an internet radio station (as well as a real one) from Paris. They are mostly underground european techno and house, which I felt was a perfect playlist for the trip I was planning to depart on. Previous to me popping the pills, all I wanted was a vacation. Below is the actual record/event.


T+0:00 Took 2 5/500 vicodin tablets.

T+0:15 Laying in bed right now, typing on my laptop. My handwriting skills are nonexistent, but I did want to document this. I've got techno going in my headset right now, chatting on AIM, and going about my typical online activities, albeit with more typos. My hands especially feel fatigued, almost like goo. I don't know how to describe this really. It feels like my hands are fluidic, it's pleasant. I don't know if I am feeling much other then this. We'll see.

T+0:20 The radio goes into a totally wonderful retrodisco piece by the Whispers (And The Beat Goes On). Wonderful stuff. I'm suddenly conscious of an almost vibration in my body, in my legs, and lower body. I instinctively looked back to see if there's anybody. I'm kind of a wuss, usually. Nothing there, I check a few times. the vibration feeling continues.

T+1:00 Took another 5/500 vicodin tablet. Feel like jelly. Happyish, but nothing too strong or overbearing. I'm enjoying this.

T+1:15 Oh my god. It's coming on. This is amazing. My legs in particular, feel weighted down. Warm and fuzzy. My movements are all clumsy now. I feel good I can still type. The music is just wonderful right now, it's playing into it. Shiny. I feel shiny. That's how I feel. Heavy, and slow.

T+1:45 Wow. Wow. It's still building.

T+2:00 Still. It is very tough to keep typing coherently, and in english. My brain just doesn't want to keep working in english. I'm fighting this. I am german, and my brain doesn't feel like I have the power to keep the translation going. My limbs are getting heavier and heavier. My head is in this wonderful fog. I don't feel happy, nor sad. I'm comfortable. I can't walk.

T+2:35 Building still. I feel numb.

T+2:45 I don't know. My head feels clouded. I can't walk. I can't move. It's hard to stay awake.

T+3:15 Coming down now. I can move. English has returned in force. Still clouded up in my head, but improving. The glow feels wonderful.

T+4:00 I've pretty much got my full mental facilities back. my body is sluggish though, but I feel wonderful. Relaxed, my body feels wonderful, and I'm tired. Going to bed now.

T+4:15 Sticking around a little longer. The rate that the effects are diminishing are slow, but they're kind of subsiding. My body feels better then I can remember it feeling. It's a warm, almost glowing sensation. It is extremely difficult to get the words I want. There might not be a word to describe it, even. It's a feeling of pure goodness, almost even holy. I'm not sure if I should characterize it as that, but that is what it feels like to me. I feel as if I've been blessed by this experience. I want to do it again, but already I can feel my system is craving for more. In all my various experiments over the years, I have never had one so powerful as this.

T+12:00 In retrospect, this was perhaps the best experience I've ever had with anything I've tried. I am not at all experienced by any means, but the scope of this just blew me away. In my preperations for it, I thoroughly read everything I could find, and picked what I felt was an appropriate dose, and settled in. Words are a poor subsitute for experience, as I found out. Nothing I read prepared me for what I got hit with. I didn't expect to be rendered virtually paralyzed for 45 minutes. I didn't expect my thinking to be essentially shut off and replaced with pure contentness and joy, for where I was, and what was happening. I have never felt anything even close to this. I've smoked weed, I've dosed up on nutmeg previously, and I've played around with numerous prescription psych drugs, nothing came close. Nothing. I'm still in awe. Still coming down.

I can't do this again, because if I did, I would probably develop a habituation problem. I can see why opiates are so addictive, they make me - not happy, but they make me glow, and they make me not care. It's an extreme body high combined with the wiping of thought, and pain, from my mind.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26987
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2007Views: 19,761
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