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Predestined Journey
by Happyman
Citation:   Happyman. "Predestined Journey: An Experience with DXM (exp2695)". Nov 28, 2001.

750 mg oral DXM (liquid)


It was a lonely Sunday night. I called my friend ( we'll call him Stan) and asked him if he'd like to join me in a little DXM experiment. He and I had talked about it before, and I had done it before, first an 8 oz dose, alone. It scared me a bit, but it told me a lot (I won't go into details here). I had also done numerous 4 oz. doses, so I'm aware of the fact that these are like 2 different drugs. Seriously.

Anyhoo, the next day we went to the local drugstore and got him his own bottle (i had mine already). We went back to his house and downed it, each with a glass of water and some tums to kill the stomach pain. We hadn't eaten anythin and the familiar lucid-drunkness effects of plateau 1 hit me quick. This is where the trip took on it's pre-destined quality. My friend said his limbs were heavy and soon complained of nausea. I told him he wouldn't puke, fully knowing he would, and he did, eliminating a lot of the Robo. He also had the hot flashes, but no itching (thank god).

Plateau 2 hit me within 45-60 minutes, and the music we were listening to took on a delayed, metallic echo, which seemed too deep, and I knew plateau 2 was rushing by. I kept changing seats in the room, from the couch, to a big soft beanbag chair, and the floor. My friend and I were definitely starting to communicate with each other thru body language and quickly uttered phrases.

Every so often I would say, 'but the mirror', and run over to a small mirror on the wall. Stan would say 'really' and we'd go over and look at ourselves. This happened several times. Then my mind left very quickly and unexpectedly. We walked around the house and I had no control over what I said. It was like I would tell myself to say something, and the words would just flow from somewhere below my existant plane. It was pretty fun actually, just watching myself glide around.

Soon we were back in the room and there were other people. I thought 'surely this is a dream'. Soon, I recognized the shapes of my other friends sitting in the room. I just sat, entertained by their motions and attempts to communicate with me. I couldn't consiousely hear them, but I knew what they were saying. Every now and then I would shut my eyes and see lines of stationary figures, or freeze framed scenes from earlier on that day.

Then they decided to drive around, and took me with them. This was a big mistake, because DXM is a totally sensory altering substance. I became disoriented with the movement. I didn't know it at the time, but I fell and slid down the stairs, and they had to carry me to the car. Once in the car I was in the deepest, most real dream of my life. Sitting there seemed so eternal. I accepted my fate that I had shattered some mental barrier and was to be trapped riding in this car for all eternity. But at least I was with friends.

I remember trying to get out a few times to regain familiarity (something not to be done on DXM, because you can't. I couldn't help it though, the setting was too out there. I'm convinced that it was being in the car that did it.) We went back to the house and then me and stan were dropped off behind a school as the trip wore off. This had all happened before I realized. I had forseen it. The two of us, sitting by a fence on the ground, reconsructing the days journey. And I felt that it had happened for a reason too. Perhaps to strengthen our friendship, like a test almost.

Later, I found out that I had attempted to leave the car about 5 times. 2 times were while it was in motion. A few more times I actually made it out and lied down in the empty streets. It occured to me that maybe I was trying to self destruct, to escape the monotony and eternity of riding around forever in this tranced out state. My friends had dragged me back into the car several times. I realize now, that I had come very close to self destruction. But in this, upon recovery that night, and talking to my good friends later, I felt reborn, and still do. Again, this 'journey' had to happen. I honestly can't see it not happening. And I thank my friends for their help along the path.

As for why I went so entirely crazy, I do beleive it was the disorienting experience of being in a car for what seemed like ages. Even on my first, rather traumatic (and alone too) trip, I didn't try to escape from the state I was in. I just thought i would try and show how this bizarre 'test' strengthened a bond between us all, and I warn others, STAY IN ONE SPOT. Thanks for listening.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 28, 2001Views: 4,341
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DXM (22) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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