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An Immense Wave or Relaxation Hit Me
Mushrooms (extract)
Citation:   Jonas. "An Immense Wave or Relaxation Hit Me: An Experience with Mushrooms (extract) (exp26644)". Dec 30, 2003.

  smoked Mushrooms (extract)
Hi, I'd like to report a very unusual experience I've had with the mushroom. Recently I'd gotten hold of a very large amount of high quality shrooms, who were reported to be very visual and jumpy in nature. From that batch I took about 1/3 ounce, ground it up to a fine powder and let it sit for 24 h in one Liter anhydrous methanol, shaking occasionally. I'd read that psilocybin extracts better in acidic conditions, so I added 10 drops concentrated sulfuric acid as well. Both methanol and sulfuric acid were bought at the store of all stores, Home Depot. The next day after a final shaking, I poured the solution through 2 coffee filters in a glass dish and let it evaporte over the next 2 days. The extracted shroom powder dried very quickly. To have a feel for how much was extracted, I shared the powder that same night with a friend. He didn't feel anything, whilst I, being simply more sensitive than him, felt a tiny bit stoned. Barely threshold. This meant it worked! I was never so happy to eat powder and not trip! The next 2 days I thought about hardly anything else than the drying shroom-extract, and how I wished to try it.

Finally, there was only an off-white powder in the dish. When scraped out, it was about a pea-sized pile of the flaky stuff. It was a monday night, which is good because tues I only have night classes. Being kinda new to psychedelics, I don't possess any paraphanelia like pipes or bongs. Don't plan to, either. I was alone at the time, just got back from classes. My curiousity was such however that I just couldn't resist. I put all the powder in one of those aluminum foil pipes I hastily made for the occasion. I held a lighter underneath and started sucking. The smoke was incredibly thick, not so much hot, and lasted only like 2 seconds, then all I got was air. I immediatly lay back on my bed. The smoke was easy to hold. Almost immediatly I felt the effects. It was as if an immense wave of relaxation hit me. At that point I closed my eyes, sinking into the incredible depth of my bed. It felt like a womb, warm and caring. I exhaled. My body was starting to glow with some sort of energy.

After 2-3 minutes in the ever-deeper womb, visuals came. Somehow the womb had become my home, and I was exploring the evolution of man. I would see those 2D Inca patterns, think about all the things I knew about the culture and picture them with that info. Some patterns looked like abstract drawings, those were from Africa, some looked like lines and runes, those are in early Europe, etc. This was very fun, but the super fast come-on was nauseating. My body was buzzing with incredible energy. This all happend in the first 5 minutes. Still 'living' in the womb, I focused my attention to my room. I 'felt' it occupying the 3D space around me, and I imagined how my 5 roommates were all doing their various chores. Then my imaging focused outside, where my mind was searching out all the living things. It was as if the mushroom was revealing to me all the life that is around us, even in a lousy city. Visuals were becoming 3D, adding relief to them.

At this point I decided to open my eyes. At first glance my room looked normal. I immediately sat up and looked at the watch to find out how long I spent with closed eyes. 5 minutes popped out as the instanteneous calculation, but when I looked twice I found out that I had no clue what those numbers meant. Then I had no clue what I was doing. This is followed by the weirdest feeling and total visual loss. In retrospect I think I blacked out simply because I sat up so abruptly. Again I open my eyes, and my room is totally warped. The walls are flowing like a cubic ocean, and I enjoy simply *awesome* visuals of people, mountains growing out of my wastebasket and a bouncing banana repeatedly merging with the fans of the ceiling fan. There was one of those thought-loops so common to high doses: I was thinking how just a second before I'd sat up and nothing was altered, that's because I need fantasy to see stuff, example just a second before I'd sat up and nothing was altered, that's because ..

This is also were my memory goes fuzzy. I remember watching my room for ages, while my self-awareness was constantly shrinking. The last thing I recall is lying back down on the bed, with almost no difference between open and closed eyes. My brain was just not working anymore, associations not made. I resurfaced about 20 minutes later. That was the weirdest part: I just opened my eyes and everything was back to normal. Obviously there were still minor visuals, like beautiful patterns everywhere and extra digits with the watch, but I was able to comprehend myself and my surroundings again. This went away quick too, and after an hour I was left with nothing but a that deep feeling of suggestability. It was as if anything that wanted could enter my deepest subconscience through my wide-open eyes. My pupils were as big as I'd ever seen them. This part lasted longer than from ingestion. I was going to meet for the first time with my ex girlfriend since we broke up, and being open helped a lot. She had not accepted the breakup, but my condition somehow allowed me to see all the reasons clearly and convey them to her. In the end we parted again as friends, but this time both of us meant it. The next day I awoke refreshed and ready for the world.

Conclusions: Smoking pure Psilocybin felt very much like I've heard people describe DMT, with a slower comeup. Although my dose was definitely too high, I have gained from it even more than from a normal trip. That reminds me: Has anyone ever noticed how the real realizations only come in the part after the trip? How would it be to take only very low doses of shrooms every few hours for a few days?

I should add that no words can describe the intensity and personal significance of the experience.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 30, 2003Views: 62,958
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