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Feeling the Flu
Inhalants - Nitrites
Citation:   Winter Girl. "Feeling the Flu: An Experience with Inhalants - Nitrites (exp26684)". May 7, 2006.

  repeated inhaled Inhalants - Nitrites (gas)
I did amyl nitrate at the Reading festival where I had also been continually drunk and getting no sleep every night. This probably wasn't the best preparation since I did it on the last night. I was told it was something from a tent at the festival entitled legal highs, but I think it was just regular poppers prescribed from somewhere else.

I knew nothing of the effects before I took it; if so I wouldn't have done it because apparently it severely loosens the arse muscles, and knowing the state of the Reading toilets this wasn't a desirable side-effect. Luckily I received no such effect. I sniffed right from the bottle and primarily it had no effect, then the second time I felt an almost instant high. Everyone I was with could tell because my pupils dilated. I immediately fell in love with the drug.

The feeling is hard to describe, like any hallucinogen I suppose, to someone who has not taken it. It is a feeling of immense heaviness, which I found very pleasant. It was as if my senses had been wrapped in a warm blanket, I could just about reply to people and trace the conversation but it was difficult. I basically just felt like smiling idiotically at everyone and everything, and slurring out words of approval about the state I was in. It is comparable to being very suddenly drunk, but there are significant differences, the main one being ther feeling of the amyl in my blood, particuarly around my shoulders and heart, which causes my heartbeat to seriously intensify.

The high experienced was of a depressant sort, skipping the early speed like effecrs I have with alcohol, but despite this I am less tired and more in control with amyl than when I am really really drunk on alcohol. This is a less dizzy feeling than alcohol, the effects seem to be concentrated more around my face and my chest than in the top of my head, if that makes any sense, and I felt a sense of well-being and goodwill towards everyone. It is therefore a better feeling than the late effects of booze, but very different from the early effects of it, which are more social and probably better in my opinion.

My balance was fucked but then again there was no need to stand up so...
This beautiful heavy in love with the world feeling wore off in the manner it came on, all of a sudden. The time period I was high for is difficut to judge, but I guess it was between 2 1/2 and 5 minutes. Afterwards everything wore off, as if I had just swum to the surface after a dive to the bottom of the ocean, and I went back to just being drunk. I was like a kid who had just been on a rollercoaster, I wanted to do it again and again and I was not to be denied. I somehow managed to cajole one of the people I had just met into letting me keep a bottle and take it home with me. I did it four more times, but took less in the form of doses, and saved one hit as a treat for the end of the night, before going to bed, which was about 6/7am.

The next day, after about one hour sleep, I was severely ill, hungover, still quite drunk and I eventually decided still a bit high. On the train on the way home I suffered extreme paranoia and at home everything and everyone was alien to me. Part of this was obviously too much to drink and no sleep, but later on at about 6 pm I was to suffer a comedown from the amyl. It was somewhere between a comedown and an overdose, and it was one of the most horrendous experiences of my life.

It started when my heart started pumping the way it had done the night before. I felt like I was gonna faint so I got the symptoms of a poppers overdose of the Internet, and as I read them I acquired more and more of these symtoms eg palpitations, high heartrate, cold skin, high blood pressure. I was shitting myself but I had to control my heartrate, which was impossibe as I was ODing and afraid due to my lack of experience with these things that I was gonna die or something. The worst of it was I couldn't tell anyone as I would have got in serious trouble. So I stayed up all night (I couldnt sleep) reading and watching TV to try and take my mind off it and therefore control my heartrate. Luckily things gradually improved, and with reflection it was an incredibly mild comedown really, worsened by alcohol withdrawal and the onset of a cold which everyone got after Reading.

I had no idea if there was anything I could do to control my situation, so all I did was drink gallons of water, as this can never be bad! I think it helped because I pissed all the amyl from out of my system and as my piss changed colour gradually away from the murky brown amyl I got better and was just left with bad flu for about a week.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26684
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 7, 2006Views: 23,389
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